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Pulp Strategy Corporate Film
We are uncomplicated. We simply challenge ourselves to be the best, every day. We know that we are the single force of excellence driven by collective individual voices. We foster a culture that enhances individual creativity and teamwork value. Pulp Strategy Team members honor mutual trust and respect while maintaining our uncompromising principals of honesty, disruption, creativity, technology enablement, agility and result orientation. Women matter! We not only know but also enjoy the value of a diverse work force. Equal opportunities across genders, departments and roles. We nurture a transformed and inclusive culture, which welcomes a diversity of leadership styles and performance models.
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Experiential Marketing with NFC
Near Field Communication is wireless technology for Smartphones and similar devices to share information via touch. Allowing brands to engage with consumers in an interesting and meaningful way on a real time basis. With our clutter breaking and engagement driven campaigns your consumers can now browse, choose, review, download, connect with you on social and even buy; with a single tap. Whether it's that latest app you want to share with your audience or instant download of your product broacher. Be it giving away cool music content or offer coupons at retail outlets Marketing to youth just got cooler! With smart phone penetration at 10% in India, the stage is set for creating unique experiences and enhanced engagement campaigns for your consumers. At Pulp Strategy we empower brand campaigns with customized experiences, spiced with engaging technology and real time analytics to ensure a closely monitored boost in ROI.
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Yebhi.com's Virtual Stores Powered by NFC
India's first ever Virtual Stores for Yebhi.com across the largest most prominent café chain. NFC powered virtual shopping wall's in 30 cafés across Delhi and Bangalore (India), in the likeness of display racks that one comes across at high-end stores, to enable people to shop off these virtual racks during their coffee break. For indians shopping is a leisure activity with family and friends. The idea was to take Yebhi.com to people and let them shop in leisure over a cup of their favorite coffee! Achieved with the help of an innovation called NFC --microchips that allow for scanning of a magnetic tag via smart mobile phones, consumers were able to just tap and shop on Yebhi.com, with their smart phones, in a matter of minutes. Technology was integrated with a strong creative aspect, to successfully engage shoppers with the brand. With hundred's of media stories buzzed online in the first week itself, this campaign introduced Indians to online shopping via the revolutionary virtual shopping wall, making it quicker, more fun and extremely simple to shop, with its unique concept of coffee shopping, 1st time consumers overcame their hesitation to shop online as myths were busted and the ease, range as well as deals on Yebhi.com came alive.
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Jammu Kashmir floods: Pulp Strategy CSR Initiative
This is a heartfelt appeal stand up in solidarity and support the inundated valley We strategists stepped up, stood together to support the flood victims in Jammu & Kashmir. As a team and more so as human beings. Make a difference by contributing….every bit counts. It does not take much, just a bit of your time and all of your best intentions.
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what is Digital intelligence? today, it is more than just a backwards analysis of consumer action on owned media, it is the ability to leverage data and analytics across digital dominions that enable our clients to continuously optimize their customer experience at scale. In today’s mobile, multi-device and multi-channel world, digital intelligence is the ability to transform digital data into real-time, actionable, customer-centric insights and impact business decision-making. Whether it is understanding the consumer across the client’s applications, mobile site, website, and content on social channels or whether it is social intelligence; consumer and business insights derived from social media channels are used to drive business strategy and answer business questions. Pulp Strategy helps clients leverage the breadth and depth of digital intelligence to build the foundations of a digital intelligence practice that could be as basic as an always-on content hub for optimized digital content for improved customer experience management, or as complex as business strategy for a new revenue model.
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Building Buzz on Campus - Youth Marketing
College students are, a tough crowd for marketers. When students are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis, it can be difficult to sort through the clutter. Wired as the generation may be, its members not only tend to ignore traditional media -- television, radio, and newspapers -- but, studies show, they are no more likely to click open an Internet ad than older adults are. They do, however, listen to one another. What breaks clutter is peer recommendation and consistency. "Who better to sell to a teenager than a teenager?" If friends or fellow students are talking about a brand, students are apt to listen more closely. It's more like sharing an opinion. Word of mouth advertising is all about building buzz, and on today's increasingly connected campuses, word travels faster than ever. Not only are students in a unique environment that puts them in constant contact with people in the exact same demographic, but they have the ability to communicate information to their friends at lightning speed through text messages or Facebook posts. It's easy for something to go viral when students share it with hundreds of Facebook friends or twitter followers in a single post, and a repost or retweet by a friend can reach hundreds of new people and so on. If students are excited about a brand, not only will they tell their close friends in person, but they also have the opportunity to share the information with friends across the world through technology. Getting students talking about your brand in a positive light is the perfect way to build buzz and seed your brand. Want to get students talking about your brand on campus? Contact us now [email protected]
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DIY Videos. Styling for women with Philips KeraShine
Adding DIY videos to your website / channel can be a terrific way to inform consumers on your product expertise, add value to their shopping experience, and set your site and product apart from your competitors. A DIY video can be produced with minimal expense and maximum impact. The runtime of how-to videos varies, but most are under three minutes. This is an example of a DIY Video. Want a DIY series for your product? drop us a line at [email protected]
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Product Demo Video: Satin Soft Epilator
Product Demo Video: Satin Soft Epilator. Animation Demo.
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Women at Pulp Strategy
Women matter! We not only know but also enjoy the value of a diverse work force. Equal opportunities across genders, departments and roles. We nurture a transformed and inclusive culture, which welcomes a diversity of leadership styles and performance models. A culture of respect, freedom, safety and flexibility. Our pursuit of an “equal opportunity for talent environment” has not only placed us in the top slot of highest percentage of women talent in the workforce but in leadership roles in the industry. Pulp Strategy is a ‘We Connect’ globally certified woman owned business.
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DIY Video: styles for women. Philips Kerashine
Adding DIY videos to your website / channel can be a terrific way to inform consumers on your product expertise, add value to their shopping experience, and set your site and product apart from your competitors. A DIY video can be produced with minimal expense and maximum impact. The runtime of how-to videos varies, but most are under three minutes. This is an example of a DIY Video. Want a DIY series for your product? drop us a line at [email protected]
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Pulp Strategy Agency Credentials
Welcome to Pulp Strategy. A multi award-winning full service agency in the realm of experiential, digital & Interactive marketing. Pulp Strategy's forte lies in the seamless convergence of consumer engagement offline and online.  We Provide  a comprehensive range of integrated solutions seamlessly converging strategy, creativity, consumer insight, engagement design and technology to deliver measurable results We "strategists" are a quirky and dedicated lot. You can expect our solutions to be delightfully innovative yet hardworking, at times shocking but always clutter breaking. Preview our best in 4 minutes and if you like what you see of us, drop us a line!
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Special Report: Bubba Wools goes missing; Search and rescue ops begin.
Baby Bubba Wools has gone missing. He was last seen playing at Happy Faces park on Friday. Nation wide search and rescue operations have commenced. Distraught parents of the two year old made an emotional appeal for help today His family is desperate for help. If you have information on missing Bubba please log on to www.rescuegame.com
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Proburst - An inspiring journey of 'Desh Ka Protein'
Proburst 'A brand made in India, made for India', had a challenging problem. In the competitive world of fitness supplements, the market was dominated by foreign supplement brands. Here is where Pulp Strategy and Proburst joined hands and established it as #DeshKaProtein. Pulp Strategy helped in the growth of Proburst as a reliable supplement brand, essentially designed for the Indian body type and with the best ingredients to make India #RobustWithProburst using a strong digital strategy.
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More than 85% men use manual tools like blades designed for the face, hair removal creams (implied for women), scissors, or non-dedicated electric devices for manscaping. Key barriers for electric body grooming were low awareness of electric grooming solutions, lack of understanding of its superiority over a manual tool as it’s a safer solution. Our aim was to reach out to consumers and influence their behaviour by enabling adoption of an electric body grooming solution. The key objective was to Position Philips Body Groomer range as the ‘one stop solution for safer manscaping’ by creating awareness, education and conversation about its superiority as it “Protects even the most sensitive areas” without leaving a nick or cut. Our strategy was reach out to men who were in the hiding and bring them out of the closet by creating insight based and fun conversations. Body grooming had become a constant predicament for men, causing pain and embarrassment to both him and his partner. Women and men thought a guy who doesn’t body groom is basically a ‘Pain’. #MrPainful is a guy who inflicts pain and embarrassment on his partner with his inconsiderate habits and traits like overconfidence, bad dresser, body odour, fake accent, lack of personal hygiene, lack of body grooming etc. The idea was to surprise, intrigue and engage the audience, prompting them to share their #MrPainful stories.
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Cloud Coach
The 'Cloud Coach' -- a fully equipped mobile datacenter, showcased the exhilarating new capabilities of the latest cloud operating system from Microsoft, providing IT professionals in 20 cities the opportunity to experience and be educated about the Windows Server 2012. Personalized product experiences, doorstep access, an impressive training module, and most importantly the innovative approach to enterprise, taken with the travelling Cloud Coach successfully enabled Windows Server 2012 to create a significant footprint in the small but spread out B2B audience
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Women's Day Tribute | Pulp Strategy
Here’s to all you amazing ladies. You mean so much to us – in so many ways! You inspire us every single day with your grace and grittiness. Stay the way you are, always! Happy #InternationalWomensDay #PulpStrategy
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Pulp Strategy Over View
Pulp Strategy Communications Private Limited is a full service experiential marketing, interactive digital communications agency specializing in the Business to consumer experiential marketing space, providing customized and measurable solutions to address specific brand marketing objectives via consumer connect modules. Veterans of the industry, the founding team is recognized as experts and leaders in the field by clients and competition alike. Known for strong Ideation, in-depth consumer understanding, focused ROI orientation and ability to seamlessly deliver some of the most powerful campaigns successfully for their clients over the last decade. Arguably the Team with the most number of awards for their Brand Activation campaign in India over the past 4 years. Our solutions for our clients are versatile, complete and measurable. Ensuring an immersive, interactive and experiential integrated marketing plan
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#RunMore Q1'15 campaign.
RunMore of what you love with an Intel Powered device. RunMore, apps, music, games and graphics with Fast browsing, smooth multitasking and extraordinary battery life. RunMore a campaign in Q1'15 integrated, custom gaming (online and Tablets / Phones), retail activation, OOH and consumer engagements to drive traction for Intel based devices. This case study is for KT purpose only.
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Tablet Product showcase video
Video is enhancing the way we do business every day. For a sales professional, creating a video sales letter or a customized video walkthrough of your product or service may be the differentiator between you and your competition. We create videos which are simple, quick effective and sharable.
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Trails of India
Explore the real fun and experience the rush of taking life by the handlebars. Watch and let us know how you feel!
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Launch of Philips Beauty range with Alia Bhatt
Philips India, the leading lifestyle brand for male and female grooming gadgets announced the spunky, vivacious and young rising star Alia Bhatt as their brand ambassador for their range of beauty products. As the brand representative, Alia Bhatt was poised to take Style with Philips to the next level. A series of webisodes captured the all-new Philips Styles with Alia.
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Tupperware Case Study 2018
Tupperware is known for the quality of its products that empower its consumers and a strong, all-women sales force. When we came onboard as Tupperware’s integrated marketing agency, we wanted to make sure the consumers stay engaged, workforce empowered, and sales soaring. Keeping these objectives in mind, we crafted many engaging and exciting campaigns for Tupperware, went an extra mile, and our efforts paid off when we sealed a Silver at #SAMMIE2018. Tupperware and Pulp Strategy has been a partnership that most brands aspire for.
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Animated Videos for Marketing | Process of Creating Awesome Videos for Business | Pulp Strategy
YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, Vimeo, Facebook Live, website, apps, ASO, SEO, and even Twitter. Video is undoubtedly the most powerful content format in your digital strategy. At Pulp Strategy, our team of animators, visualizers’, artists, scriptwriters, editors and producers have fine-tuned that art of video-making that works towards achieving business objectives. Whether it is an explanatory video for companies with highly technical, complex product and services, or a video content strategy which builds in fun memes, digital films and live video to drive business goals. Convenient and efficient for the consumer, video marketing provides marketers an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach your audiences.
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Pran Nath SpeedStyle Retro
If Speed Style existed in the 40's, love stories would be a teeny bit more interesting.
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Youth Marketing case study. A live pitch case for B-Schools across India
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Speed Style consumer speak
Philips's cool new contest! Here’s how you can take part and win a chance to meet Alia Bhatt or Arjun Kapoor. our cool way to let the consumers speak up for their love of speedstyle
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IPL is BACK on youtube flash mob
Flash mobs are known to be eye catching and capture mindshare, this one from Delhi is an extravaganza. Its worth its while to see over 10,000 consumers drop what they are doing to gape at the frenzy of colors and branding. super Nice!
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GET SOCIAL? A live marketing Challenge by Google
Get Social?’ was an exclusive and first-ever live, integrated digital and on-ground marketing challenge by Google+ for top 41 Ivy League management and engineering campuses in India. As a simulated marketing program, it gave students an opportunity to design their own Google+ page for their campus, deploy and assess their own marketing campaign and devise plans to promote their product. We mentored student-ambassador teams to learn, explore, innovate and excel while creating their official campus Google+ page and YouTube channel. Powered by Google and students, the program reached out to the entire campus audience and enabled them to develop content with the help of marketing kits in goodie boxes, empowering them to build and create large yet tightly knit, engaged communities.
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Breaking News- More tiny tots missing from Frolic Island
Fresh Reports just in- After the shocking disappearance of #BabyBubba , more children have gone missing from Frolic Island. Parents are in panic as they fear for their children’s safety. If you have any information about these kids and will like to help, please log on to www.rescuegame.com. #BabyBubba #BubbaMissing #FrolicInPanic
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Product AV: Philips Barracuda
Product AV's for Web #pulpstrategy.
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Product demo: SATIN SOFT
Product demo with animation for SATIN SOFT
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Care For Food (Tupperware)
Care For Food Campaign Tupperware believes in caring for food and this reflects not only in their products but also in their actions. Through their Care For Food Campaign, we encouraged people to give the leftovers a makeover rather than dumping them. We showcased the 6 pillars of Care for Food Tupperware which helped people understand how they can minimize food wastage on a regular basis. Being an integrated agency, we did not restrict ourselves to the digital platform. With an omni-channel approach, we resorted to on-ground activation, social media marketing, and influencer marketing. Check out how we made an impact.
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The Tupp Fest
Tupfest Campaign After Diwali, the festivities come to an end and the season of gifting is officially over. Or at least that’s what people might think. But here’s where Tupperware wanted to change their perception. Team Pulp strategy came up with a social media campaign ‘Ab Apne Liye’ to encourage people to think about themselves. With discounts like never before, they could stay away from the guilt of self-indulgence! Results? Tupperware’s sales skyrocketed!
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Product Video: Philips Click & Style
Product Video with animation.
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Voice Mob,
the surprise on peoples faces is just Gr8, "people are quite in elevators" and when the audience is quiet you can delight!
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The Rescue Game: Rescue'em
Start warming up your fingers because Brutus has struck with his evil plan by abducting cute creatures of Frolic Island. As their fate hangs in mid-air, they long for a hero with quick tapping skills to Rescue ‘em. Dodge bombs, rotten eggs and poisonous mushrooms , and dive to fetch candies and surprise gift boxes to gain advantage over Brutus and start rescuing them now!
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Hai Dum? Campaign targeting PC Intenders at IT Hubs in India
At a time when Brands are aggressively minting PCs and consumers worldwide are constantly upgrading to newer and faster versions, a striking figure looms the industry where nearly half the World's personal computers use software that is pirated. In India, it's worse. Only about one-third of the software sold is genuine, as per reports. This scenario is terribly appalling for a brand like Microsoft that though enjoys a lion's share in the OS market however loses millions of dollars due to Pirated CDs sold for 1/4th the actual value. Double disaster hits the brand with loss of revenue and awful product experience. In order to fight this malaise, a strategically carefully constructed plan was crafted involving participation of all stakeholders including OEM Partners, IT Hub Associations and most importantly the consumers to drive home the point of "Be Genuine....Buy Genuine". Hai Dum the regionalized campaign as a one week long program was executed at IT Hubs across top 6 metros of India, tapping the influencers, PC Intenders and stakeholders all at one place. Rewarding the influencer, acknowledging the decision maker and giving valuable promotion to the related associations ensuring that all support the cause.
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Youth Marketing - Pulp Strategy's Outreach Channel @ I-cafe's
Consumerism in India is powered by the youth, 35% of India's population is between the ages of 15-35 years. Largest buyer of everything from mobiles to Cars, Apparel to LCD's, brimming with Impulse purchase and e-commerce the segment fast going global. The Digital natives, the wired generation which eats and breathes online. With the fastest growth in online users 40% of the Internet users access the net from I-cafes. With an average time spent of 45 mins per consumer our set of 3000+ youth I cafes cater to a daily captive audience of 1.9 Lac Global Indians every day across 30+ cities. Contests, experience, online interaction, ground engagement, consumer acquisition, Product sampling, or just pure branding. The space lends itself to a host of possibilities with a high return on investment. Pulp Strategy is India's only agency to have developed and successfully used such a captive outreach consumer channel for its clients! To explore what our I-cafes channel can achieve for your marketing outreach initiatives connect with us now [email protected]
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Youth Marketing - Learn With Yahoo New to Net Program
The global Internet penetration is on a steep incline and India is not an exception in these trends. Yahoo wanted to tap the potential in India, which is now the 2nd largest country in Internet usage in the world. It is projected that Internet usage in India is set to double in next three years. This means there are "new to net consumers getting on the net every day" Yahoo wanted to extend its position as an enabler to the Internet for these consumers. The Learn with Yahoo Program powered by India's leading Computer education provider NIIT with a renewed focus on the new to net consumers in the tier II and II cities of India reached out to Millions of new to net consumers with outreach an experience of the brand Yahoo. The campaign by Yahoo integrated the product as well as the key drivers of internet including Networking, search, Email, Internet safety, Chat, Yahoo! Mobile, Computer safety, Web Search amongst others. The Program Module was a 60-minute e-learning window to the Internet by Yahoo while driving a real value offering for the consumers. 0.51 Million new to net consumers completing the module received an e-Certificate on their Yahoo Email With 1000 cafes owners / managers trained to assist in the e learning module for the new to net consumers, and the module online availability across 3000+ additional cafes. With enhanced learning's specific catchment area targeted approach ensured that there was awareness in the cities and to direct consumers to the closest preferred café in the vicinity. Select CSC's (combine services centers) in upcountry markets were also included in the program there by ensuring a focused reach to those remote areas. The strong influence and the guidance of the café owner was key to the success of the campaign Post program 90% of the contacted people stated they liked the program and said it created value for their lives. The initiative is the 1st of its kind where in a value driven innovation is created and delivered to the consumer with the primary objective of familiarizing them with the internet while driving home the brand values and enhancing awareness and discoverability in a large and fragmented market space. To find out what the I-cafe channel for youth engagement can achieve for your brand; Contact us now [email protected]
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Hindu Calendar App for Android
Hindu Calendar provides an handy, easy-access version of your traditional print-copy calendar on your android device. All the details of the traditional hindu calendars that we all have been using for years in a fresh new UI. Based on Hindu Panchang, it distinctly marks out Thithis for every day, fasting days such as Sankashti, Ekadashi, Shivrathri, Everyday detailed Panchang along with Vedic Ritu, Paksha, Nakshatra, Mithuna (Sunsign), Dhanu (Moonsign), Yoga, Sun rise & set time, Rahu Kalam. Also shows daily muhurat.. The Festival calendar includes details of all prominent and major Hindu festivals along with date, Pooja muhurat, and detailed description including its legends, common hindu rituals, Pooja vidhi and customary recipes of traditional Indian food. These will reflect in the calendar as well Horoscope based on Sun signs on daily Horoscope, weekly Horoscope, monthly Horoscope and yearly Horoscope. Annual horoscope is elaborately described under categories- General, love & relationship, professional life, Family & social life, Travel and Health. Carry this important calendar app in your pocket everyday through your android device. Know everything about hindú temples right from their religious significance, legend it has, architectonics, timings and religious practices, festivities & celebrations to the details of accessibility. Save and track your festivals, tithi’s and learn more about the rich hindu heritage, native calendar allows you to create festival events and save details with reminders. It’s completely free. Enjoy it. If you love it drop us a line
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Sales motivation Internal use.mpg
Quickly put together videos which add punch to your presentation
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Product video: Philips Air Styler
Product video created for the web:
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How to create content that inspires, engages and converts
Your content is getting ignored, and that's a strain on your marketing budget. Create content that inspires, engages and converts! Chat with us to know more – [email protected]
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Youth Marketing - More Internet per Hour with Chrome by Google
India's Internet population has been estimated at some 112 million users & rising, search queries originating from India have grown 20 times in the last five years, which has impacted the growth & usage of web browsers in India. Stats showed Mozilla Firefox was the most used browser in the country Google Chrome follows at 2nd most used. The computing space in India is racked with challenges of low awareness, poor infra and low PC ownership. The Campaign More Internet Per Hour with Chrome was strategically devised to penetrate and reach the enormously fragmented shared computing space where 40% of the Internet population gains access. Aimed at an increased product distribution, increase trials and educate the consumers that Chrome offers superior browsing - faster, safer, simpler there by clearly showing an increased adoption of the product and a shift in consumer behavior. To find out what the I-cafe channel for youth engagement can achieve for your brand; Contact us now [email protected]
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Youth Marketing - Yahoo Renault F1 Digi-racer
When Renault India wanted to create awareness and excitement about Yahoo F1 Digi Racer. We created a seamless engagement with 50 gaming stations across top 10 cities creating ground experiences, which drove trials and registrations online. Yahoo! F1 Digi Racer Demo zones were deployed in campuses where students can play and increase their scorecard. I-cafes in the catchment area were also branded with Digi-racer and dedicated F1 game station equipped with Web cam and headphones were created for a premium consumer experience. The highest scorer won F1 tickets for India's first Grand Prix. All participants won Renault F1 Merchandise and coupons that can be redeemed at the closest café to drive high scores and increased trials. High decibel engagement with the youth while our café channel ensured that cost per engagement was super low while ensuring an exciting and relevant engagement model was in place.
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#StyleTurf with Philips: Award winning case film
Philips #StyleTurf emerged as a campaign where Philips Styling and selfie could take you to stardom. We created #StyleTurf which promoted the cultural symbolism of the valentine day celebrations with the topically relevant and hot trend of #Selfie combined with the well sprinkled spice of glamour with a youth television channel accentuating ideas of personal Style, Selfie, valentine in a youth centric approach.
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