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Paraphrasing:  The Basic Steps
It is a necessary academic skill to paraphrase ideas when writing and reading. This video gives two examples of how to paraphrase.
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How to Approach Matching Headings
This video will show you how to approach matching headings questions. Vocabulary plays a major role in answering all IELTS exam, especially matching headings.
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Such as vs For example
This video will help you avoid making a mistake with these two important structures.
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IELTS  Reading Strategy
This video demonstrates how to use skimming and scanning to your advantage on the exam. One important focus of the video is to demonstrate how we can match key words in the question with key words in the text. A significant number of questions on the exam require the candidate to search for answers by going to a paragraph where the answer is most likely to be. This is generally followed by the close, careful reading of an area between 1-5 sentences. This video is designed to support the instruction given in class with Mr. Guy. I hope it helps.
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Using Top-down Reading Strategies in Your Lesson
This video will focus on using top-down reading strategies in your lesson. When planning your lesson, make sure that you are helping and guiding your students through the process by using the top-down strategies.
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Argumentative Essay Example
One important feature of this type of essay is that it addresses opposing arguments in one of the paragraphs.
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Good Body Paragraphs
This video will show you how to write a basic paragraphs with topic sentence, points, and development.
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Handy Tool for Paraphrasing
This tool can be very helpful for your practice of paraphrasing.
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The While-Reading Stage
The while-reading stage should focus only on the building of comprehension.
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Teaching Practice and the Reading Lesson: A Focus on the Three Stages
This video discusses the three stages of a reading lesson. These stages are critical for your success on teaching practice.
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Make a stronger paragraph with content words
This video will demonstrate the importance of content words in effective writing. Writers need to check their paragraphs to ensure enough content words are used to communicate the essential meaning of the text.
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The Basics of a Balanced Essay
The purpose for a balanced essay is to look at both sides of an issue to make a decision for yourself.
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Handy tool to summarize challenging texts
This summarizing tool can help EFL students make challenging texts more comprehensible.
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Subordinating conjuctions and complex sentences
This video will help you understand complex sentences and the basic subordinating conjunctions used to create them.
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Overview of Passive Voice
This video will give an overview of passive voice. It is the first video in a series.
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IELTS Reading:  Getting the overview
Getting the overview of a text is a very important part of being successful during the IELTS reading exam. The idea is to get the overview of the text so when you see a question you can go right to the paragraph and start searching for key words that match the question. Once you have located the general area (paragraph) where the answer can be found, read carefully for the answer.
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Hypothetical Conditional VS. Counterfactual Conditional
Understanding the difference between these two can be challenging. This video will contrast the meaning and grammar of these complex structures.
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Reading Lesson: Getting Our Students to Make Predictions
This video discusses the importance of using prediction as a way to engage readers.
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Comma Splices & How to Fix Them
Comma splices are very common in developing writers. It is very important to know how to fix them, and this video will show you how to fix them in three specific ways.
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Handy tool to develop your vocabulary and support reading comprehension
This website is an excellent way to develop your academic vocabulary and support your reading comprehension. I highly recommend it if you want to develop your overall reading skills.
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Complex Sentences & Fragments
This video will help you avoid making sentence fragments when using complex sentences.
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The Essay Overview
This video give an overview of the essay assignment and the different parts of the assignment.
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Appositives and  Sentence Variety
Appositives are excellent ways to give your writing sentence variety. This video will review basic ways to combine ideas and then show how to use appositives.
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Effect Essay.
This is an example of an effect essay.
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Question Forms High Frequency Mistakes
WH questions are VERY common while teaching. It is important to focus your energy on using the correct question forms. This video I hope helps.
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Passive Voice Final Thoughts
This is the last video in the series and reviews that main uses of passive voice. [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
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The Basics of Parallelism
This video will give you a basic understanding of parallelism. The examples given are what are based on common mistakes from developing writers.
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Compound Sentences
This video will help you understand compound sentences.
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Direct Essay
A direct essay takes a position in the beginning of the essay and then supports it in the two body paragraphs.
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Comparison Contrast Language
This video will show you a variety of ways to show contrast when writing an essay.
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Uploading a Flash File to a Google Website
This video will demonstrate how to upload a flash file on a Google website.
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Modal plus infinitive
This video will explain the important Modal + Infinitive Rule
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Google Drawing Tool and Collaboration for Busy Teachers
This screencast will show the basics of Google's Drawing tool and its online collaboration feature. This is a great tool for busy teachers.
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Arabic Speakers and the Extra 'it"
This video gives a quick view of the extra 'it' when speaking and writing. The 'it' is redundant when used in the sentence that already has a stated subject.
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Passive voice to emphasize the reciever of an action
This video will help you understand why passive voice is used.
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Pre-literacy skills
Step one: pick up book and look inside.
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Subject Verb Agreement
This video will focus on the high-frequency mistakes made by ESL writers.
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Early Literacy
Start as young as possible. Picking up a book and looking is a great start.
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