Videos uploaded by user “Milan Babuskov” for the 2013
Drone Invaders :: Space Shoot 'em up
Shoot aliens, Reload lasers, Survive the Drone Invasion. Gameplay from my indie game. It shows regular gameplay with shooting and shields, and first two boss levels. Planned launch date for Android version in October 30th 2013. You track the progress on my blog: http://bigosaur.com/blog
Views: 3127 Milan Babuskov
Njam2 - Multiplayer Pac-Man
Multiplayer Pacman type of game with interesting new elements and extremely fast gameplay. Features cooperative and duel modes and integrated level editor. Two players can play on a single computer, and 4 players in networked game. Versions of Windows and Linux are available. It's a polished sequel to Njam game, done by original developer.
Views: 583 Milan Babuskov
Gods of Sparta - battle
Battle from Gods of Sparta strategy game.
Views: 1147 Milan Babuskov
Drone Invaders - powerups
Drone Invaders is a free space shoot 'em up game, with a mix of retro and modern graphics. This video shows regular gameplay, a couple of boss levels and all the available powerups.
Views: 1462 Milan Babuskov
Gods of Sparta - Athena vs Red Dragon
Video showing how to use Necklace of Harmonia to negate Ring of Gyges and defeat the Red Dragon and complete the Artifacts campaign
Views: 28 Milan Babuskov
Gods of Sparta - Athena vs Hades
Showing you how to beat Hades in Underworld campaign. The trick is to only use Sandals of Speed, because Hades has Necklace of Harmonia and other artifacts are useless.
Views: 63 Milan Babuskov

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