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Pursuit Crash Almost Takes Out LOUDLABS Cameraman / Koreatown
loudlabs.com 2.28.18 KOREATOWN - A pursuit started in Beverly Hills and quickly came to a stop when the suspect crashed his SUV into a stopped vehicle at 95mph, all caught on camera. Our cameraman Victor got the shot!!
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DUI Driver Asleep Behind Wheel / Winnetka   RAW FOOTAGE
1-6-18 WINNETKA - At approximately 0315, LAPD responded to reports of a man passed out behind the wheel of a black Mercedes at the intersection of Sherman Way & Tampa. The driver and passenger can be seen sleeping in the vehicle, while it was in drive. Cameraman ensured the vehicle was not able to drive into the intersection by placing their vehicle in front of the Mercedes. A heavy odor of alcohol could be smelled from the vehicle when the suspect opened the door. LAPD officers arrested the driver on suspicion of DUI. LAPD West Valley is handling the incident.
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Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood   RAW FOOTAGE
Written by City News Service - Journalist Michael Hastings, whose blunt Rolling Stone profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal led to the resignation of the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, died today in a car crash in Los Angeles, according to the magazine and a website for which he worked. Officials with the Los Angeles County coroner's office could not immediately confirm if the 33-year-old Hastings was the person who died around 4:25 a.m. when a car smashed into a tree and caught fire on Highland Avenue near Melrose Avenue in the Hancock Park area. The circumstances of the crash were under investigation, but a cameraman at the scene said the vehicle, a Mercedes, was being driven at a high rate of speed when the crash occurred. The car's engine ended up 200 feet away from the collision site, he said. Lt. Fred Corral of the coroner's office said the body was burned beyond recognition, and the identity of the victim would not be known until at least Wednesday. The Hancock Park crash was the only fatal car wreck in the city today, according to police. However, Ben Smith, editor in chief of BuzzFeed.com, issued a statement announcing Hastings' death in a car accident in Los Angeles, saying the journalist's BuzzFeed colleagues were ``shocked and devastated by the news that Michael Hastings in gone.'' ``Michael was a great, fearless journalist with an incredible instinct for the story, and a gift for finding ways to make his readers care about anything he covered from wars to politicians,'' Smith said. ``He wrote stories that would otherwise have gone unwritten, and without him there are great stories that will go untold. Michael was also a wonderful, generous colleague and a joy to work with. Our thoughts are with Elise (his wife) and the rest of his family and we are going to miss him.'' Hastings was perhaps most famous for his candid 2010 Rolling Stone interview with McChrystal, who was then commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and was critical of the White House's oversight of the military. His comments resulted in the general being summoned to Washington, D.C., and his eventual resignation. Hastings was still a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. ``Great reporters exude a certain kind of electricity, the sense that there are stories burning inside them, and that there's no higher calling or greater way to live life than to be always relentlessly trying to find and tell those stories,'' Rolling Stone managing editor Will Dana said in a story about Hastings' death posted on the magazine's website. ``I'm sad that he won't be stopping by my office for any more short visits which would stretch for two or three completely engrossing hours,'' Dana said. ``He will be missed.'' Hastings wrote two books about war, including ``The Operators'' about Afghanistan, and ``I Lost My Love in Baghdad,'' about Iraq. LOUDLABS NEWS
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AMAZING VIDEO from Tornado / Dog Found By Owner During Interview  CBS / CNN BEST VIDEO
At 56 seconds...you can not help but cry and smile for that woman. As a television news cameraman and animal lover, I could not help but share this little piece of happiness that came out of the terrible disaster in Oklahoma I never post other News Organizations footage....but this needs to be shared and viewed Video Footage Courtesy of CBS / CNN
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DUI Ejection / Boyle Heights   5.4.18
loudlabs.com BOYLE HEIGHTS - A man with alcohol boxes and bottles was ejected when he crashed his large SUV into a light pole and fence. The man was transported in critical condition to a local hospital. Beer boxes can be seen and a heavy smell of alcohol is at the crash scene.
Fatal Physical Rescue / North Hollywood   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com NORTH HOLLYWOOD - At 1614 an LAFD Ambulance was transporting a patient from an unrelated call when they came across a vehicle that crashed through a brick wall and was on it's side with 2 occupants trapped inside the vehicle. A physical rescue assignment was initiated. LAFD extricated the patients and transported them to local hospitals. A total of 3 patients were transported. One patient was transported in grave condition, one in moderate condition, and one in unknown. LAPD Valley Traffic is handling this as a possible fatality crash.
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#3 Meet a Stringer - The LOUDLABS Show  Episode #3 - 1.20.17
- Meet a Stringer - The LOUDLABS Show Episode #3 Full Episode available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seaJ32R5q6A loudlabs.com
Pursuit Crash "Caught on Tape"  / Downtown LA -Costa Mesa   RAW FOOTAGE
COSTA MESA - Two suspects in a stolen van led LAPD on a pursuit from Downtown Los Angeles to Costa Mesa before crashing at the intersection of Harbor Blvd & Sunflower St. The van was crashed into by a vehicle that ran a red light causing the pursuit to end abruptly. All parties were treated at the scene. The two suspects were booked and jailed at Twin Towers. LOUDLABS NEWS
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Steve-O Post Jail Interview after Crane Stunt / Hollywood
www.loudlabs.com HOLLYWOOD - Actor/stuntman ``Steve-O,'' best known for the ``Jackass'' television and movie franchise, bailed out of jail today, and was unapologetic about his attention-grabbing climb up a construction crane in Hollywood as part of a protest of SeaWorld. Stephen Gilchrist Glover, 41, was arrested Sunday night after he entered a secured construction site, climbed a crane, set off a firework and dropped an inflatable Shamu toy before climbing down, police said. Glover live-streamed the entire stunt online. Crews responded around 8 p.m. Sunday to the site at 6094 W. Selma Ave. on a report of a possible jumper. That jumper, however, turned out to be Glover, who alerted his Twitter followers and Facebook fans the previous day about his plans to carry out a public stunt in opposition to SeaWorld's treatment of killer whales and other sea life. Police blasted the stunt, calling it a massive waste of officers' and firefighters' time. Responding fire crews deployed air cushions beneath the crane, unsure if the man planned to jump. As he walked out of jail in Hollywood this morning, Glover stood by his actions. ``For God's sake, get a pair of binoculars,'' he said. ``I used binoculars to make sure that the hatch was open. ... (With binoculars), you'd be able to recognize, `Hey, that's Steve-O filming himself with an inflatable killer whale after he had posted that he was gonna do that to millions and millions.'' Glover made headlines last year when he defaced a freeway exit sign in San Diego to make it read ``SeaWorld Sucks.'' That same message was written on the inflatable killer whale he dropped from the crane Sunday night. ``It goes without saying I did it to put my foot down for Shamu,'' Glover said of his latest stunt. He was booked on suspicion of trespassing and freed on $5,000 bail. He was given a tentative court date of Aug. 31. -CNS
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San Bernardino Mutilated Body Found / San Bernardino  11.10.18
loudlabs.com SAN BERNARDINO - On Saturday October 10th, sometime in the late afternoon, early evening, a body was discovered by a person walking on foot, in the 7500 block Central Ave in the city of Highland. The body appears to be mutilated, and wrapped in a garment. San Bernardino Police Department is on scene conducting the investigation
Michael Hastings "CAUGHT ON CAMERA" Running Red-Light Seconds Before Crash
After reviewing yesterday's feeds and reading all the comments about the Michael Hastings crash we thought it would be a good idea for our photographer to get all his raw footage together including the dash-cam footage and put it aside. He mentioned to us in our meeting that he was close to the story because he was working a lead on the Justin Bieber crash on Sunset Blvd. The lead turned out to be nothing and he then drove to the intersection of Santa Monica & Vista to do some computer work before heading in for the night. When leaving that intersection he said that he noticed he'd made a mistake on what he was working on. (K-9 Deployed YouTube Feed) He then pulled into the gas station at Highland & Santa Monica Blvd to fix the problem. All of our work vehicles are equipped with dash-cams. Out of pure luck......his dash-cam caught a Mercedes Benz at a high rate of speed run the red light travelling south on Highland. Melrose is just a few blocks away and impact took place just seconds after. He said he did not see the car run the red light. When leaving the parking lot he headed east on Santa Monica Blvd. 30 seconds after leaving the gas station parking lot, the "call" hits the radios. It was a total of 4 minutes from the time the car was caught on dash-cam to when he saw the flames and shortly after arrived on scene and asks about the driver to the homeowner with the water hose.
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Union Pacific Train Fire / Victorville  RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com A Union Pacific locomotive caught fire as it traveled through the high desert Saturday night April 29, 2017. San Bernardino County fire began getting reports of a train fire as the train passed Northbound through Hesperia. A San Bernardino County Sheriff's helicopter assisted in the search for the train which was finally located as the train passed through the Mojave Narrows area of Apple Valley and Victorville. The train finally came to a stop along D Street in Victorville where the fire was visible. The extent of the damage to the locomotive is unknown. It is not known whether the fire disrupted any train traffic. No further details were immediately available.
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Roscoe Fatal / Winnetka   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com WINNETKA - A three vehicle crash caused at leat 1 death and five others to be treated. A Dodge with three people crashed into two others cars causing the death of a driver. The three victims in the Charger had to be extricated by LAFD personnel using the Jaws of Life. One of the victims in the Dodge appeared to be lifeless and is the possible second fatality from the crash. LAPD has both directions of Roscoe shut down from Cozycroft to Irondale for a unknown duration. Video shows two victims being transported.
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Caught on Camera 710 Fwy Crash / Compton
loudlabs.com COMPTON - Successive crashes involving up to six vehicles trapped and critically injured one person and left two others with minor injuries. A stalled vehicle in the #1 lane with no lights on was the catalyst of the string of three crashes that also involved two taxis. Compton firefighters with assistance from Long Beach fire crews extracted the trapped driver after about 20 minutes. All three victims were transported to local hospitals. CHP is investigating. **One of the collisions caught on video**
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Early Morning Apartment Fire  / South LA  RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com SOUTH LA - An early morning apartment fire prompted evacuation from neighboring units. Per neighbors they said they did not see the people that live in the fire unit. Unknown if they were home at the time of fire. In the video you can see the front door was locked which would indicate nobody came out of the unit once the fire started. LAFD is at the scene mopping up and searching units.
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Fatal Bicycle Hit&Run PART 2 / Van Nuys    11.1.18
loudlabs.com VAN NUYS - LAFD responded to reports of an auto vs pedestrian crash. Arriving units found a bicyclist who had been struck and killed. PER LAFD Radio traffic, Firefighters were unable to locate a vehicle, however found a male down the street from the incident who stated he had been in an accident and ran because he was scared. Firefighters stayed with the male until LAPD units arrived on scene. There is currently no vehicle at the scene. An LAPD air unit has been requested to assist in locating the suspect vehicle. It is not confirmed if the male who is being question was the driver in this fatal crash. Stagg is closed off between Haskell & Gloria. LAPD Valley Traffic is handling the incident.
DUI Crash Into Parked Trailer / South LA RAW FOOTAGE
Written by City News Service - Two people suffered severe injuries this morning when their SUV collided with a big rig and wound up underneath the rig's trailer, police and witnesses said. The accident occurred at 4:50 a.m. at 47th and Main streets, said Sgt. Gina Holmstrom of the Los Angeles Police Department Newton Station. The two people in the SUV were extricated by Los Angeles firefighters and their injuries were severe, she said. A video photographer at the scene said the fire department used a heavy tow truck to pull the SUV out from under the big rig and free the female passenger. The driver had already been freed and transported to a hospital, the photographer said. LOUDLABS NEWS
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Baby Left at Crash Scene / Panorama City   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com PANORAMA CITY - A baby was transported to the hospital after officers rescued it from a vehicle. The accident occurred around 1:30 AM at the corner of Nordhoff and Van Nuys. An officer from LAPD's Mission Division ruled it a hit and run. But he did not add any more details. Officers can be seen nurturing the crying baby. The accident sent water spilling into the air for more than 10 minutes before firefighters were finally able to shut it off.
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Wrong Way Double Fatal DUI Crash / Riverside 8.10.18
loudlabs.com RIVERSIDE - RIVERSIDE: On Friday August 10th, around 1:47 am, CHP responded to reports of a collision involving a wrong way driver on the 91 Eastbound. Two fatalities have been reported, with two additional persons transported in unknown conditions. The suspected wrong way driver was transported via ambulance. The accident is under investigation. The alleged suspect is transported via ambulance at the end of my footage.
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Street Race Crash Splits Car Ejects Driver Trapping Passengers / Commerce   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com Written by City News Service - Three men were hospitalized with serious injuries today after a high-speed crash resulting from an illegal street race in Commerce, authorities said. UPDATE: A young man died today of injuries he suffered in a high-speed crash during an illegal street race in Commerce, and two other men involved in the accident were hospitalized with serious injuries, authorities said. The driver (Isaac) was ejected from an Acura Integra when it struck a palm tree in the 5500 block of East Washington Boulevard around 10:40 p.m. Thursday, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. ``It was a street racing incident,'' said sheriff's Lt. Paul Hardy. Isaac Garcia, 19, of Maywood died about 12:20 a.m. at a hospital, said coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter. Witnesses told a videographer at the scene they believe the vehicles were racing at 90 miles per hour when the accident occurred. The second vehicle in the race left the scene, they said. Hardy said the damage to the crashed vehicle was extensive. ``It's pretty catastrophic,'' Hardy said.
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Caught on Camera Crash / Whittier   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com WHITTIER - A woman was sent to the hospital after a chain reaction crash involving 3 vehicle and 2 separate crashes. A white Honda was stalled when the red Kia hit it from behind. A few moments later CAUGHT on CAMERA a silver Mercedes crashed into the back of the red Kia. Multiple near misses occurred on camera along with pedestrians almost being struck. LACOFD transported the female driver from the red KIA
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Homicide Investigation **Graphic** / South LA  RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com SOUTH LA - LAPD homicide detectives are investigating the shooting death on an unknown age male at the intersection of Avalon @ 49th St (South LA). Victim was pronounced dead at the scene by LAFD paramedics. No suspect info or motive was available.
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Loudlabs News: Inland Empires Firefighter, Police & EMT Tribute Video
Thank you to all the brave Firefighters, Police Officers and EMT's in and around the California, Inland Empire Area. Donations to our fallen heroes: Officers Jose Vega and Lesley Zerebny palmspringspoa.com Firefighter Sara Thomas https://www.gofundme.com/sarathomas Edited by: Scott Dearborn Music by: M83-outro loudlabs.com ALL VIDEO RIGHTS BELONG TO LOUDLABS NEWS
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3 Car Fatal Traffic Collision / Los Angeles  RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com LOS ANGELES - Three vehicles collided violently in the intersection of San Vincente Blvd and La Brea Ave. LAFD had to cut through some of the vehicles to extract three victims that were transported to a nearby hospital with critical injuries. One victim lost their life in the accident. LAPD is on scene investigating.
1 Killed 15 Injured in Motel Fire / Wilmington   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com WILMINGTON - A ``suspicious'' multi-alarm fire broke out today at a Wilmington motel, killing a man and injuring 15 other people, including some who leaped out of windows in a desperate effort to escape intense flames and who suffered fractures on hitting the ground. The fire was reported in the Wilmington Motel in the 100 block of East C Street about 3:15 a.m., Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott said. An 8-year-old child was among those injured, he said. The fire was listed as ``suspicious'' in origin, but its cause remained under investigation, Scott said. Arson investigators were on scene, and fire commanders said they suspect arson due to the speed at which the blaze moved. The building was equipped with ``functional smoke alarms,'' Scott said. A number of motel residents said they did not hear the smoke alarms, however. A damage estimate was not immediately available. A motel guest told NBC4 he was awakened by smoke alarms and a voice saying ``It's burning.'' The guest said he opened the door of his room and flames ``came rushing in.'' He said he escaped his room through a window, as did others, suffering injuries in the process. ``It was terrifying,'' the guest said. Scott said the blaze was fought by more than 100 firefighters and knocked down in 50 minutes. Eleven adults and a child were transported for hospital treatment, 10 with minor injuries and two with ``moderate/serious'' injuries, Scott said. Three other people were treated at the scene and declined transport to the hospital, he said. The two-story motel had 29 occupants in its 20 units, Scott said. Scott said the man who died was found inside the motel. His name was withheld, pending family notification. The American Red Cross was helping the displaced motel residents find accommodation.
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Liqour Store Homicide / South LA   RAW FOOTAGe
loudlabs.com SOUTH LA - LAPD dealt with a unruly crown at the scene of a homicide, and from what was said on the street...they were the cause of the shooting. The deceased victim was obviously a friend of the unruly crowd. A group of people got into a argument in front of a liquor store and a man was shot and killed in the process. The man looked to of had bottles of Corona as he laid face down in the street with a gunshot wound to the head. The man was pronounced dead at the scene by LAFD Paramedics. The shooting suspect was on foot and was possibly observed getting into a white pick-up truck. LAPD is handling the investigation.
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Fatal 3 Car Crash / Inglewood   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com INGLEWOOD - Rescue workers responded to a three car crash early Sunday morning in Inglewood that has left one person dead. Firefighters arrived to find one person deceased, a second patient in critical condition, and a third patient with minor injuries. Details are unclear as to what lead to the crash. La Cienega Boulevard is closed going north from Fairview Boulevard while CHP conducts their investigation.
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LAPD pursuit / Burbank   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com BURBANK - A woman is in police custody tonight after leading police in a high speed pursuit in the San Fernando Valley Saturday. Police were able to track the white pick up truck through an OnStar GPS service. Police spotted the truck in North Hollywood before the woman sped away. She led police on to Burbank where she became stuck in traffic. The woman later continued speeding away before stopping abruptly. Officers can be seen breaking the driver's side window before forcing the woman out of the car. She was later checked out by paramedics after suffering several cuts. The owner of the newer model Chevy Colorado can be seen speaking with police.
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Fatal Freeway Ped *warning graphic* / Colton   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com COLTON - 10:15 pm The California Highway Patrol, City of Colton Police and Fire responded to a vehicle accident on the 10 freeway East just West of 9th Street. Per Officer Primeaux, of the California Highway Patrol, a male was struck by several vehicles while he was in the # 2 lane of the East bound 10 Freeway. Colton Fire and AMR pronounced the male dead at the scene. It's unknown why the male was on the freeway. Per Officer Primeaux, the freeway will remain closed for several hours while they conduct their investigation and wait for the coroner. Traffic is being diverted off the 10 freeway East at 9th Street. Per a witness at the scene, he was traveling East on the 10 freeway and saw the first car, a black sedan, hit the body. According to the witness, after the first vehicle struck the body, several other vehicles ran the body over. The witness was in disbelief of what he saw. As a returning Veteran from Iraq, he said he's use to seeing people get killed, but nothing like what he just witnessed. The witness also stated most of the vehicles involved stopped, however, a semi truck ran the body over as it was laying on the freeway and failed to stop.
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Firefighters Save Kitten in LA Sewer LAPD Gives it a Home / South Los Angeles   RAW FOOTAGE
Written by City News Service - A kitten may have come close this morning to using all of its nine lives after spending two days trapped in a South Los Angeles sewer, but when freedom finally came as a result of a joint effort by LAPD officers and City of L.A firefighters, the churlish feline tried to attack his rescuers, before being put in the back of a LAPD Police Car ``Two of our officers were flagged down around 1:15 a.m., near the intersection of Avalon Boulevard and 83rd Street, by a resident who told them a cat had been stuck inside a sewer for a couple of days,'' said Lt. Darrell Belthius, watch commander at the Los Angeles Police Department's 77th Street Station. ``The officers tried to free the crying cat and then contacted the fire department who came out and removed the grate from the sewer,'' Belthius said. The kitten was tiny, gray and white, and appeared to be just a few months old, a news photographer reported from the scene. After 1 hour of paitentaly waiting a LA City Firefighter that crawled into the sewer was able to grab the frightened kitten out from inside the sewer. ``But they said it came out like a Tasmanian devil,'' Belthius said. ``They said it tried to bite and scratch everyone." The firefighter was able to put it in the back of the original police officers squad car and they took the kitten to the 77th Division Police Station. One of the LAPD Officers that was at the scene took it and will give it a good home. LOUDLABS NEWS
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170 Off Ramp Crash with Driver Ejected / Los Angeles  RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com LOS ANGELES - CHP is investigating an apparent single-vehicle collision in which the driver, traveling northbound on the 170, lost control on the offramp and rolled the vehicle onto the adjacent onramp where the lone male was thrown/ejected from the car. It is possible that hit he was struck by a vehicle but not confirmed. He was transported to a local hospital in grave condition by LAFD paramedics.
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5 Freeway Trapped & Ejected / Elysian Park   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com ELYSIAN PARK - CHP Officers arrived on scene to a crash and helped a ejected or struck victim to the side of the freeway. Reports of a two vehicle crash came out and then a third, a full-sized truck, crashed into the original two car crash. The truck flipped over landing on it's side partially trapping the driver who was freed by firefighters. The victim could be seen standing in his truck while it's on its side. Firefighters cut out his front window to free him. When he struck the original two car crash it caused a victim to end up on the ground in the middle of the freeway. It is unclear if he was struck by the truck or was ejected during the second crash. A total of four patients were treated and two were transported in critical condition. The crash is under investigation at this time. All lanes were shutdown momentarily. Only one lane is open at this time.
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"Stringers LA" Episode 5 / Nightcrawler the Movie in Real Life
Episode #5 A massive gang shootout leaves the Raishbrook brothers caught in the crossfire. Next, two stringers head straight into a wild fire to experience the action from the inside, but find themselves trapped in the blaze. Finally, a daredevil driver takes Scott Lane for a ride. Cast: Scott Lane, Howard Raishbrook, Josh Harville, Marc Raishbrook, Austin Raishbrook Created & Directed by: Marc Karzen / Relish Productions Produced by: 44BLUE Productions Originally Aired on "truTV"
Triple Fatal Crash / Venice   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com VENICE - Two men and a woman are dead after a blue Ford Mustang crashed into the Honda that all three were in. A witness says a male was driving the Mustang but fled on foot saying he was going to walk to the hospital. A female could be seen on the curb, she says she is the driver but others say she is not. LAPD is at scene investigating. A Good Samaritan and a nurse tried giving CPR to all three victims before LAFD arrived.
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Man Pulled from House Fire / Sylmar   4.29.18
loudlabs.com SYLMAR - At approximately 0331, LAFD responded to reports of a house fire at 12111 Rossiter. Arriving units found a single family dwelling with heavy fire and smoke showing from the roof and the front of the house. Per a neighbor, the resident was believed to still be inside. Firefighters made an aggressive fire attack. There were sounds, possibly ammunition going off or fireworks coming from the house, that can be heard in the first minutes of video. FIrefighters pulled the man out of the home. He was transported in grave condition to Providence Holy Cross, with CPR in progress. The victim was inside the house for about 20 minutes before firefighters were able to locate him. 33 Firefighters were able to knockdown the fire in 20 minutes. LAFD Arson Investigators are enroute to the scene to determine the cause of the fire. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.
Fatal Crash / Paramount   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com PARAMOUNT - The passenger of a small black car was killed when a full sized pick up truck t-boned the black car at the intersection of Rosecrans & Orange. LACOFD tried to extricate the victim but it was too late. The driver of the black car was transported by ambulance. It appeared the driver of the truck stayed at the scene but could not get confirmation if the male seen speaking with LASD was the driver of the white truck
DUI Driver Traps Passenger / Hawthorne 9.12.18
loudlabs.com HAWTHORNE - In front of SpaceX, a BMW crashed into a parked construction truck trapping the passenger for 45 minutes while the driver watched on. The driver was treated and given a sobriety test. The roof of the car needed to be taken off to free the passenger. The driver was put in the back of a ambulance and will be arrested for DUI. The passenger was transported to a local hospital with no feeling in his legs after The Jaws of Life were used to free him. No construction workers were injured during the crash. They were doing work on the sidewalk when the car crashed into their truck.
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Caught on Camera Multi Car Crash 10 Fwy / Mid City
loudlabs.com MID CITY - CHP is investigating an incident that caused at least four separate collisions involving about six vehicles after a possibly stalled vehicle was struck by a second car in the #1 lane followed by another **three separate crashes which were caught on video** occurred. Four people sustained minor injuries and were transported by LAFD to local hospitals. That no one was seriously injured or killed was fortunate due to the seriousness of the crashes and damage. Sound with a passenger in one of the cars and with a good samaritan.
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Cut & Rescue Crash / Jurupa Valley   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com JURUPA VALLEY - On Saturday night December 2nd Cal Fire / Riverside County Fire along with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and AMR responded to reports of a two vehicle traffic collision with people trapped and one vehicle possibly on fire. The crash was reported shortly before 11:30pm in the southbound lanes of Van Buren Blvd. north of 56th Street. The first arriving engine company reported two vehicles with major damage with entrapment and no fire. Firefighters had to use the Jaws-Of-Life to cut the roof off a SUV to free the trapped patient. At least two people were transported by ground ambulance to area hospitals in unknown conditions. Southbound Van Buren Blvd. was expected to remain closed between Jurupa Road and 56th Street for several hours with Deputies worked to determine the cause of the crash. No further details were immediately available.
UBER Ride Share Fatal Crash / Arlington  RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com ARLINGTON - A two car collision possibly killed one and sent another to the hospital from the same vehicle. The driver and passenger of the second vehicle fled the scene of the crash per a witness on camera.. LAFD & LAPD physically moved (on camera) the vehicle to un-trap the male victim. The female was trapped and possibly is a DOA. LAFD is still trying to extricate the female. One car landed on the sidewalk against a fence. The suspects vehicle was left in the street.
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Fatal Sidewalk Rollover Crash / Redondo Beach   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs 2/17/18 REDONDO BEACH - A serious crash in Redondo Beach has left five in the hospital early Saturday Morning. Two people were transported in critical condition while three others were taken in less serious condition as a result of a two car crash on Aviation Boulevard and Huntington Lane. Aviation Boulevard is shut down from Grant Avenue to Ford Avenue.
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Quadruple Fatal Crash / Northridge   RAW FOOTAGE
loudlabs.com NORTHRIDGE - At approximately 2256, LAPD and LAFD responded to reports of a traffic collision with fire and persons trapped. Arriving units found a single vehicle into a tree, on fire with 4 occupants trapped inside. The force of the collision was so violent, it ripped the vehicle into two parts. LAFD made a knockdown of the fire. All 4 victims perished at the scene. Skid marks can be seen on Lassen, starting from the In N Out leading up to the scene of the crash. The cause of the collision is unknown at this time. LAPD Valley Traffic is handling the investigation.
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Double Fatal Car Crash / Downey   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com DOWNEY -  Downey PD and CHP started receiving 911 calls of a multi vehicle accident near the off-ramp. Downey PD arrived first and said over the radios that a SUV hit a tree and have multiple people trapped. DNFD started a extended extrication that took a little over a hour. Once the roof was removed you could see a female alive talking with paramedics. Unfortunately you can also see a male deceased male victim. Due to the impact of the crash it is unknown how many fatalities are at the scene. There were reports of a total of five victims in the SUV. DNY PD and DNY FD can be seen looking for possible ejected victims. Are camera at the scene can only see two victims. There were reports of two separate collision with the fatal crash being involved in the first crash. The Paramount off-ramp and the slow are currently closed for a unknown duration.
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Racing Causes 3 Dead in Fiery 5 Freeway Crash involving UPS Truck / Commerce   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.vom COMMERCE - A fiery crash this morning on the Santa Ana (5) Freeway in Commerce that claimed the lives of two men and a woman was caused by motorists racing on the freeway, authorities said.    In the aftermath of the crash, one of the motorists, Whittier resident Dealio Lockhart, 35, was arrested and could face vehicular manslaughter charges, the CHP reported.    The 5 Freeway remained closed in both directions this afternoon at Washington Boulevard as officials investigated the crash and worked to remove the debris.    The collision on the southbound 5 Freeway at Garfield Avenue took place just after midnight, said CHP Officer Francisco Villalobos.    Lockhart, driving a Dodge Challenger, was racing a Dodge Charger southbound, when he saw a slower moving vehicle ahead and was attempting to get around the vehicle, at the same time that vehicle was trying to move to the right, the CHP said.    Lockhart applied his brakes, lost control of his car and struck the left side of a UPS tractor trailer, which became airborne, hitting a gray Nissan and shearing off the top of the Nissan.    The tractor trailer came to rest on top of a red Ford Explorer on the northbound side of the freeway, north of Washington Boulevard. The tractor trailer immediately became engulfed in flames.    ``It was fully engulfed and there were explosions at the scene from the truck which could have been tires exploding or the gas tanks,'' Villalobos said. ``We just don't know yet.''    Debris from the collision struck a Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Silverado, which were traveling on the northbound side. The driver of the tractor trailer -- a man -- and two people inside the Nissan were pronounced dead at the scene.    Paramedics rushed two other people to County/USC Medical Center with major injuries, the CHP reported.    L.A. County Fire Department Dispatch Supervisor Miguel Ornelas told City News Service that two more people suffered minor injuries and were transported to another hospital.    Debris was spread across all the southbound lanes. The crash also created a nightmare for motorists, backing up north and southbound traffic on the freeway for miles, according to the CHP.    A SigAlert was issued closing all northbound and southbound lanes of the freeway at Washington Boulevard at approximately 12:14 a.m. That full freeway closure was still in effect this afternoon, and was expected to last until 8 p.m.    Anyone with any information regarding the crash was asked to call the CHP's East Los Angeles office at (323) 980-4600 -CNS
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"Stringers LA" Episode 1  /  Nightcrawler the Movie in Real Life
Episode #1 In the series premiere, twin brothers Austin and Howard Raishbrook work separately, each getting footage of a different motor vehicle catastrophe. Next, stringer Scott Lane gets a crash caught on camera along with a pursuit and the suspect taken into custody, all while in the line of fire. Another stringer gets a water rescue during a heavy unexpected downpour in LA. Cast: Scott Lane, Howard Raishbrook, Josh Harville, Marc Raishbrook, Austin Raishbrook Created & Directed by: Marc Karzen / Relish Productions Produced by: 44BLUE Productions Originally Aired on "truTV"
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Woman Trapped after Crashing into Moving BigRig / Bellflower   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com BELLFLOWER - A female driver was trapped for about an hour after slamming into a moving big rig dump-truck. The driver, on camera, said he was travelling 55mph when he felt the crash and his truck start to slow. Witnesses told the big rig driver the Honda was travelling at least 100mph when she struck him. The Honda started to catch fire per CHP CAD. The car was stuck under the truck and the driver was pinned under the dash. LACOFD used the Jaws of Life to free the victim. The dump-truck was hauling 24-Tons of human waste per the driver. No leaks to report at this time. The driver of the Honda was transported in critical condition.
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Ejection Fatal & Hydrant Crash / La Habra   RAW FOOTAGE
www.loudlabs.com LA HABRA - A 20-year-old man was killed and two others were hurt in a single-vehicle crash early this morning on a La Habra street, a police sergeant said. The 20-year-old man, who died at the scene of the crash, was later identified as La Habra resident Miguel Martinez Jr., according to the coroner's office. The crash took place at 12:15 a.m. at the intersection of McPherson Street and La Habra Boulevard, said watch commander La Habra police Sgt. Kyle Davis. ``We are still doing the investigation on what happened,'' Davis said early this morning. ``But when officers got to the scene they found three men on the street. One of them was dead at the scene.'' Davis said the other two were transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries. Davis said he didn't yet know if Martinez was ejected during the crash. Likewise, the cause of the crash was still being investigated but no other vehicles were involved. -CNS
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CAUGHT on CAMERA Foot Bail Pursuit / South LA
www.loudlabs.com SOUTH LA - A man was seen running from a car that was being pursued by LAPD. He was one of three suspects running from LAPD for a armed robbery. The pursuit lasted about an hour and multiple PASSING SHOTS were recorded including the foot-bail of a rear passenger. The car kept going but for only another 2 blocks before stopping. A male & female could be seen taken into custody by LAPD. LAPD is still currently searching for the foot-bailed suspect. The area is shut down for the search.
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"Stringers LA" Episode 7 / Nightcrawler the Movie in Real Life
Episode #7 A drunk driver takes cops on a wet-and-wild ride into the Pacific Ocean, and Scott Lane catches it all on tape. Austin and Howard Raishbrook are on the wrong side of the camera when they're apartment catches on fire. And stringer Jon Talent is at the scene of one of the deadliest railway accidents in the nation's history. Cast: Scott Lane, Howard Raishbrook, Josh Harville, Marc Raishbrook, Austin Raishbrook Created & Directed by: Marc Karzen / Relish Productions Produced by: 44BLUE Productions Originally Aired on "truTV"
"SHOT in the DARK" Trailer / A NETFLIX Original Series
A Netflix Original Series "SHOT in the DARK" November 17th 2017 Featuring: Howard Raishbrook / RMG News Zak Holman / On Scene TV Scott Lane / LOUDLABS ALL FOOTAGE owned by: NETFLIX & Produced by Karga7 Productions - all rights reserved
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