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Jamie's Mechanical Bull Ride
Things not to do while bull riding. 1: Don't let the bull get the upper hand, 2: Don't hold on with both hands. 3: Don't be cocky when entering the ring. and 4: Don't stop laughing. On March 25th 2012 at the Jesus County Show in RoundRock Tx I rode my first mechanical bull, and definitely could've done better. :D Bring on the next bull!!!
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In loving memory of J.Craig Gandy -my papa-
On July 9th 2014 my father, J. Craig Gandy,entered the Gates of Heaven. He was in the hospital for two weeks because he found out he had Idiopathic Pulmonary Cystic Fibrosis. With the strength of prayers from many many friends my dad was proving the Doctors wrong, he was getting better to a point that they took the breathing tubes out. For two days he was breathing on his own,and started talking. He said 'I love you' to my mom, brother and I so many times. He was doing so much better they were going to move him from ICU to an Intermediate ICU room upstairs. But as the Nurse took out his Picc line he went into respiratory and had a massive heart attack. Doctors and Nurses tried for 20 minutes to revive him.... After two weeks they all came to respect and love my family, seeing my papa die hurt them....
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A girl and her dog, music by Lindsey Ray
Music by Lindsey Ray, Float away. Me and my dog, Gideon, at Barton Springs Creek.
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Texas Lightning Storm
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Darren shaw, Jesus I love you.
Worship singer singing at a Burn 24 session.
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The enemies been defeated.
A fathers day gift for my dad.
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Best friends
As you can see from this video Esther and Knight are now bffs. Last night my brother and I watched a movie and ALL during the movie these two little beauties were playing with each other. Making it HARD to pay attention to the movie. Every time I wanted to cuddle with Knight Esther would come on over and they would start playing right on me, so adorable. When they up this morning the first thing they did was start playing. Esther is now exactly five months old, and Knight, I think, is either five or six weeks old. The size difference is HUGE, but they are amazing together. I have had cats and dogs all my life, and though they have always gotten along, I have never had a cat and dog get along THIS great. It is truly beautiful. Esther, German shepherd mix, five months old. Knight, black and white tabby, five or six weeks old.
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If I wasn't here tomorrow - Jamie Gandy
'If I wasn't here tomorrow' a poem I wrote back in 2010. Thanks to my mom for filming and for teaching me to edit.
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Gideon doing his thing
This is Gideon, my German shepherd mix, doing just a few of the tricks he knows.
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Beauty From Ashes overview
This is a plug for my new book 'Beauty from Ashes' http://www.amazon.com/Beauty-From-Ashes-tragedy-triumph/dp/1477640533/ref=sr_1_34?ie=UTF8&qid=1340037361&sr=8-34&keywords=beauty+from+ashes+books Again Special thanks to my friend Penny McDonald for doing the amazing book design!
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Jamie Gandy-Treasured Tears
This is me reading one of my poems on LIVE TV for the first time. I'm so pleased that I didn't mess up 'that' bad. ^^
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Gideon the famous TV dog.
This is Gideon, my famous TV dog. The pictures start from when I first got him to pictures I've taken this very day. I hope you enjoy. Gideon Courage Gandy. Photos taken by me, Music by Hillsong.
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Ethan Wayne Randolph
Song by Dolly Parton -Brave little soldier- video of Ethan Wayne Randolph, a very brave little soldier.
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JCI World News host J. Craig Gandy discusses the BP oil spill - number of gallons - liters of oil spill to date is horrifying. Join our mailing list at http://jciworldnews.com
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Jamie Gandy Family of Love
I wrote this poem on April 25th 2012 for my Grandmother Davenport for her 90th birthday. I love you grandma! Thanks to my mom for filming and editing this for me.
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Gideon and the birds
Pelicans diving in the ocean on Galveston beach for some fish, then Gideon running along the shoreline. Taken 11-16-10.
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Live another day -Jamie Gandy
'Live another day' is another poem I wrote back in 2010. Thanks to my mom for her help.
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Gideon at the creek
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The Layers Jamie Gandy
Me reading my poem 'The Layers' on June 28th 2012 at Channel Austin's Rosewood creek. This is my second reading of one of my poems, I am greatly enjoying it. THANKS TO MY BROTHER JONATHAN GANDY FOR FILMING THIS AND MY MOM FOR HELPING EDIT IT! YOU GUYS ROCK!
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Bull riding Super Fast
Me along with many others riding the super fast bull. XD
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