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How to tell your partner that the sex isn’t great #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki helps a reader who’s struggling with her sex life.
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Should you ever go through your man's phone? #MosheMondays
This week our hilarious new agony uncle tackles a problem that most couples face - finding inappropriate stuff on their partners phones.
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Moshe deals with a serial cheater
This week, our agony uncle Moshe Ndiki loses his mind. A reader wrote in to ask whether or not she should take back the serial cheater she’s in love with. Moshe is very clear on the subject. Check out his hilarious response below.
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Where can you meet someone when you’re single? #MosheMondays
This week, our agony uncle Moshe Ndiki helps a woman who has been single for over a year.
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How to handle a guy that won’t commit #MosheMondays
In this week’s instalment of #MosheMondays our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki tries to help a reader who is dealing with a commitment phobic boyfriend and a long distance relationship.
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How to let your crush know how you feel #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki helps a reader struggling with a common predicament – dealing with a crush. The reader doesn’t know how to tackle the flirtations to the next level. Here’s Moshe’s advice.
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Should you wait for your husband if he disappears? #MosheMondays
Our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki helps a reader with her marital problems.
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Moshe has this advice for cheaters and the women they cheat on #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki tries to help a reader that has been cheated on and mistreated in other ways by her long-time boyfriend.
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How to deal with a partner that won’t communicate #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki tries to assist a reader whose boyfriend is being distant ad won’t communicate what the matter is. Here’s his hilarious advice for the girlfriend. Do you agree?
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How to let go of a relationship when your bae is very in love #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki helps a reader who has been in a committed relationship but is starting to feel bored.
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WATCH: Moshe Ndiki's ultimate guide to December-proof your relationship
Our agony uncle Moshe Ndiki has gifted you with his ultimate guide on how you can save your relationship from December fever.
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When you’re tired of mince and want to try pork #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki helps a reader with a problem that’s quite common. When you’ve been dating someone for a while and you start being attracted to someone else. Moshe has this hilarious response.
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Is it just about sex or is it a relationship? #MosheMondays
In the first instalment of Moshe Mondays for 2017, our agony uncle helps a reader who’s caught up in a confusing relationship.
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What should you do when you’re in love with a scam artist #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki tries to help a reader who is in love with a man who turned out to be a scam artist.
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Check out the letter that has Moshe cracking up #MosheMondays
This man is struggling with a woman he wants to have a casual relationship with because it turns out that she wants something a little more serious. Moshe Ndiki has this advice.
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Dealing with an ex that’s now a stalker #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki is attempting to help a reader that’s in a troubling situation.
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When all the men you date cheat; is it your fault? #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle assists a reader who is constantly dealing with cheating men and as a result, she’s starting to think it might be her. Moshe vehemently disagrees and here’s why.
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Should you make the first move when you want your ex back? #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle Moshe Ndiki helps a reader who is friends with an ex but is still in love with him. She wants to know whether she should make the first move or not.
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The craziest moments with fans from our August cover stars
Our August cover stars sat down during their shoot to talk to us about the most memorable and craziest interactions they’ve had with their fans. You won’t believe what Sindi Dlathu was once bought!
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BONA celebrates love with Tumi Morake and Mpho Osei-Tutu
In our first ever series of celebrating love, renown comedienne, Tumi Morake and her hilarious entertainer husband Mpho Osei-Tutu exclusively chat to us about love at first sight, falling and staying in love throughout their eight years of marriage. They also share their funniest special moments.
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When you’re in love with an ex who happens to be your boyfriends best friend. #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki tackles quite a tricky situation. This reader is in love with her ex who just happens to be best friends with the boyfriend that she’s currently seeing. She wants to know if she should make a move and if so how. Moshe dishes out this advice…
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Finding out that your BF lives with his baby momma #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle tackles an individual that seriously annoys him; the constant lying boyfriend. Our reader just heard from her boyfriend that he actually lives with his baby momma. Here’s Moshe’s advice on what she should do…
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Jessica Nkosi chats to Moshe Ndiki
During our October cover shoot, the gorgeous Jessica Nkosi chats to Moshe Ndiki about feeling beautiful in the morning, her philanthropy, future plans and similarities with Qondi. Check out the hilarious interview below.
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Can a long distance relationship work? #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki helps a reader who’s involved in a long distance relationship. Check out his advice and tell us if you agree.
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What to do with a man who doesn’t want a relationship #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki helps a reader who’s in quite a tricky problem. She’s been having an on and off relationship with a man who’s seeing someone else and never wants to commit to her. Here’s Moshe’s hilarious response.
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How to handle an awkward love triangle #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki advises a reader that it’s a weird love triangle
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BONA celebrates love with Mzwandile and Nolwazi Ngubeni
Mazothe Media CEO Mzwandile Ngubeni and his wife, casting director Nolwazi chat to us about how they met and keeping it real throughout their marriage.
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Thando Thabethe and Moshe Ndiki chat about all things life
They chat about her first heartbreak, being shy, working hard and then of course they both show us how well they can sing.
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Being a woman in 2016 and dealing with bullies on social media
Our incredible August cover stars sit down for some real talk.
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Bona magazine caught up with actress and Face of dawn Mbali Mlotshwa and her mom Bongi Mlotshwa. Here they share their secretes to a loving mother-daughter relationship.
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Should you date someone who's a baby daddy? #MosheMondays
This week, Moshe Ndiki assists a reader who battles with dating men who already have children. She’s always ensured that she doesn’t date someone’s baby daddy but now finds herself attracted to such a man. Here’s Moshe’s advice…
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BONA celebrates love with Mpho Maboi and Reneilwe Letsholonyane
TV sports presenter and radio personality Mpho Maboi, together with her husband Reneilwe Letsholonyane, take us through their journey of being happily in-love since 2010. They also open up about their special memories since being married.
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Behind The Scenes With Zizo Beda
We shot our cover with TV personality Zizo Beda at the scenic Golden Gate Highlands National Park in the Free State. Get an all-access pass to the behind-scenes activities and see how it all came to life.
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Simphiwe Ngema for Bona Magazine
Go behind the scenes of our April shoot with Muvhango actress, Simphiwe Ngema.
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Behind the Scenes with Blue Mbombo and K2
The Royal couple chats to us about their style must-haves and icons, their 18-year-old selves and their fans. (Apologies for how the wind sometimes impacted the sound)
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Anele Mdoda talks about her favourite things
Talk show queen and radio host Anele Mdoda graces our December cover along her sister actress and TV Presenter, Thembisa Mdoda. During the fun-filled shoot we spent 5 minutes with Anele to find out all her favourite things.
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Behind The Scenes with Zahara
We chat to our November cover star Zahara about her new album and her fans.
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Get to know Thuso Mbedu better
One of our fabulous June cover stars, Thuso Mbedu talks to us about her love for Beyonce, current book she's reading and to dish on the best beauty advice she's ever received.
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Dating someone who seems to be unavailable #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle Moshe Ndiki helps a reader who is seeing someone new but doesn’t feel like she’s seeing enough of him. The guy is always busy and she’s now starting to think something might be amiss. Here’s Moshe’s advice. Do you agree?
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WATCH: How to make yummy tripe the Bona way
Family gatherings and weddings shouldn't be the only occasions where you are treated to this delicacy. Our food editor, Ntwenhle Gcabashe shows you how to cook tripe easily at home – anytime you want.
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BHS with Khanya Mkangisa and Moshe Ndiki
Our January 2016 cover star Khanya talks to Moshe about baecations, singing in the shower and her future plans.
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Holiday Swap With Nomzamo Mbatha
Watch the preview of Holiday Swap KZN
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BONA celebrates love with Lebo and Lucky Sekgobela
In our first ever series of celebrating love, Gospel star Lebo Sekgobela and her husband Lucky open up about their marriage of over 20 years. They also share how they met, the proposal, and how they keep their romance alive.
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Starting to date at a little later than most #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle attempts to help a man who has been focused on work for a very long time and now wants to start exploring the dating world but is scared. Check out his advice below and tell us if you agree.
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Behind the scenes of Bona's June issue with Bonang Matheba
See what happened when Bona magazine bagged the Queen of everything, Bonang Matheba, as their June cover star. Go behind the making of the cover.
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What to do when he’s in love with someone else but still wants you #MosheMondays
This week our agony uncle, Moshe Ndiki loses his mind when dealing with a man who wants to have his cake and eat it too.
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Get to Thembsie Matu better
Our July cover star Thembsie Matu fills us in on her favourite TV role, where she gets her bubbly personality and why she loves comedy.
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WATCH: Moshe Ndiki and Vatiswa Ndara chat about all things acting
Our unbelievably talented September cover star, Vatiswa Ndara took some time out during her shoot to chop it up with the hilarious Moshe Ndiki.
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Competition amongst women in the media industry
Our August cover stars sat down during their shoot to talk to us about the challenges of being a woman in the media industry and how they are always being pitted against each other.
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Bona FFFF - Layered Strawberry Mini Cakes
View the full recipe here: http://foodforfunandfunds.bona.co.za/layered-strawberry-mini-cakes/
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