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Quote of the year from The Bachelor - My heart is gold,..
but my vagine is platinum. Not slutty at all,..nooe
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Paul's Boutique pizza at Speedy Romeo
Katz pastrami pizza
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Atari Flashback 7 classic Game console with 101 games
Only $59 with 2 bonus paddles, 101 classic games including Pong
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The common denominator for all great Champions
It's really so simple it's overlooked, forgotten. Never focus, worry, get caught with win-lose, or its consequences. It took me about 12 yrs to figure that out. If u get caught up in the hype, pressure, the big moment of it all, it will cripple you mentally & physically. The match is over before the fat lady sings, any attempts now will be moot pointless as the inevitable end with a loss & you're miserable not so much from losing but that u feel like such a lame putz.
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Grilled veal parmigiana & buffalo Mozzarella with Neo
They had me at buffalo
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Eggs sunny side up no yucky mucous - Vietnamese method
Most of the famous celebs chefs like G Ramsey would deem this an F grade because all the mucous placenta has been cooked off. 🤔 Get the cast iron super hot like searing a steak. I have no idea why they or anyone would leave it uncooked, it's the same with scramble eggs check out Ramsey rendition of perfect scramble eggs it's gross, runny & raw eeek! 🤢 Note: pascal there's a diff between a universal theme vs a preference. Just because I don't condone it doesn't mean I want to force ppl to do or like everything I do. Although I can see why some would think I'm being self-righteous so thought I should clear that up
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The elusive Mission burrito San Francisco
I would gladly swap out CA burritos for mission style burritos in So Ca How can anyone not like rice n beans with their choice of meat? With rice n beans you'll be getting all 4 food groups
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5 minute tomato macaroni with pressure cooker
Blue jean chef recipe
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The origin of fajitas
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Fancy Smancy Fried rice deluxe for special occasions
Portobellos, green beans, bell peppers, extra green onions and egg scrambled in hot pan 1st. U can fry the egg 1st like a thin omelette to be added after the rice is done but for me is waste of time. Start with the base by sautéing bell peps & green onions to bring out smokiness & sweetness. Btw no such thing as too much green onions. Oh the egg is dark yellow cuz a little drizzles of fish sauce. They r like back up singers in a group. I have a old tried & true fried rice recipe passed on from generations my mom & her mom with only 3 ingredients I'll do a video of that soon,..
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Kidnapping in Mexico
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Proper method for reheating thanksgiving leftover
1st foremost, use oven or toaster oven no microwave unless u don't care. Microwave heats very poorly some spots will burn your tongue while some parts lukewarm not good. The food can taste just as good several days later with oven reheat absolutely 100%. 2nd use baking pan that can go in the oven. I prefer anything like ceramic plate or pasta baking dish. Then lay down the foundation 1st with gravy so the food doesn't dry out. Doesn't have to exact but always better to err on too much as it will evaporate pretty quickly & will shrink a lot with a convection oven. Plus seriously, there's really no such thing as too much gravy esp when it's done from scratch turkey stock with the neck bones, gizzards the way my mom made it u can literally drink guzzle it up that's how good it was I'm not exaggerating. We always have relatives, friends waiting in line hoping & wishing to be present at my moms turkey thx giving or Xmas prime rib dinner because they know it's a feat among feasts with more side dishes than Martha Stewart & W Puck combined. And she did it all by herself, always worried guests are happy & feel at home. She made sure everyone had their plate & eating 1st before she could sit down to rest incredibly wanting to please.
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Pork chops cream of mushroom + peas, carrots, mushrooms Part 1
One of thee most comforting dish anyone can make in under 30 min. Awesome things doesn't always have to be complicated or extravagant i.e. right here if u can fry an egg or make instant u can do this. 1. brown pork chops few min each side to get brown crust 2. empty can cream of mushrooms with some chicken broth to cover them to your liking. 3. Last throw in a bag or 2 peas & carrots they're just as good as the pork chops. And anything else u like, for me big pile mushrooms. U can double up the recipe with 4 pork chops to eat for the rest of the week,.believe u me a very satisfying meal
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Miracle Mile bands
Leslie Sansone
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The truth with Samsung quality control
There's none,..I've warned ppl for the past 10 yrs Samsung are great with coming out with the latest & greatest cool tech but their quality suffers because of not working out bugs & issues. Samsung = Samsuck
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Instant Ramen spruced up goosed up
If y'all never topped off hot bowl noodles with lettuce try it out it's pretty good. Just make sure u don't submerge it while it's cooking & use the hearty ones like romaine Cesar salad or butter lettuce u be surprised 😋
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