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The Usual Swirlspect
Here you have a typical black heifer who says "she only dates blackmen" NOW! Simply because she makes videos discussing "black issues etc. But! she....finds her foolself still taking phone numbers from white boys?? Smmfh....Ahehehehe...Ayo! let this half-stepper talk to yall about it. #LEARNHOWTOBEPERSISTENTINYOURHYPOCRISY
The Feminists "Supergirl" Has Failed The Sisterhood...
...Sooooooo! The loud mouth,boasting, trashing talking, mayweather attacking, BUTCH B*atch is officially knocked off her pedestal. This cunt do NOT! deserve ANY rematch(and I hope she dont ask for one) she deserves a Remake and a Remodelling into womanhood...and have fun being a martha steward sidekick in the kitchen. Like all women, be prepared to see her blow up and rise like yeast...on a depressive eating binge that is... Oh by the way, N.O.W.(National Organization For Women) will not hold a protest or a march for her recent domestic violence incident...No no no and F*CK NO! they wont. But they did one on Mayweather here in Vegas.(punk ass femicunts) At any rate, We the true men who've taken the red pill....Treat these western whores like "Carrie" "They're All Gonna Laugh At Yoooou! Plug it up! plug it up! plug it up!"