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X Plane 11-A320(Neo) FMC works !!!
Airbus 320 (Neo) from JarDesign is working in X Plane 11 Beta.Navigraph data might be required.Follow this steps and will work for you. Also A350 JarDesign, B757, B777 FMC is working.Folder GNS430 might be with a diferite name, at min 1:49 I clicked on the GNS430 folder. Pause the video take a look at those folders in there. Check you X Plane 10/Custom Data for a folder like that or X Plane 10/Resources. GNS430 folder might be created by Navigraph, if you use a diferite nav data updater look for the folder that program saved your nav data and copy that folder. Any questions let me know!
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X Plane 11 Beta-"A Gate Hold is in effect for a runway change"-How To Fix
When you get this message: "A Gate Hold is in effect for a runway change. Please standby" and nothing happens after that, don`t wait. This video will show you how you can skip the endless "Standby". Music by: http://arpegiah.com
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X Plane 11-Pilot2ATC - Part I - The Review
Time Line: Introduction - 00:15 min Grammar Help - 02:06 min Flight Plan - 07:23 min Info, Freq, Weather - 18:56 min Traffic - 23:10 Configuration Panel - 26:36 min Display Panels - 31:40 min Pilot2ATC Basic Communication Zip - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47032-pilot2atc-part-i-the-review/ XPFW AI Pack - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41475-xpfw-ai-pack-optimized-for-1110/ Windows Voices - https://harposoftware.com/en/
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X Plane 11- How To Fly Real Flight Routes With X Life
This video will show you how to set up real flight routes for X life. Here are the links for X Life plugin , Real Flight Routes and charts and airports info. If you wanna get notify when new videos are uploaded to this channel, please feel free to subscribe. Happy Flying! X-Life Plugin: http://jardesign.org/x-life/www/ Flightaware: https://flightaware.com/ Airnav: http://www.airnav.com/
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X Plane 11-A320Neo-Complete Checklist|X-Life|Download Checklist|Full Flight|LOWI to EDDF
Airbus 320 Neo (JarDesign) Complete Checklist Download A320Neo Version 3.2 r1 Checklist PDF at: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41723-airbus-320-neo-jardesign-complete-checklist/ Checklist Times: 0:02:23 - Cockpit Preparation 0:14:11 - Before Start Checklist 0:15:39 - Push Back 0:17:48 - Engine Start 0:21:20 - Before Taxi Checklist 0:24:11 - Before Take Off Checklist (At Holding Point) 0:27:14 - Before Take Off Checklist (Bellow The Line) 0:28:02 - Take Off 0:28:56 - After Take Off Checklist 0:31:20 - Initial Climb Checklist 0:34:02 - Cruise Checklist 0:39:44 - Descent Checklist 0:52:39 - Approach Checklist 0:55:08 - Before Landing Checklist 0:58:21 - Go Around Checklist 1:08:03 - Approach Checklist (From Holding Point) 1:12:30 - Before Landing Checklist (From Holding Point) 1:16:18 - After Landing Checklist 1:20:47 - At Parking Checklist 1:22:37 - Securing Aircraft Checklist
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X Plane 10-A330-JARDesign--KLAX to KLAS-Using Charts-Full HD
Full run in Airbus 330 by JARDesign from KLAX Los Angeles to KLAS Las Vegas. ATC Take Off Clearance: Loop 7 Departure, DAG Transition, Climb and maintain 5000,Expect 243 Left in 10, Squawk ...., Departure Frequency ...... .Flight Plan: Loop 7-DAG-KEPEC3. Also quite of wind at the destination,i tried my best :) Next will be a run on Vatsim. Enjoy
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X-Plane10 A350XWB,Cold&Dark, Check list Complete,FMC Setup Using Charts,Visual Approach
This is a short run from KSFO (San Francisco) to KSAN (San Diego) in Airbus 350 XWB. Cold & Dark with all check list completed,using real flight plan and setup FMS using departure and approach charts.Also using Track Ir and X Camera Plugin gives almost a realistic look.
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X-Life Deluxe Airport Editor Tutorial-No WED needed!
READ THIS: To have the ATC voice say the entire word like: Apron, Spot etc name the taxi line with lower case letters like this: apron, spot. If you have a number like Spot 20 name the taxi line spot20. This video will show you how to create airport traffic with X-life Airport Editor.You don`t need to use WED to create traffic for an airport. If you have any question feel free to leave them in the comments. I will answer as fast as I can. Thanks for watching and subscribe to my channel. Enjoy! Here are the direct links: X-Life - http://jardesign.org/x-life/www/ X Plane 11 Airports Gateway - https://gateway.x-plane.com/ Jardesign Board - http://jardesign.org/forum/index.php Airports Charts - https://www.navigraph.com/Charts.aspx
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X Plane 10-A320neo-All checklist completed-London to Paris-Cold&Dark-Full
Full run from London Stansted Airport (EGSS) to Charles de Gaulle Airport (LFPG)-Paris.Cold & Dark with all checklist completed.Also quick pick of the interior and time change while in the air.
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X Plane 10-A320(neo)LSZH to LOWI-Full-Outstanding
LSZH (Zurich) to LOWI (Innsbruck) I personally like the view.
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X Plane 11-Testing on Samsung 49" Ultra wide Monitor in New York
Testing X Plane 11 on 49" Ultrawide Monitor from Samsung at a refresh rate of 144 and resolution of 3840x1080 and 2560x1080. New York Scenary: https://store.x-plane.org/New-York-City-XP-_p_431.html
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X Plane 11-Pilot 2ATC Part II  The Flight
This is a full flight from KLAS to KSFO using Pilot2ATC Pilot2ATC Basic Communication Zip - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47032-pilot2atc-part-i-the-review/
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X Plane 11-Xenviro-Ortho4X-Stunning view-Cinematic  Version
A short look at X plane 11 in combination with XEnviro and Ortho 4x. Stunning images with just a pay add on and a free software.The images where capture flying from KLAX to KSAN. Here are the links for the software: Ortho4x: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/29120-ortho4xp/ XEnviro: http://xenviro.net/ Airplane: https://store-x-plane-org.3dcartstores.com/PA44-180T-Turbocharged-Seminole-_p_504.html Music by: http://arpegiah.com
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X-Plane 11-How to set X-Life traffic with Pilot2ATC
This short video will show you what to do to generate X-Life traffic at Departure and Arrival airport when you are flying with Pilot2ATC.
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X Plane 10-B748-Inter-Start Up Procedure-Real Flight Plan-KORD to KIAD
Full Run From Chicago to Washington in Boeing 748-Inter.This video includes Start Up Procedure as shown in the manual.Also how to set up the real flight plans in FMC. Here are the websites links i used for this video: http://flightaware.com/ http://www.simroutes.com/fb2/showplans.aspx http://fuelplanner.com/
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X Plane 10 Boeing 757 Prof. LROP to LBSF Cold&Dark Full Run
Full run from LROP (Bucharest-Romania) to LBSF (Sofia-Bulgaria).Cold & Dark, Setting up the FMC plan, Quick view of the interior and Manual landing. Also powering off the airplane at the destination.Enjoy!
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X Plane 10 B777-300 Prof. Cold&Dark LEBL TO LIMC
Another run in Boeing 777-300 From Barcelona-Spain (LEBL) to Milan-Italy (LIMC).
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X Plane 10-B767 All Check List Completed-EGCC-EBBR-Cold&Dark Following Charts
Full run from Manchester EGCC To Brussels EBBR in Boeing 767.Cold & Dark with all check list completed and following real charts.This is my first video commentating what i do, so please don`t leave me comments about grammar errors and accent :) Enjoy! X Camera - http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?a... Maxx Fx - http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/pro... SkyMaxx Pro - http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/pro... Music by Arpegiah http://www.arpegiah.com
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X Plane 11-How To Departure From Airports With No SID`s
Setting up the FMC to departure airports with no SID`s. This method can be apply to all the Airports with no Sid`s.
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X Plane 10 Airbus 320(neo) cold and dark KSEA to CYVR full run
This is a full run in Airbus 320(neo) cold and dark plus follow me car from Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA) to Vancouver Int'l (CYVR) plus abort landing and second try.Also a quik view of the interior while in the air.Enjoy
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X Plane 11 Default ATC-EHAM to EGLL
Flying with X Plane 11 Default ATC
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X Plane 10 LROP TO LRTR in B757 C&D Check list com
Full run in Boeing 757 from Henri Coanda Int.(LROP) Bucharest to Train Vuia Int.(LRTR) Timisoara in Romania.Cold& Dark with all check list completed.
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X Plane 10 Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional KSEA to CYVR
Quick Full run from Seattle Tacoma International Airport(KSEA) USA to Vancouver International Airport(CYVR) Canada
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X-Plane 11-LOWI to LOWS-Default GPS-X Life-Cold&Dark-SID and STAR-Visual Approach
Short Flight in Piper Turbo Seminole from LOWI to LOWS. I use default X Plane 11's GPS together with X-life, using charts SID and STAR. Other plugins use im this video are: Better Pushback, Plane Command, Ortho4X, XEnviro, Maxx Fx.
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X Plane 10 B757 check list completed full run KDTW to KORD GTX980
Full run from Detroit KDTW to Chicago KORD in Boeing 757.Cold & Dark using the check list. Using: simHeaven Photo sceneries: http://simheaven.com/ World2XPlane scenery generator: http://world2xplane.com/ Sky Maxx Pro v2: http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/ Ted’s Scenery: http://theosdavis.com/xpfiles/downloads_v10.html For Push Back i used: Tugmaster : http://airbus320neo.com/tugmaster/
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X Plane 10 A320neo KSFO-KLAS Check list complete, Follow me car
Complete Run from KSFO-San Francisco to KLAS-Las Vegas in Airbus320(neo) v2.3 , also Follow me car at KSFO.All check list completed and photo scenery at both airports.
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