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Special 1 - Urza's Saga Precon "Tombstone"
Special number one. This is a WUB deck.
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Special 4 - Urza's Saga Precon "Special Delivery"
The last deck! This RG deck was heavily requested by fans!
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Special 2 - Urza's Saga Precon "The Plague".
The second special! This is a BW deck and it looks pretty fun!
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Episode 4 - Tempest + Urza's Saga + Unglued
Episode 4 features three expensive packs. Tempest was a $40 pack, and Urza's Saga and Unglued were $50/pack. Why am I opening such expensive boosters? To see what's inside! Come see with me! Today we had extra guests, so please don't mind the extra commentary. This was the hardest video yet to produce, but it was worth it. Two legendary sets plus the funniest set ever? Sign me up! The next episode will be one Ice Age booster, one Alliances booster, and one Coldsnap booster. That's right - I'm doing the whole Ice Age block. The date is still unknown, as I don't know when I'll be off work next. You may notice I have gloves today. They were too small, so I'll be getting more. But, they will be a regular thing. I may end up going with latex, though. Huge thanks to B Ritch, Sarah M., Mae W., Yolanda B., Roy S., Justin N., and James L. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share! Magic lovers everywhere will rejoice and weep with me as I take a walk through history, but only if YOU let them know I'm here! Tell all your Magic-playing friends!
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Iconic Masters #2 FOIL RARE!
Foil rare. last of 2 packs at wally world.
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Commander Dech Tech 1
My personal Deck Tech for Arcades, the Strategist. https://www.facebook.com/Spindownproductions/ https://www.patreon.com/grandpasmagic https://www.facebook.com/groups/197871337399664/
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Special 3 - Urza's Saga Precon "Sleeper"
The third special! This is a monowhite deck and I think it has potential!
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a new card game introduced by Bandai
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Episode 1 - Prophecy + Apocalypse
This video was recorded alongside another livestreamed to a Facebook group. So what did you think? Like my pulls? Wanna see more? Episode 2 will be 2 Weatherlight packs and 1 Invasion pack! Have requests for a future episode? Wanna talk about the cards I pulled? Let me know in the comments below!
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Episode 2 - Weatherlight + Invasion
The second episode, as promised. Episode 3 will be next Wednesday and will be 3 Stronghold packs. Like these cards? Hate'em? Let me know in the comments! Have a request for the future? Tell me! Thanks for watching!
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Episode 3 - Stronghold
Hey everyone, back for Episode 3. Today's episode is 3 packs of Stronghold. What awaits inside? Watch and find out! Huge thanks to John Paulo Macapagal and Joe Moss from Facebook, who both made requests I am sadly unable to fill (Arabian Nights and 3x Alpha) and they are requests I very much wish I could fulfill. I'm sorry I don't have gloves for this episode. It completely slipped my mind. I promise I'll have some before Episode 4. I hope you otherwise enjoy the video and would love to hear from you! Leave a question or comment below!
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M19 Pre-Release Kit
Elder Dragon!!!
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Episode 10 - Darksteel
Here it is! Darksteel at last! Will I pull Darksteel Forge? Watch and find out! Huge thanks to Yoshi B. for recording and to B Ritch for being my co-host. Please like, subscribe, and leave a comment/question/fan request! Later!.
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Deck Opening and Giveaway Announcements
Hi there! I've hit 50 subscribers! In response, I'm going to open a deck or tournament pack - but I need you to go on Facebook and tell me what to open! If you don't know me, but are friends with someone who does, have them vote for you! Also, when I reach 100 subscribers, I'm going to give away an old pack or a few, but I need to be able to see your subscription if you want to win. I'll be making and uploading a tutorial video on how to make that possible on Android, so keep an eye out if you have an Android device and don't know how. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe if you haven't already, and make sure to tell your friends - the more, the merrier! Let's take a walk through history together!
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Episode 16 - Mirage + Mercadian Masques + Odyssey
This time around, the packs for this episode did not arrive in time! So, I'm doing a filler episode. Still a good episode, and worth a watch. Check it out! Huge thanks to B Ritch, MaeBae, and of course the ever-present Yoshi B! And, a special thanks to you guys for watching!
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Episode 12 - Unglued
This episode was kinda different. I had four packs to open today due to smaller pack size. Huge shout out to Magic the Gathering Community for letting me in and letting me post. Go join and help them grow! Special thanks to B Ritch and Gadget for being part of the episode, and of course to Yoshi B. for recording. And a huge thanks to you for watching!
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Episode 13 - Unhinged
Hey, everyone! This time it's three packs of unhinged! Come see the crazy pulls from these papery packs! Special thanks to B Ritch, Jimmy Lid, The Justinator, and Yoshi B.! And, of course, to you all for watching! See you all next time!
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Shout-outs and Official Episode 4 Announcement
I missed this earlier but since I had the time for another video right now I wanted to get it up.
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Episode 9 - Mirrodin
I'm so sorry this is late. We had file transfer and reconstruction hiccups again. I'm starting to think this camera is designed for clips. Anyway, today we open three Mirrodin packs! I'm hoping for a Tangleroot! What will I get? Watch and find out! Please like, comment, and subscribe! And send your friends my way - the more, the merrier! Let's take a walk through history together! I hope you like it! This one was one of my favourite episodes to record so far! Huge thanks to B Ritch, Gadget, Jimmy Lid, and MaeBae for being a part of this episode - and of course to the wonderful Yoshi for recording!
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Episode 1 - Kaladesh + Aether Revolt + Modern Masters 2017
With this video I officially launch the new segment! Today, to start off with a bang, we're on the hunt for a Masterpiece! Will I get one? What's in the Modern Masters pack? Watch and find out! Huge thanks to B Ritch and Gadget, annd of course to Yoshi B. for recording! Special thanks to you for watching! And, an extra-special thanks to Matthew Rogalinski on Facebook for the seed that grew into this sapling! Finally, I want to thank HobbyTown USA and Hero Complex for providing the packs for this episode!
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Battlebond 6-Pack
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Episode 18 - FAN REQUEST: Urza's Saga
Urza's Saga, one of the finest sets of the old days. What's inside? Watch and find out! Special thanks to B Ritch, MaeBae, Gadget, and Yoshi B, and of course to you for watching!
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Episode 11 - Fifth Dawn
The eleventh installment is here! What will I get? Watch and find out! Special thanks to B Ritch and Yoshi B. Thanks for watching! See you next time!
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Episode 8 (Part 9 of 10) - Fallen Empires
Here's Part 9! 12 chances left for the cards I want! Will I get them? Watch and find out!
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Episode 8 (Part 5 of 10) - Fallen Empires
Finally done with Day 1. I'm ready and rarin' to go for Part 6 and further, but Yolanda is tired. Even Mae went to bed. So, I'm going to give Yolanda a break. I'll get to more pack crackin'-y goodness later. As for the camera, it's a great little camera. It captures moving and still images quite well. It's tiny, too. Not great for text, but I read off the cards, so I think that should be fine. The problem is my Micro SD cards. They're Class 4 cards, which is too slow for the camera to use properly. We're going to order a UHS-1 Micro SD card today, so soon enough we should be able to use it. We'll shoot a test video first, though - that way, we'll know for sure and won't nearly lose a video. (Yes, that almost happened. Only through stolid determination did we salvage as much as we did.) Anyway, lemme know what you think! Episode 10 isn't yet finished, but I still welcome questions, comments, and fan requests! Let me hear from you!
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Congratulations to the winner and I hope you all stick around for the next contest!
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Episode 8 (Part 4 of 10)
After hours of exhausting work trying to find a video editor capable of fixing our trial run with the new camera, we've come to the conclusion that our SD card is just too crappy for our new camera. Here's Episode 8 Part 4. Be warned, the video drops out in places. Still, I think you can get something out of this video. We'll be going back to the camera until we can get a better SD card. I'm so sorry. Next time I'll shoot a test video first. HUUUUUUUGE thanks to Yolanda for working with editor after editor and to Mae for putting up with my panicked frustration, and to YOU for sticking around.
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Episode 8 (Part 8 of 10) - Fallen Empires
Man, all these screw-ups in these packs...it's enough to make a guy paranoid....
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Episode 8 (Part 3 of 10) - Fallen Empires
The next 6 packs of Fallen Empires! What will I get? I'm starting to think it's printing and packing errors. Really hoping these cards are real. I have some nice stuff so far! Enlighten me, folks!
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Episode 8 (Part 10 of 10) - Fallen Empires
This is it! The end of Episode 8! I had a lot of fun doing this! Huge thanks to John Thomas on Facebook for requesting this box! Next episode will be 3 packs of the original Mirrodin, so keep watching! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this episode! The videos got super short but they're all going in the Pack Cracking Playlist, so just load that up and skip to where you want, or watch the older videos too! Thanks again! Until next time!
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Mystery Cube!?!?!?
Saskia is BAE!
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Xmas Edition! Verdant Catacomb?!!?
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fan mail!
c-rift! and more. hell yeah!
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Episode 8 (Part 1 of 10) - Fallen Empires
The first 6 packs of the Fallen Empires booster box! What's inside? Is this stuff even real? Was it just printing and packing errors? Tell me! Part 2 is coming soon! Keep watching!
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Episode 15 - Mirage + Visions
Episode 15 is here! Time to pull a Phyrexian Dreadnought...I HOPE! What will I pull? Will I get what I want? Watch and find out! Special thanks to B Ritch and Gadget, and of course Yoshi B. for recording. And a huge thanks to you for watching!
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Episode 17 - Fourth Edition + Fifth Edition + Classic Sixth Edition
Hey, everyone! Today we're looking at core sets. These three sets were pretty important when I was learning Magic.What will I pull? Watch and find out! Huge thanks to B Ritch and Yoshi B! And a special thanks to you, for watching!
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Episode 8 (Part 6 of 10) - Fallen Empires
Holy heckin' kittehz, today was busy! But, we're getting it done! Here's Part 6; 7 and on are soon to come!
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OG Mirrodin block
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Episode 14 - Mercadian Masques
This episode features three packs of Mercadian Masques, a fantastic set from 1999. What will I pull? Will I get a Squee, Goblin Nabob? Watch and find out! Huge thanks to B Ritch, Gadget, Maebae, Jimmy Lid, The Justinator, and Yoshi B.! And, of course, a spcial thanks to you, the watcher! I hope yu enjoyed it as much as I did and continue to watch! If you haven't already, please subscribe and MAKE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS PUBLIC!!! I can't stress that enough as it enters you into a contest to win old boosters of your choice! Good luck and enjoy!
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Episode 8 (Part 7 of 10) - Fallen Empires
Getting through this! Only three parts left!
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Episode 6 - FAN REQUEST: Time Spiral
Hey, everyone! Episode 6 is here! Huge thanks to Justin Krieg on Facebook for requesting Time Spiral! Time Spiral was a wonderful set with a lot of good mechanics and good cards. What will I get? Will I find something I want? Will I find the coveted Akroma? Watch and see!
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hours fat pack
Hours of Devastation fat pack
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Episode 8 (Part 2 of 10) - Fallen Empires
The next 6 packs of Fallen Empires! I'm really hoping it was just printing and packing errors that plague these things. Any of my viewers have experience with this set? Let me know what's up!
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sorry, about the end of the video not being there....the camera died without me knowing it right before the last pack. i didn't get anything special out of it though, so you didn't miss much.
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Special 1 - Amonkhet Release Day 1/3 Booster Box
Twelve packs of Amonkhet, on release day! What will I find? Will there be an Invocation? Watch and find out! Special thanks to B Ritch, MaeBae, Gadget, and Yoshi B, and to you for watching!
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Episode 7 - The Dark
Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of Grandpa's Magic! In this episode I open 6 packs of The Dark! Will I get anything good? Watch and find out! If you haven't seen it yet, go check out Episode 6.5 to learn about the giveaway at 100 subscribers. Please be aware that the packs I will give away will be older packs (Time Spiral block and earlier). As always, please like and subscribe. Questions, comments, and fan requests are welcome, and if a fan request is possible, it will get done. I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for taking a walk through history with me!
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episode ix
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