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Navy I'm on a boat
The original version of this was taken down, but this is much too good to let die... After all, "I'm on a boat mutha-fucka!" Brought to you by http://www.ArmySailor.com
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Horse in a Hospital
Donald Trump is very much like a horse in a hospital.
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Window Washer that Makes Women Smile
Watch these women's reactions as they discover this very masculine window washer has a pussy in his pants.
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Speeding Idiot Destroys his own Case in Court...
Brought to you by http://www.quixoticjourney.com Vernon Raymond Ward is also a registered sex offender! http://nordalai.com/a/vrward Not only does this guy present the worst defense I have ever seen in court, he then makes a complete ass of himself and drops his bike on T.V. outside the court while trying to show off. Stupidity should be painful.
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50 People 1 Question
An interesting and beautiful expose of the answers 50 average people in Brooklyn, NY give to the same abstract question, "if you could wake up anywhere, where would you be?"
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A Typical Conversation With My Mom
This is a pretty typical conversation with my mother, I would wager that conversations with your mother are very much the same.
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Chopper Gives in-flight safety brief
Watch as Chopper gives the "in-flight safety brief".
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National Anthem Disater
A police officer absolutely murders the National Anthem while attempting to sing at an official ceremony.
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Stealing WiFi
This poor, dumb woman was stealing her neighbors WiFi, and now she wants to know how she can get it back.
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Cucumber Sandwich
Beware of the cucumber! Isn't it about time you buy a vibrator?
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Farmers Daughter
Fucking hilarious song! Get your mind out of the gutter.
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Fun with Science | Make a Hollow Penny
This video shows you how you can very easily hollow out a penny using nothing more than a jar with a little bit of hydrochloric acid. A fun and educational experiment that you can easily duplicate at home.
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Photographer vs. Predator
National Geographic Photographer gets up close and personal with a deadly predator. Much to the photographers surprise, the predator treats him like he were one of her own cubs! Lots of amazing photography.
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Launching Mortars
The only thing cooler than launching mortars, is seeing it in slow motion. This is bad ass.
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Itchy Nuts DUI
This guy was pulled over in Florida for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Evidently, he has the most itchy set of testicles on Earth, since he clearly has no concern for the fact that he is being arrested, but keeps insisting that he be allowed to scratch his nuts. The police can barely contain themselves.
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Harley for the Blind
I suppose if you won the lottery, and were blind, this might be one way to make a dream come true.
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Topless Carwash Prank
These guys definitely get a topless carwash, from some chesty individuals...
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Internet Porn | The Facts
Some interesting statistical facts about internet pornography from the producers of "Good" magazine... Some of these statistics may be somewhat out of date, but they remain interesting nonetheless. http://www.quixoticjourney.com
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How Men Handle a Flat Tire
As a follow-up to the video, how women handle a flat, I had to post this equally funny commercial for run-flat tires.
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Stupid People Doing Stupid Things 2016
A lot of stupid people have been doing a lot of hilariously stupid things! It's a funny world. Like & Share!
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Sexual Education
You've got to love public access T.V.! Where else will you find a call-in show to teach you how to give head?
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My mother is nuts...
In this video my mother not only describes herself as bat-shit crazy, but she also expresses her concerns about the fact that my attempt to keep squirrels away from her bird-feeder with Pepper spray are not working... This time she knows I am putting it on Youtube...
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MK45 5" .54 Caliber Light Weight Gun Mount Shooting
USS Hué City firing a "Pre-Action Calibration" Fire (PACFire). Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. A rare opportunity to see the ship's forward gun-mount fire from the forecastle. The video was recorded on a BlackBerry Storm, the incredible sound of the guns seemed to overwhelm the little microphone, so you hear next to nothing when the weapon fires. The ship was moving at about 25 knots at the time. Her aft gun fires first.
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Hot Date...
The guy ends his date with a gorgeous woman, but gets nothing more than a kiss. Perhaps it's for the best...
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Someone Shut that Bitch Up!
I think we all have a co-worker, or know someone like this. Who among us has not wanted to do the same thing before?
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Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist
What other explanation could there be?
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How Women Handle a Flat Tire
A pretty classic Example of how women handle road-side vehicle problems...
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U.S. Pole Dancing Championship 2009
From the U.S. Pole Dance Association: U.S. Pole Dance Championship 2009! Watch as these sexy ladies demonstrate their skills on a stripper pole. Some of these girls have some very impressive moves. These women really are sleek, strong and sexy.
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Don't Peek
This guy can't help but take a peek when a young woman bends over, his co-worker has the perfect response.
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Feisty Ferret
Ferrets are also known as pole-cats, and this is one feisty ferret!
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Safari Park
These folks get the genuine safari experience on their trip. Nothing quite like two monkeys making sweet love to each other on the hood of your car!
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Scaring old ladies is fun...
Scaring old ladies is fun and easy for the whole family!
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5 A Catholic Girls Worst Nightmare
A young girl has a amusing reaction when she realizes the man on the beach who she lusts after is a Catholic Priest!
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U S  Navy Heritage Mini Series
Part of a Naval Heritage Training series produced by the U.S. Navy in 2004.
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Energy Drinks Do Work!
A pretty funny commercial...
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Importance of being bilingual
There are a lot of benefits to being able to speak multiple languages.
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Men's version of Romance
Women say men screw up romance... I prefer to say that we just have a different perception of it.
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French Missile
The new French Missile has a remarkable accuracy and range...
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Ahhh, the joys of working in a cubicle farm...
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Big Bull Swinging
This bull really cannot enjoy walking.
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Bored in the office
This is what some people do when they get bored in their office. Heaven forbid they answer that phone! How exactly does one discover or develop the ability to catch objects with ones ass?
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Seattle Police Officer Punches Young Girl
Watch as this Seattle Police Officer punches a teenage girl in the face with a closed fist. Her crime? Jay Walking! That's not right! Read more at http://www.quixoticjourney.com Download a copy of the video at the following link: http://bit.ly/aFgTuE
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My mom sleeping...
I suppose old timers need lots of rest... Her snoring sounds kind of like a cat's purr, only very loud.
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Fiat 500 vs  Porche 911 Turbo
You won't believe the results!!!
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I Feel Fantastic
Creepy robot feels fantastic
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Nora's Christmas Surprise
I made this video for my girlfriend, Nora and put it on a DVD for her as a stocking stuffer for Christmas 2009. She likes to make scrapbooks and other hand-made projects for me, so I thought this would be a nice way to reciprocate, a nerdly digital scrapbook if you will...
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Boxing Fan
Kitty clearly enjoys boxing...
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Talent show striptease
This is certainly one of the more interesting striptease dances I have ever seen. Performed by a British Trans-gender stripper on Britain's Got Talent.
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