Videos uploaded by user “Milan Babuskov” for the 2017
Hits like a truck - Son of a Witch
A Knight run with the Thunderstriker sword. Got a couple of blacksmith runestones and duplicated those with replicate scrolls to deal 20/30 damage. It hits like a truck and combined with its great range is really fun to play. And lightning attack is just a bonus on top. The video includes music by Avaren.
Views: 43 Milan Babuskov
Full pyromancer run - Son of a Witch
The Pyromancer is a new character recently added to the game. This was a really fun run - I got a mana canteen and a bunch of big mana potions, so I was able to use the fireballs in almost every room.
Views: 178 Milan Babuskov
The Troll Bridge - Son of a Witch
A successful fire+ice run. Got Glacier and Icicle which basically enabled me to win the game, but also the Brimstone Bow and The Kindling which made it a lot easier. With these four items/weapons the bosses were very easy, but regular castle rooms still posed a challenge. The recording includes music by Avaren.
Views: 57 Milan Babuskov
Neeed the speeed - Son of a Witch roguelike
It thought this Archer run was doomed and almost gave up, but managed to get much further than expected. Failed to beat the Executioner, but there were some cool moments.
Views: 69 Milan Babuskov
Defeating the Troll with an archer - Son of a Witch
How I defeated the troll with an Archer character in My Mom is a Witch roguelike game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/539400 Just a couple of bow upgrades and the fight was too easy. ;) If you don't have the upgrades, you can use the bomb + rage attack. Bomb does 100 damage, plus 55 from the piercing arrow (rage) and 45 from regular arrow shot makes it 200, exactly the Troll HP.
Views: 22 Milan Babuskov
First time in the dungeon - Son of a Witch
Got my butt kicked seriously. These guys are though. Hopefully I will manage to beat them soon.
Views: 99 Milan Babuskov

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