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Mossberg 930 vs Dr. Thunder
First shots with the 18 1/2 inch home defense barrel on my new Mossberg 930 field\security combo. Doing my part to stamp out diabetes.
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North American Arms 22 Magnum Velocity and DR Thunder test...
Got ahold of some decent .22 mag ammo, so decided to do a video on the NAA mini revolver with some velocity tests and then some penetration on some DR. Thunder!
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"Sniper" Brand 6x32IR Scope Torture Test
Some testing of an inexpensive "Sniper" branded scope. This scope is very affordable and is available by E-mailing [email protected] Some interesting shock and water tests in there, left me and the others impressed by it!
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Tuff Zone Brand Flip up sight torture test, Are they any good?
Tuff Zone branded flip up iron sights? Are they any good? Time to put them to the test!
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FN FNS Vs FN FNS Longslide Comparison / Worth bothering with?
A test of velocity differences between the FNS .40 and FNS .40 Longslide along with a few other more subjective tests.... Do you think the Longslide is worth it?
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Walther PPX Quick and Dirty Snow Test
Super quick and dirty snow torture test on Walther PPX. Gun was brand new no lubricant or cleaning prior to shooting.
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Sub MOA Reactive Silhouette Target test and Review
SUB MOA's Reactive Silhouette target is put through it's paces. Full review. Check them out at WWW.SUBMOATARGET.COM
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4818 Recanvass
Information on how a re-canvass poll of membership of 4818 will be conducted. Note that in the video, I stated the canvass will "end at 260 some odd", it ends when the last member is canvassed (this includes probationary employees). Polling will end by Sept. 1. Video will come down publicly then. [email protected] is where poll should be conducted, include, name, shift, for or against and any other information you think that I need.
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SUBMOA Target Test
Review and test of SUB.MOA Target's gong kit. WWW.SUBMOATARGET.COM
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