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New Age Outlaws - Intro
Two of the finest Tag team performers WWE has ever seen. This video takes you down memory lane - to the famous Attitude era, as it shows the electrifying entrance of the Outlaws.....
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Hot Dog - A funny commercial of WWE
http://wrestlerspeaks.com/ - The advertisement is known as Hot Dog, promoting the events of World Wrestling Entertainment.
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D Generation X celebrates with Batista and John Cena
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DX Making Fun of the McMahon's, A Parody
http://wrestlerspeaks.com/ - A funny video where Shawn Michaels and Triple H made fun of the McMahon Father - Son duo.
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Interview with Roddy Piper's son Colt Toombs
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Triple H inducts Shawn Michaels
WWE hall of Fame Class of 2011 saw the HBK in the list of WWE Immortals. Video Copyright: WWE For more WWE news and updates visit, http://wrestlerspeaks.com/
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Kane Removes Mask & It's The Undertaker
http://wrestlerspeaks.com/ - A video where The Undertaker dresses up as Kane.
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Kane Explaining the reason behind his attack on Undertaker
http://wrestlerspeaks.com - Kane explains why he attacked The Undertaker and left the dead man in a vegetative state.
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The Rock Introducing Himself to Miz and Cena
For more WWE videos and news updates, visit http://wrestlerspeaks.com/ Video Copyright - WWE
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Rock Makes Fun of The Big Show
http://wrestlerspeaks.com - Rock Makes Fun of The Big Show, Really Funny For Viewers!
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WWE   2/21/11 Promo Video
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HBK Returns after Retirement 2010
http://wrestlerspeaks.com - Shawn Michaels is back in WWE, however he will not get into ring anymore. Find out what HBK has to say regarding his new contract with WWE.
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Kane fails to burst lights
See this video where Kane lifts his hands up, however the fire does not burst. For more news and information, please visit http://wrestlerspeaks.com
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Kane Impersonating Rock and Hogan
http://wrestlerspeaks.com - Kane imitating both Rock and Hulk Hogan - A real funny video and the crowd just loves it!
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Kane Returns to Raw 2000
http://wrestlerspeaks.com - Kane Returns to Raw and destroys his opponents - Fans just loved the moment!
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Farewell Speech of Shawn Michaels - Part II
http://wrestlerspeaks.com - The second of the two part video series where Shawn Michael bids farewell to WWE on RAW.
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Brock Lesner VS Cain at UFC 121, The Undertaker remarks
http://wrestlerspeaks.com - A video where The Undertaker remarks regarding the match between Brock Lesner and Cain.
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John Cena responds to The Rock
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John Cena and Kurt Angle in a Battle Rap
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Raw  WrestleMania XXVII host revealed
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TNA's 3.3.11 Teaser
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Rock Mocking Eddie
http://www.wrestlerspeaks.com/ - Rock Makes Fun Of The Late Great Eddie Guerrero.
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Randy Savage Hypes Up New WWE All Stars Video Game
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Shawn Michaels in WWE Hall of Fame 2011
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The debut match of Brock Lesner in MMA
This is the first match ever of Brock Lesner in MMA circuit. If you are looking for more news and updates regarding MMA, please visit http://wrestlerspeaks.com
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Sergei Kharitonav - Post-Fight Interview - Strikeforce Heavyweights
Find out more mma news, only at http://wrestlerspeaks.com
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Rock Makes Fun of Several Wrestlers
http://www.wrestlerspeaks.com/ - A video where The Rock is seen to make fun of many WWE Wrestlers.
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Welcome to Wrestler Speaks
Wrestler Speaks is your one stop MMA and wrestling news shop. Sports entertainment is growing bigger and better each day! WWE with RAW, Smack Down and NXT, TNA, MMA, UFC, Strikeforce -- all these promotions have so much to offer the fans. Everyday new developments are being made, strategies being changed, gimmicks created, backstage issues popping up, stars signed or fired; Wrestler Speaks makes sure you fans get to know all about them. There are many wrestling and MMA fans who strive hard to learn more about their favorite program and shows. Some young enthusiasts who love this business may not be aware of its glorified past. We help you learn more about the business and the real story behind this make believe world of entertainment. Wrestler Speaks ensures you can find all the news and updates you are looking for with individual categories for each promotions and brands. Visit our site and feel the rush of being there live! For more wrestling and MMA news and updates, visit http://wrestlerspeaks.com/
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Leaked 2.21.11 Promo
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Batista is interrupted by a fan at backstage
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