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Das ist Annika
Die Ausbildung zur Schifffahrtskauffrau - oder zum Schifffahrtskaufmann bei der EMS-Fehn-Group. Bewerbungen unter [email protected] www.ems-fehn-group.de
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Life at Sea MV "Fehn Light"
Impressions from MV "Fehn Light" by Igor Buchlak. The vessel is part of the fleet of Fehn Ship Management. www.fehnship.de
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Bera Hafenterminal
BERA operates a tri-modal port terminal in Papenburg, which has access to inland waterways, the North Sea, the Autobahn and is close to the border with the Netherlands. The terminal has two berths, open and under-roof storage areas. Visit our website www.bera-papenburg.de
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This is EMS APO
A day at EMS Albanian Port Operator. EMS APO operates the East Terminal in the port of Durres.
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Annika has a problem - and knows where she gets help
BTSC is a reliable partner for ship crewing
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EMS-Fehn-Group ships project cargo
EMS Chartering, Leer, and EMS Log, Bremen, shipped a flue gas filter system from Germany to Ireland in December. Two 20 meters long reactors, each weighing 39 tons, were loaded into a barge in the port of Papenburg. Due to their dimensions with almost 6 meters in diameter they had to be transported via river to the port of Emden where they were loaded onto a seagoing vessel together with other items such as filters and converters. The system contains all in all 54 colli which will be shipped in two batches to Dublin.
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Global Boat Shipping
Loading of super yachts
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Rig Move
EMS Chartering, Leer, together with sister companies GALA and EMS APO, both located in Durres, organized the transport of a drilling rig in December 2014. 160 truck loads had to be transported from the drilling site in Albania to Durres. The rig was shipped to Emden, where EPAS, Ems Port Agency and Stevedoring, took care of the discharge and intermediate storage. The video shows the loading in Durres.
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Illegal occupation of EMS APO terminal
On Tuesday, Jun16, 2015, the illegal actions of Albanian authorities against EMS APO reached a new climax: While EMS APO started loading a vessel with chrome, staff members of rival stevedoring companies including their management occupied the terminal of EMS APO in order to stop the loading.    For several months now the Durres Port Authority with the assistance of the Ministry of Transport is trying to squeeze EMS APO, a member of EMS-Fehn-Group, out of the business.   EMS Albanian POrt Operator Shpk signed a contract with the Albanian state in 2013 in which the German owned company leases the East Terminal of the port of Durres. The terminal is mainly used for import and export of bulk cargo such as chrome, clinker and coal, but also for any other kind of cargo like break bulk, general cargo and project cargo (as the case may be). EMS APO already invested five million Euro into the infrastructure of the terminal.    Over the last few months the director of the Durres Port Authority ordered EMS APO several times to stop all stevedoring activities and the stuffing of chrome into containers. At the same time the Durres Port Authority initiated numerous actions against EMS APO.   „This is a blatant attempt to exterminate a company that painfully follows all Albanian laws, pays all rents and taxes on time and to the last penny“, says Manfred Müller, Managing Director of EMS APO and CEO of EMS-Fehn-Group. „There is not a single complaint by our customers and our staff is happy to work for EMS APO. In short: We did nothing wrong except of not paying bribes. We are already taking legal actions against DPA and the Ministry of Transportation. If Albanian courts do not protect binding contracts this will be a clear signal to all foreign companies that investments in Albania are not save.“
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Busy Weekend at EMS APO
A drone video about one of the busiest weekends this year for terminal operator EMS Albanian Port Operator in Durres/Albania.
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Global Boat Shipping World-Wide Yacht Transport
experts boat transport yacht transport Yachtverladung Bootstransport Yachttransport Yachtüberführung
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BERA Port Terminal Operations
Discharge and loading of "Nordeau" and "Lady Alexandra" at BERA port terminal in Papenburg / Germany.
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Loading of blades in Ferrol
Wind turbines, blades, shipping
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Crane Rostock
EMS Chartering loads crane in Rostock
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