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Chrysalis is a movement in Jesus Christ to change the world for the better. It is 3-days of worship, singing, and reflection that continues to change the lives of young people around the world.
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Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition
Wesley's words can reshape your daily walk. Expect to be spiritually awakened and brought into a deeper communion with God while celebrating a powerful legacy. www.UpperRoom.org/Bookstore
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Pockets Magazine
Pockets is a 48-page devotional magazine for children ages 6-12 published by The Upper Room. www.pockets.info www.pockets.org
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The Journey
Companions in Christ is a small-group experience from The Upper Room for all those that find themselves on a spiritual journey. www.CompanionsinChrist.org
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The God-Hungry Imagination
Ministry that interconnects the heart, mind, soul, spirit and story will invite youth (anyone, really) into a larger story — the Story — and into God's waiting arms. Through Arthur's guidance, offering "a splash of theological artistry" as one reviewer writes, your church can reclaim the imagination's role in spiritual formation and reclaim the church as the living story. What kind of story is your church telling?
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The Way of Pilgrimage
The Way of Pilgrimage is a 30-week experiential small group study for senior-high youth and college freshmen. www.WayofPilgrimage.com.
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SOULfeast is a gathering of pilgrims offering four days of Sabbath rest, engaging worship, fresh insight for the journey, rich community connection, and resources to take home. www.UpperRoom.org/Soulfeast
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Transforming Power
Hugh Ballou brings together a collection of stories from leaders who have lived through personal or institutional upheavals and survived. These wide-ranging situational accounts demonstrate how major changes affected efforts as diverse as a children's ministry program to a Hollywood movie. www.UpperRoom.org/bookstore
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Talking in the Dark
If you're frustrated in your prayer life and wonder whether prayer is worth the effort, this book is for you. www.UpperRoom.org/Bookstore
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devozine: The Devotional Magazine for Youth
devozine is a devotional magazine written by youth and youth workers, so it's always fresh and relevant. www.devozine.org
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Novena in Time of War
Picture a world where war is not an option. Think of all the human problems and disputes that would still exist but would need to be resolved in another way. Pray to God that you might play a part in that new world. www.UpperRoom.org/Bookstore
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Winds of Promise
Clergy families face unique struggles as they live in "glass houses" or "fishbowls" within a community and a congregation. www.UpperRoom.org/Bookstore
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El Aposento Alto
El Aposento Alto is the Spanish version of The Upper Room daily devotional guide. www.ElAposentoAlto.info.
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