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Stroking a cheetah...
This lovely cheetah was one of two allowed to wander around the grounds of the lodge. They were half wild, but thankfully very tame with the guests. They would hunt for their own food and were never fed by the lodge, so we were told.
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Tshukudu,  Walk with Lions.
Out on an early morning stroll with two beautiful lion cubs at the Tshukudu Game lodge in the Kruger Park. That is me in the black trousers stroking one of the lions. Sorry if you can't see me face, but my husband took the picture! lol.
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Giraffes in a group.
A magnificent group of giraffes who suddenly started running. Very graceful creatures.
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Meeting the Village Medicine man.
Here we are introduced to the village Wise Man. This was the most embarrassing moment for my husband, as I asked the medicine man if he would give me a spell and potion. I don't think my other half quite expected me to do that, and perhaps not the guide either; but I just couldn't resist. However, despite my husband's obvious 'awkwardness' about my request, he managed to film us and it was one of the highlights of the holiday for me, anyway. I don't know how many tourists manage to do that: perhaps more than I think.
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Lion Gets a Drink and a Stroke...
This was part of the Tshukudu lion breeding project. They have bred many lions and introduced them to other game lodges in the Kruger Park. This lion clearly loves a fuss...and was quite tame with Jessica, one of the guides.
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Waterbuck, Impala and Rhino.
Day two of our safari tour in the Kruger, and we came across this splendid group of waterbuck and impala. Even the guide commented that he had never caught so many together. There is also an elephant hidden behind the trees if you look carefully.
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On Safari in South Africa, 2011.
On safari in South Africa's Kruger National Park, February, 2011. Two brothers here lying together in the African sun. I was just feet away from these two lions. A bit hair raising but wonderful to watch without bars between us. The African bush smelt sweet with the scent of the marula, particularly loved by the elephants as the marula fruit is their staple diet.
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Pride of Young Lions.
Very sleepy male lions, in the heat of the day (luckily for us).
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Entering Shangana Village with our Guide.
On the way in to the village. Our guide was very good. We had a personal guided tour all to ourselves and he gave us a lot of information on the history and culture of the local people. I was a little nervous but did not show it. It was a hot day so it was nice to get into the shade sometimes.
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Elephant with her baby.
We were lucky to spot this magnificent elephant with her baby calf. We were lucky to get so close as well. Mothers can be very protective with their young, so we were a bit nervous.
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Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.
On day 1 of our trip. 2011. Looking out over the Blyde River Canyon, with the river far below us. It was hot but there was plenty of cool breeze up there that day. The vast Lowveld stretches out before us; part of the Kruger area. The colours were amazing and very beautiful.
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At Shangana Cultural Village, Hazyview, South Africa.
A village near Hazyview, in Limpopo Provence, South Africa. The village is beautiful, rich in culture and heritage and well worth visiting. We were the only two visitors on this particular day, so we had a very private tour. The weather was wonderful and we were very lucky to be on our own.
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