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Things I've Seen [ AMV ]
- Short -
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Used To Be [ AMV ]
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My Demons [ AMV ]
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Don't Worry About Me [ AMV ]
Song - Killedmyself - don't worry about me
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To Find Me [ AMV ]
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Shine Bright [ AMV ]
thanks for watching
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Happy Birthday Chloe INK [ AMV ]
~ well its not much I guess but its something ~ Happy Birthday Chloe ~! SIS~! TEMY~! never letting that one go I don't usually upload birthday videos, or write long descriptions, but this one is a for a sister I guess so I will write quite a bothersome long description, I met this person exactly 2 years ago, on her birthday, funny shit I know, she is really an amazing person and more people should talk to her and get to know her well! but if you're an asshole I will break your bones :C #not even kidding, she has helped me through loads and I still don't know how to thank her! she is really an amazing person, a bit of a nerd, but she is asian its in her nature #she loves racists jokes #take it too far #we'll call the asians #3 broken bones for a bowl of rice, anyway I wish you have a good day! and a good birthday sis ;p your 1 year closer to being able to legally buy achohol and ciggaretes we both know you love that shit :C study less, drink moare, nah study be a good kiddo :c just have a great day and a birthday as I said imma cut this short cause I'll just pm you on how awesome you are o-o ~ But yeah first time im doing a serious birthday video with long description woohoo! Happy Birthday Sis! ;# Anime: 5cm per sec Song: ink coldplay ty ty ty mucho gracias
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I'm Still Broken [ AMV ]
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Together [ AMV ]
IN A SPLIT SECOND.. I watched the glowing Sun slip away right before my eyes, Everything I ever knew and loved disappeared. I found myself alone, underwater. Objects falling slowly around me. All I can hear is the dense deafening sound of silence.
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