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Satan at LEP's Red, Black and White Male Revue
Satan, aka The Maintenance Man does his thing for the ladies at LEP's Red, White and Black All-Male Revue in Cleveland Ohio. This is one hot performance you'll want to see on DVD so see what we couldn't show you on YouTube.
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Finesse at CANDY SHOP 2 by LEP
Finesse from VA aka VA's Pretty Boy shows out for the ladies of Cleveland at Butter's Candy Shop 2. Check back fro more from this "stripper-thon" that featured over 20 exciting entertainers from in and outside of Cleveland Ohio.
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Cherekee's One Year Anniversary Celebration
It's LEP's own Cherekee celebrating his one year anniversary at the second annual Naughty Night of Dominatrix and Pleasure All-Male Revue.
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Baltimores' Twin Towers at LEP's Denim and Hills All-Male Revue
Zodiac and Quiet Storm aka The Twin Towers throw down bmore style at LEP's Denim and Hills All-Male Revue in Cleveland Ohio.
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Mr. Capable at the ALL RED LIBRA BASH in Cleveland Ohio
One of the hottest male entertainers in the game pays a visit to Cleveland Ohio and Butter's 3rd Year Anniversary show, The All Red Libra Bash. Look for the DVD coming out early next month. This is one show you'll want to see if you missed it live!
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SHOWTIME! in Cleveland
Showtime from Baltimore Maryland wows the ladies of Cleveland Ohio at LEP's latest all-male revue, Lip gloss & Leggins. See what all you missed ladies if you didn't make the show on the upcoming DVD of this hot exotic male show.
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Brothers of Destruction
The latest Tag Team Duo from Cleveland Ohio. The Brothers of Destruction featuring So Phyne and PsyKlione takes time during the performance to let Notorious that theres another Tag Team to watch out for in town.
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Lazy Eye Productions presents STALLION
The one called "Stallion" fresh from the LAZY EYE PRODUCTION stables makes his exotic male dancing debut in Cleveland Ohio.
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Swagga @ Butter's Birthday Bash "Candy Apple Express"
One of Philly's finest came to grace the stage at Butter's 5 Year Anniversary Show at the Baby Grand. A true entertainer at the top of his game, Swagga gives the ladies of Cleveland a performance to remember.
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Lazy Eye ROOKIES at the All Red Libra Bash
Check out the ROOKIES from Lazy Eye Productions at the All-Red Libra Bash. This show was celebrating "Butter's" 3rd Year Anniversary. Look for the DVD next month. This is one show if have to see if you missed it live!
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Ride or Die at LEP's Denim and Hills All-Male Revue
Shy and Seven aka RIDE or DIE show out at LEP's Denim and Hills All-Male Revue in Cleveland Ohio. This was just one of the tag teams that battled for the ladies. Check back for more videos from this show.
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Rude Boy from VA Rocks Cleveland!
All the way from Virginia, one of the hotttest up and coming male entertainers in the game today. Rude Boy shows the ladies of Cleveland that "big things come in small packages". Look for the complete uncut performance in the soon-to-be relaeased DVD from Lazy Eye Productions. For booking contact: www.facebook.com/rudeboyvadancer (for bookings and ladies only please)
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Brothers of Destruction at the LEP Naughty Night Show
So Phyne and Psyklone aka Brothers of Destruction shut down the house with their performance at the Kinsman Party Center in Cleveland Ohio.
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Twin City featuring SinSation & Cherekee along with Special Guest Sexxx Game
Cleveland's favorite tag team split up at Dominatrix but you get to see highlights of both sets here along with LEP's special guest dancer for December, Sexxx Game from Chicago Illinois.
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Wildchild of Baltimore at LEP's Valentine Meltdown
The King of Footwork entertains the ladies of Cleveland Ohio at LEP's Valentine Meltdown.
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LEP Rookies LIVE! @ The Valentine Day Meltdown
LEP opens 2012 with another blockbuster showcase featuring some of the best dancers on the east coast along with Cleveland's finest. The LEP rookies open the show with new-comer "Home Wrecker" making his debut along with Cherekee, Rodeo, Xtacy and Stallion. Check out this re-cap of ALL of the rookies sets. Don't forget, DVD of this show will be released in March in time for the next LEP show in Cleveland on March 19, 2012.
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LEP Entertainers RE-CAP @ Candy Apple Express
Ladies it's your Lazy Eye Production dancers in a special re-cap of the Candy Apple show from November 2013. As usual look for the entire show on DVD coming soon.
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LEP Rookies LIVE! at Belinda's in Cleveland Ohio
Clips from the Rookies of Lazy Eye Productions recorded LIVE for DVD on March 17, 2013 at Belinda's Night Club in Cleveland Ohio.
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Cherekee at LEP's Red, Black and White Male Revue
LEP's own Cherekee "shows out" at the Red, Black and White All-Male Revue at the Kinsman Party Center (Cleve OH). Ladies you like Cherekee you don't wanna miss his un-cut performance on LEP's upcoming DVD of this show. You can get the DVD at any LEP show.
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Butter @ KlimaxXx's Annual Birthday Bash
Mr. Butter the CEO of LEP in Cleveland Ohio entertains the ladies of Akron Ohio at KilmaxXx's 4th Annual Birthday Bash.
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LEP Rookies Featuring Stallion, The Birthday Boy
The Rookies of LEP close out 2011 with one of the hottest shows this year in the city of Cleveland. Naughty Night of Dominatrix features the debut of Cherokee and the birthday of LEP's Stallion. Look out for the DVD coming in early 2012!
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KlimaxXx at LEP's Valentine Day Meltdown
The Birthday Boys' celebration at LEP's Valentine Day Meltdown at the Kinsman Party Center in Cleveland Ohio. You'll see from this video it goes down at all LEP shows. DVD Coming soon from LEP.
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Red Black and White Affair Exotic Revue by LEP
Its the official anniversary show for the ceo of Lazy Eye Productions, Mr. Butter. This exotic dancer revue features dance game icon know as Satan or also the Maintenance Man of New Jersey, Also on the lineup is the dance team group from bmore known as Ride or Die. Throw in all of Clevelands hottest dancers incl. the ceo of LEP, Mr. Butter you got another smokin' LEP exotic show. Get your tickets today!
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Ace Rocks Out at LEP's Denim & Hills All-Male Revue
Ace from New Jersey does his thing at LEP's Denim and Hills All-Male Revue in Cleveland Ohio at the Baby Grand Complex. He literally heats up the stage in his act. There is only so much we can show on YouTube so get the soon-to-be released DVD from Lazy Eye Production.
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Wet Dream from Chicago at The Candy Shop 2
The newly crowned King Dom of Chicago gives a hot performance at The Candy Shop Exotic Revue in Cleveland Ohio.
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SinSation @ Belinda's in Cleveland Ohio
SinSation of Cleveland Ohio is LEP's latest Rookie Dancer. Check him out first on the video and them every 3rd Sunday at Belinda's Night Club in Cleveland.
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Red Black & White Affair All-Male Revue by LEP (Show Re-Cap)
Ladies enjoy a snippet of all the sexy male performers at LEP's last male revue. Don't forget to get your copy of the DVD by LEP to see what we couldn't show you on YouTube and also check us out at our next show on Dec. 9, 2012.
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Stallion Celebrates his One Year Anniversary at THE CANDY SHOP 2
LEP's own Stallion shows out for the ladies in his one year anniversary performance at the Kinsman Party Center in Cleveland Ohio. Much you can't see will be on the soon-to-be released DVD by Lazy Eye Productions.
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Cherokee debuts for LEP
Another LEP dancer debuted at the Naughty Nite Show known as Cherokee. Check out the brief clip and look out for the longer version with the rest of the LEP Rookies. Also more from the other dancers in the show including the LEP CEO, Butter.
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Denim & Hills Tag Team Showcase
LEP's second show of 2012 and their first Tag Team Showcase promises to be one of the hottest shows to hit Cleveland.
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LEPS' Naughty Night of Dominatrix & Pleasure
Ladies get your tickets today to the last show of the year for Lazy Eye Productions. The entertainers promise to send out 2011 with a bang in this All-Star Showcase of Cleveland's Finest.
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The Candy Shop - 2012 - Exotic Revue
It's back for 2012..LEP's Candy Shop celebrating Stallion's One Year Anniversary and Rodeo's Birthday. This "stripper-thon" features over 20 dancers including the debut of LEP's first female dom dancer, Seduction.
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Lipgloss & Leggins All-Male Revue PROMO
Ladies this is one show you don't want to miss. Don't forget to call for your tickets today after viewing the latest promo video from Lazy Eye Productions.
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Butter at The Naughty Night of Dominatrix and Pleasure
The CEO or Lazy Eye Productions, the one called BUTTER entertains the ladies of Cleveland at the last male revue of 2011. They saved the best for last, so ladies be sure to get the DVD of one of the hottest male revue shows in the city of Cleveland.
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Stallion Celebrates a Birthday @ Dominatrix & Pleasure All-Male Revue
LEP's "Rookie of The Year" celebrates his birthday at "Dominatrix & Pleasure" All-Male Revue in Cleveland Ohio. Look out for the DVD coming January 2013 at the next LEP Event!
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Jamaican Purrsuation at Dominatrix & Pleasure 2
It's LEP's latest rookie known as the Jamaican Purrsuation opening the Dominatrix and Pleasure Pt. 2. Ladies this show is available on a special "2" disc set so be sure to contact LEP for your copy today.
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Butter at LEP's Valentine Day Meltdown
The CEO of Lazy Eye Productions take the floor last to entertain the ladies at the Valentine Day Meltdown. This is one show all the ladies are still talking about. Get the upcoming DVD to see for yourself just exactly went on. wink wink.
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Mr. Butter at VA Invades Ohio
It's the CEO of Lazy Eye Preoductions, the one we call Mr. Butter from Cleveland Ohio.
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LEP - Lost In Paradise
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Coming in November from LEP!
Ladies be sure to get your tickets to November's 3rd Sunday show in Cleveland. Tickets now on sale!
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Extacy of LEP at THE CANDY SHOP 2
LEP's own Extacy from Cleveland Ohio at Butter's CANDY SHOP 2 featuring over 20 exotic dancers all on one show.
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