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Hoya Plant Haul | Hoya Obsession
Hi plant friends and welcome to my hoya obsession. Hoyas are like Pokemon to me, I gotta collect them all. I want them all. Which hoya do you have and which one is your favorite?
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House Plant Tour | SUMMER  2018| PART ONE
Hello friends. I've recently been obsessed with watching people's house plant tours and I'm excited to finally share my collection with you guys. I have quite a large collection of plants so my plant tour will be divided into several parts.
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Plant With Me | Repotting Houseplants Ep. 2
❤️❤️Watch me in 1080 HD!❤️❤️ For some odd reason I love repotting houseplants. There's something really relaxing about it, I'm sure if you're a plant hoarder you can relate to it. Some of you also wanted an update on the marble queen that I repotted in the first episode so here's the update. Spoiler alert, it's sort of sad. Thanks for watching!☺️ 📼 PLANT WITH ME | EP. 1:📼 http://youtu.be/CdMdY6U_WBI
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I Got Free Houseplants | PLANT HAUL
I didn't need anymore plants but I can't say no to free plants. Have you ever received free plants before, if so what and how? Also comment down below if you have any of these plants and how you get them to thrive. Thanks for watching :) #freeplants #planthaul
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Plant With Me | Repotting Houseplants Ep. 1
Plants mentioned: -Marble Queen Pothos -Monstera Deliciousa -Monstera Adansonii -Wandering Jew Plant -Unknown plant :)
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Hoya Plant Haul
Watch in 1080 HD! Hi plant friends I love Hoyas and since I had to save my "dying" Hoyas I kept getting the urge to buy more to satisfy my obsession for them. Here is the result. As I'm typing this I'm thinking of other Walmarts I could visit after posting this video to see if they have more Hoyas. Yes yes, I have a problem, welcome to my world :) Do any of you have Hoya plants, if so what kind and where did you purchase it? Thanks for watching my channel. I really appreciate all the comments that are left under my videos. The plant community is honestly one of the nicest I have been apart of on Youtube. :)
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Dinning Room Plant Tour + Update | October 2018
Remember to watch in 1080 HD. **Shelving unit: Ikea, Vittsjo serious http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20213312/ *Kitchen Plant Tour: http://youtu.be/V_BAWOqp86g
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Hirts.com Plant Unboxing | PLANT HAUL
I caved in and jumped on the band wagon of ordering from Hirt's Gardens. It does seem like I'm really upset in the video but honestly I'm just really dramatic with everything. Overall I am happy that I ordered from them but blame USPS for everything else. Also, when ordering online you really can't have high expectations because it's a live plant being shipped in a box....I mean there's so much that could go wrong. I still would order this plant again from Hirt's because Etsy sellers like to rip you off. If you haven't already make sure you check out my plant tour: Plant tour #1: https://youtu.be/EV6TV08wkoM Plant tour #2: http://youtu.be/JGOKXUp2-FQ
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PLANT HAUL | Paulino Garden's
It's totally natural and okay to pick up a plant for yourself while plant shopping for other people.....right??? Neem oil: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012BGXVQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you have any care tips for any of the plants mentioned in the video please comment down below :)
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A Very Sad Houseplant Haul
You can watch me in 1080HD!!! I promise I don't always shop for houseplants, especially this many at one time. I just happened to have this collective haul from the previous months that I couldn't film because you know, I'm always busy ;) Butttt, this haul brings me so much stress!! There was a point in the video where I finally realized what was going on with hoya krimson queen. Keep an eye out on an update video on my hoyas. If you guys are really good with hoyas please comment down below on how you care for them. I think I might be overwatering mine. Thanks for watching :)
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Monstera Adansonii & Prayer Plant Update | Hirts.com
***Hirt's Garden Unboxing Video***** http://youtu.be/mUM07jjDasc I thought it was finally time to show you guys how my Hirt's Garden plants are doing. Don't be surprised or alarmed :) If you guys have any tips or tricks for the Monstera Adansonii please comment down below. Or if you know what's going on with the yellow leaves, pleasseeee let me know. I've never met a plant that was so finicky. I really appreciate any knowledge you can share with me :) Thanks for watching! #hirtsgarden #plantupdate #houseplants
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Free Monstera Adansonii
You can watch me in 1080HD!!! Oops, I did it again.....................why must I be such a big plant hoarder? Just a warning, I ramble a lot in this video. When I'm really excited about something I talk really fast and say um a million times. I'm currently trying to work on it :) CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME INSTAGRAM PAGE: http://www.instagram.com/jungleinaroom/ On a side note go to Paulino Gardens and grab yourself one. Also let them know who sent you ;) I'm hoping if they find out about my channel, they'll finally let me film their plants :D Thanks for watching
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I Bought An Expensive Plant | Pilea + Propagating
Watch in 1080HD Hey plant friends. I thought I would share with you guys a pretty expensive plant I recently got. Keep in mind I'm really cheap when it comes to plants so this is wayyy out of character. There's also some exciting news I thought I would share with you :) Thanks for watching.
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Plant Shopping At Lowe's
WATCH IN 1080HD!!!!!! What do plant hoarders do when they get bored..........we go plant shopping! This Lowe's usually has some good clearance deals so I thought I would bring you along to see what deals they had. I had to do a voice over because they had a big fan in their plant section and there was no way of editing out the loud fan noise. Thanks for watching:)
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Living Room Plant Tour | October 2018
So many plants, so little time. I knew I crossed over the line to being a certified plant hoarder when I decided to purchase the shelving units. Which plant was your favorite? Thanks for watching Instagram: zoee_e_e_e
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Propagating My Dying Hoya Plants
*****It was a gloomy day when I filmed this so the auto white balance was going crazy and that's why I look like a ghost :)********** We all encounter failures at some point and I thought I would share my recent failure with a plant that most people consider extremely easy to care for.
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House Plant Tour | SUMMER 2018 | PART TWO
House Plant Tour Part One: http://youtu.be/EV6TV08wkoM
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Plant Shopping At Paulino Gardens + Mini Haul
Watch in 1080 HD!! I'm finally taking you guys shopping at my favorite nursery called Paulino Garden's. We had to make this a semi quick trip because we had something going on in the evening. But just a warning there is a big fan in the nursery that's pretty loud. I'll try to talk closer to the microphone next time. :) Thanks for watching!! Instagram: zoee_e_e_e For business inquires: [email protected]
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Plant Shopping at City Floral | Pt. 1
Hey friends!!! Since the majority of the people seemed to like the last plant shopping video I though I would take you guys on another journey. I did some research and found City Floral Garden Center on google. It was my first time here and I'm glad I was able to take you guys along with me. I was so overwhelmed when I walked into this place, but in a good way. I hope you guys will enjoy this video. Just a little side note, I'm not my hilarious self in this video because I was a bit nervous filming in public. :) hopefully it'll get better with time. But if you've been here before please comment down below. Also, which plant was your favorite, which part was your favorite? City Floral: http://cityfloralgreenhouse.com
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Plant Shopping at Paulino Gardens | 20% SALE
WATCH IN 1080 HD!!!!!!! Hi plant friends. I've been really sick lately and I was planning on getting rest but I really couldn't let sickness keep me away from a plant sale. This is the result of being plant greedy and being sick at the same time. I tried to talk throughout the video but when I started talking I would go into a coughing fit. I hope you guys still enjoyed the video. Paulino Gardens 6300 North Broadway, Denver, CO 80221 Instagram @ Paulinogardens
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Kitchen Plant Tour| October 2018
WATCH IN 1080 HD! Fall is finally upon us so I thought I would finally show you guys my updated kitchen houseplant tour. I have a lot of plants so keep a look out for my other updated houseplant tours. Just a heads up, there's a lot of cuttings in this video. I'm addicted to propagating plants. It's hard to stop knowing I can create another plant for free :) Peperomia Raindrop Propagation Blog: http://greengirldaily.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/water-propagation-peperomia-jayde/ Thanks for watching.
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Plant Haul + Paulino Gardens Event
Hi plant friends. I'm still fueling my addiction for hoyas :) Plants mentioned: Hoya carnosa green? Silver satin pothos Silver pothos
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Houseplant Updates | Hoyas, philodendrons, Elephant Ear
Hi plant friends. Here's an update on on some of my plants that I've recently purchased and other plants that needed an update. Thanks for watching
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Plant With Me | Repotting Houseplants Ep. 3
Website where I got my glasses: https://www.eyebuydirect.com/1480775 $10 OFF coupon code: IFSLPD554K Name of my glasses: Days ***************************** I got new plants and thought I would plant them with you guys. Oh and pleaseeeeeeeee don't have a heart attack with the Hoya, it's okay. I need to make mistakes to learn from them :) And I also don't know what I meant by the update on the pothos, I think I meant philodendron but I already said it :) Thanks for watching. 🍕Links above are part of the eyebuydirect referral program.
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Plant Shopping in Boulder, CO
WATCH IN 1080p 60HD Hey plants friends!! In today's Plant Shopping episode we (Zoee and I) decided to check out Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder, Colorado. Isn't Zoee the cutest! Thanks for watching :)
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Plant Shopping at Tagawa Gardens
Hey plant friends. I had a lovely viewer suggest Tagawa Gardens in one of my last videos so I thought I would drop by and check it out. I also brought the "boyfriend" to help with out of reach plants :) We also have, Zoee, our special guest and star of the show. Thanks for watching.
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Plant Shopping At Home Depot
Today I thought I would bring you guys plant shopping with me at Home Depot. Sorry if the video is a bit shaky, I was trying to film and dodge people looking at me haha. I feel like the more I do these the better I'll get. And yes, I pretty much thought everything was expensive :)
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Plant With Me | Hoya, String of Hearts, Money Tree
WATCH IN 1080p60 HD!!!! Hi plant friends. Welcome to my very dirty plant room where I repot most of my houseplants. I thought I would film a new video to mix things up a little. This video is also a little update on some of my plants. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and the better quality :) Thanks for watching.
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Plant Shopping At O'Toole's
Hey plant friends! Just another day, another plant nursery :) I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and have been checking out a lot of new nurseries to show you guys. Hope you guys are enjoying these adventures with me.
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House Plant Tour | SUMMER 2018 | PART FOUR
We have finally reached the last part of my plant tour of 2018. House Plant Tour | Part One http://youtu.be/EV6TV08wkoM House Plant Tour | Part Two http://youtu.be/JGOKXUp2-FQ House Plant Tour | Part Three http://youtu.be/XILZplLnTSE
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Plant Shopping at Paulino Gardens #2
Just another day at Paulino's. I'm currently on a Hoya hunt. I really want a Hoya carnosa rubra with very large yellow leaves and Hoya Chelsea.
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House plant Tour | SUMMER 2018 | PART THREE
Here's my kitchen plant tour. There will definitely be a part 4. HOUSE PLANT TOUR | PART ONE: http://youtu.be/EV6TV08wkoM House plant tour part 2: http://youtu.be/JGOKXUp2-FQ
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$10 off coupon code: IFSLPD554K https://www.eyebuydirect.com/1480775 *Saint Lou Frames http://www.eyebuydirect.com/prescription-glasses/fashion-glasses-saint-lou-tortoise-p-15095?cmp=cel&trigger=ac *Berkeley Frames http://www.eyebuydirect.com/prescription-glasses/fashion-glasses-berkeley-black-p-13163 *Naomi Frames http://www.eyebuydirect.com/prescription-glasses/plastic-eyeglasses-naomi-matte-blue-p-16483?cmp=cel&trigger=ac I am not being sponsored by eyebuydirect.com, these were purchased with my own money and these are my honest opinions. Coupon code is part of the referral program.
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I Need Help | Hoya Problems
Oops, I did it again. If you think you have a plant shopping addiction, I hope this videos makes you feel better. I'm not sure why I always have a need to have duplicates of plants I already have. **This was an emergency and I couldn't wait until I got home, hence the reason why I filmed on my iPhone. **** Thanks for watching.
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Plant Shopping At Jensen's Nursery
Hi plant friends. The boyfriend and I had some extra time to kill, so we went to a nursery we weren't familiar with to check things out. This plant nursery was pretty small but I think they sell more outdoors stuff. Let me know if you guys would like me to show you more of the plant nurseries like pots, tools, soil, etc. I also wanted to note that during winter time there's less houseplant available at plant nurseries (with the exception of Paulino's). I guess this is a bad time to show these nurseries but it's always fun for me to look at houseplants.
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Plant Shopping at City Floral | Pt. 2
Here's the second part to the two part episode of plant shopping.
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Hoya Compacta Update
In the previous video I left you guys with a cliff hanger. WELL, this is what happens when plants stress you out and you happen to be an impulsive person. Hopefully we all have learned from this experience :) I'll try and update you guys again in a month or so on how things or doing or if there's a drastic change. Thanks for watching.
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Plant Shopping At Home Depot
WATCH IN 1080P 60 HD!!!!!! Hey plant friends. I went plant shopping at Home Depot the other day and thought I would share all the goodies that they currently have.....including HOYASSSS. If you want a really big hoya for really inexpensive I would highly suggest you go to Home Depot today!!!!! And please someone come buy these hoyas so I don't have to :)
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Plant Shopping At Phelan Gardens
Hey friends. Here's a plant shopping in Colorado Springs At Phelan Gardens. I hope you guys enjoy and if you live in Colorado Springs you should definitely stop by. http://phelangardens.com thanks for watching.
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