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Ryobi Nail Gun Review (first posted 6/2013)
I purchased this Ryobi Nail Gun so that I won't have to use a noisy hammer.
Ryobi Miter Saw Review (first posted 6/2013)
Originally posted June 2013
Purple Nail Rack Closet (first posted 5/2013)
I was inspired to make a closet rack while walking the curtain aisle of Lowes home improvement store.
Aging Parent - Taking Care of Mom
I moved my Mom from Memphis to Atlanta to care of her. At first it felt like a nightmare because I was being selfish thinking about why can't I get on with my life. It's always something. The situations you are put in when caring for your aging parent puts it all into perspective. It's your job.
Thanks Video
It took a lot of planning and doing and now it's done. I've opened a nail rack shop. Official website: www.madisonsshopofgifts.com also shop at: www.etsy.com/shop/madisonsshopofgifts fb/madisonsshopofgifts ig/gorgeousbronze
Nail Rack Silver Adult Deco Den Style Made of Wood
This is my first nail polish rack built (5/12)
Making Your Cabinets Pop (first posted 4/2013)
I brought life to my otherwise dull storage cabinet.
Where Is My Inbox (originally posted 01/2014)
As of January 7, 2014 Google has moved our inboxes into the Community category. Wish they would leave things alone.
Purple and Silver Glitter
Kleancolor Polish (Purple) and Bonita Topper (Silver/Purple) Music: Free Youtube Audio.
Yellow and Blue Polka Dots (first posted 4/2013)
Polishes by Kleancolor and Sinful