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I keep messing up
Views: 10 Sophia Yamaguchi
Psych podcast :^)
Gonna have to add sub titles
Views: 10 Sophia Yamaguchi
Psych praject 2
Poodcast 2 with tahm and trey
Views: 15 Sophia Yamaguchi
Fuck me lol
Views: 32 Sophia Yamaguchi
Psych project part 2 - kitty genovese experiment
Psychology project for class on the Kitty Genovese experiment, reexperimented in the book 'Skinner's Box' by Lauren Slater This is a vid with Travis Tran and Thomas Do, edited by Sophia. Song instrumental: Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the Moon
Views: 46 Sophia Yamaguchi
Sophie and Sheila - Tanchocolates @RHS2K17TALENTSHOW
They were gr888 Their last video and channel: https://youtu.be/7v2LzTQ-tn4
Views: 35 Sophia Yamaguchi
psycho podcasto
i added music to this one cos im self conscious and think ill be heavily judged by classmates cos its a stupid video
Views: 10 Sophia Yamaguchi
Psychology BIO #13 Sophia & Stacia
I put a lot of effort into this video even though it did not reach 9 minutes, I still tried to make it so it would reach. Memes were put into this because it made me less bored trying to edit the video in general D:
Views: 17 Sophia Yamaguchi

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