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DONT DO A THING ! Just keep being a  victim  and wait  for Jesus to fix it !
VIDEO SEGMENT FROM THE BOOK, "TO THE VICTORS GO THE MYTHS AND MONUMENTS" a must read !! about the history of the illuminati, and the take over of all religion by the NWO. If you don't know how to be a victim, find a 501C3 IRS approved church, there will be plenty who will help victimize you :- ) for divine processing.
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80cc Superbike time trials
$30 Craigslist bike from hell qualifies for Fehonix world championship ! "do try this at home" ; )
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115 MERC  GLASTRON CARLSON  ...  Canadian CVX, the  fastest  Glastron
This is not a jet drive, a raised jack plate, or a hopped up 150 HP... This is the Canadian version of the Carlson CVX, made only in 81 & 82 .... different hull design than the Texas CVX, I own both types, this is the faster of the two, called a "C-500"
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cvx engine noise
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Description What a Minnesota sled trip with no breakdowns looks like.
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