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Brood Frame Foundation Support
Using fishing line instead of stainless wire to support wax foundation in your brood chambers.
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Preserving Lemons With Salt
attempt 2, audio was terrible on the first upload! Something everyone who can make rice needs in their pantry!!
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mistake in the bee yard
Made a rookie mistake leveling a couple of splits I made, water ran in and killed a lot of bees!
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Moving Beehives 3
I'm calling it a success!
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NO-OX-ID  "Special A" Grease
No ox is a must for all DC systems!
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Tattler lid fail! Foul Language Alert!!
Man was this a lesson learned the Hard Way! I still use and love the Tattlers! They are great as long as you do it right!
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"Chef" BCtruck!!
Check out BCtruck! Link below: https://www.youtube.com/user/bctruck
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Ultra Breeze! Sting Proof!!??
first time in the bee yard with the Ultra Breeze bee suit!
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Ultra Breeze Bee Suit
An initial review of the Ultra Breeze Bee Suit.
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Fixing Crystallized Honey
If you have a dehydrator it's too easy to fix crystallized honey!
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Chicken Guard for the Chicken Bunker!
The channel I saw the cookie sheet door: https://youtu.be/YpAP2TQ-mO0 link to chicken guard: https://amzn.com/B00TPZHIM4 Link to cookie sheet: https://amzn.com/B000EOSFHC
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Bacon Grease Buttermilk Biscuits!
Making biscuits.
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30 Year Old Honey From Buckrun11
Link to Buckrun11: https://www.youtube.com/user/Buckrun11
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Rendering Wax Cappings
Just cleaning up the wax cappings from this years honey harvest. Easiest way I've Found yet.
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Can't Find Your Queen?
Worried about your hive being queenless? You don't have to see the queen to know she's there!
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Apiary Update and Ultra Breeze in the bee yard!!
Feeding bees and more time in the "Ultra Breeze" bee suite!
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Honey Extractor Room 2
Slow progress, but it's going to be a nice room!
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Belleville 960z Boot Review
Belleville Tactical Research Boot Review
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Hard Way Farms Broccoli Casserole Family Recipe!
Link to Buckrun11s' channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Buckrun11 Ingredients: 3/4 cup package of frozen chopped broccoli 1, 10-1/2 oz can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup 1, 15 oz jar of cheez whiz 1, cup cooked rice 1, heaping teaspoon of onion powder Instructions: cook the rice. Saute broccoli until thawed, mix in onion powder Add rice, cheez whiz, soup and broccoli to 8x8x 2 inch deep casserole dish. Mix well. Put in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes +/-. Enjoy!!
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Honey Bees and Chickens
Just a quick walk around the place. Trying to heal up!
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Fermented Veggies 3
Third visit to the crock for a fermentation update. Plus a little bicycle talk.
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Amish Beehive Wood Ware Haul!
I'm all over the page, as usual, can't string a sentence together...
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What is a Thermostart?
Always something to fix on the farm! No rest for the wicked!
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Fermented Veggies Done
Fermented veggies are done!
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Wild Honeybee Hive!
Link to my buddy SE123: https://www.youtube.com/user/southernexposure123
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Honey Extractor Room Build 1
The new room for processing honey, it's gonna take some time to get it done, but at least it's started.
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Home Made Bee Vac
Link to a much shorter vid on the bee vac: https://youtu.be/922gkjV3iqA
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Hotel Cooking
Hotel Life!
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Tattler lid fail! Part 2
Yep, all my fault, except the part where they now have "enhanced directions" on the website!!
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Feeding Bees
Link to the bucket build vid: http://youtu.be/r6XaUePZcYY
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Bee Yard Update and Hive Split
Update on the swarm and some pictures of a hive split, also a picture of a queen.
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Walk Around D.C.
Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and some protestors! Nice long walk!
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Bees Robbing Out A Hive...More Bee Yard Trouble
Lost another hive, so nature is taking its course.
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Dirty Kitchen & Clean Clothes? What Do You Do??
Link to Mady Snuggles channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMT9-lk7y3_jwzOMe2WexLQ
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Moving Beehives 1
Moving a couple of hives due to larger hives robbing their honey.
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Honey RoomTake 3??
Building the honey extractor room
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Feeding Bees.
Feeding Syrup To Bees.
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Robert E Lee's Home
Looks like Robert E Lee's home is going to get a makeover!
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DC Walmart, H Street. How to get in!
My trip to Walmart in downtown DC
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Decorated for Christmas!
Just talking.
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Tea Honey, and Making Bee Food!
Making simple syrup to feed the bees for winter! Talking about honey color, what makes it different colors? This video was made and edited by1952Jeep and HardWayFarms. Everyone mentioned in this video has given expressed authority to all context. Thank you so much for your continued support! https://www.youtube.com/user/HardWayFarms
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Bad Gas!!!
Nothing like being ready to farm, and having to become a mechanic instead!! Ethanol in gas was the worst idea ever!! If it sits more than a few months it turns to gel and will gunk up your carb!! Non ethanol is the way to go for anything that might sit more than 2 months!!
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Tattler Lids and Chicken Soup!!
These lids are great, hardly ever a fail!
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Bee Feeding Bucket
Beeks, build it yourself and save $15!! This video was made and edited by 1952Jeep and HardWayFarms. Everyone mentioned in this video has given expressed authority to all context. Thank you so much for your continued support!
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Belleville Boot Zipper Repair
Zipper blowout repair.
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Beehive part 2, bottom board
Solid bottom board build.
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Bees in a Tree.
Wife was walking the fence and look at what she found!
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Big Tree, Bee Yard Update
Just a bee yard walk through, I sound a little down, but I guess I'm just tired. This project in Louisiana is handing me my butt!! LOL!
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Bees Getting Ready For Winter
Just a little look at my girls prepping for winter!
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Bee Yard Update
Get in on the honey!! only 8 VRs and comments welcome!!
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