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Bloodborne SL4 Old Hunters #5 - Orphan of Kos
Goddamn this boss is brutal Was stuck on this guy for a week :/ Only managed to beat him because he transitioned into phase 2 at 10% health
Views: 1602 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Old Hunters #1 - Ludwig, the Holy Blade
Holy crap this guy took a long time to get down. Fuck that phase 2, haha. Might have had more trouble with this guy than Pthumerian Descendant
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DS3 SL1 #10 - Pontiff Sulyvahn
the cheese stands alone
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Bloodborne SL4 #15 - Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Grrr, this fight It's Ebrietas, what else needs to be said? :P Easily the hardest fight in the game. I guess it didn't help that this was my first time killing her in Bloodborne (the Isz chalice and DotC trophies popped up at the end, but they're not visible in this video but I have the trophy screenshots here http://imgur.com/a/HvMv9), so I ended up spending roughly 14 hours on this boss. As soon as I started attempting it, I was at ~32hrs IGT and by the time I got the kill I was at ~46hrs IGT. This boss is a proper fricking brick wall Not exactly my favourite boss fight in the game (in fact, I think it's kind of boring because there are so few openings to get attacks in) but nonetheless, it's one I have to respect due to its sheer difficulty. Phase 3 becomes simply ridiculous. Also, dat divebomb attack IMO From nailed the aesthetic of this boss completely. It's so unique compared to everything else in the game, and the arena & music for Ebrietas complement it perfectly. I just wish she wasn't such a pain in the ass to fight Also, pro tip if you're stuck on this fight. When you get her down for the visceral attack at the end of phase 1, if you charge it up early enough, you can do a charged Hunter Axe spin2win and still have time to get the visceral. I unfortunately didn't show it off in this boss kill though, you'll just have to take my word for it :P
Views: 1173 Nicholas de Paola
DS3 SL1 #14 - Twin Princes
what an amazing boss fight :D
Views: 934 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Old Hunters #3 - Laurence, the First Vicar
Actually really liked this boss fight overall - even though it's a bit disappointing that such an important lore figure as Laurence was relegated to a reskinned Cleric Beast, it was a blast to fight that boss again and the new moveset made it feel fresh again. Also this boss' OST is my favourite in the game, especially the phase 2 and 3 sections :D Looking forward to playing the rest of the dlc on this character in beast form
Views: 625 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Chalice Dungeons #28 - Pthumerian Descendant
Pthumeru Ihyll Layer 1 No words can describe how much of an asshole this boss is Whoever decided to put the Descendant in this specific boss arena needs to be promptly fired Fuck that throwing attack and everything it stands for. If I could change only one thing about Bloodborne, I'd remove the Descendant's throwing attacks entirely and call it a day Hopefully this is the worst of it, but I've got a feeling that Loran Darkbeast will still be harder somehow. I'll get to him after getting the Yharnam Stone though. Onto the headless BLB!
Views: 844 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Old Hunters #4 - Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
Phases 1 & 2 went super smoothly but since I don't have any real experience with fighting phase 3 head-on, I just cheesed it with bone marrow ash, haha. Looking forward to exploring the fishing hamlet and finding out just how much orphan is going to destroy me :D
Views: 253 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne: Daytime Upper Cathedral Ward
The lighting here is so amazing, what a shame that Fromsoft cut it from the final game under normal progression :(
Views: 1588 Nicholas de Paola
Proxy Generation Demonstration
Using Photoshop and JavaScript to generate high-res Magic proxies
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Bloodborne SL4 #17 - Moon Presence
Finally done with this challenge run :D
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Bloodborne SL4 Old Hunters #2 - Living Failures
Didn't take too many attempts to kill these guys, but holy shit they have a lot of health. More tedious than anything :/
Views: 226 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne: Capeless Charred Hunter Garb
Looks a lot like the hunter garb on the game's box art. Wish there was an alternate capeless version of this set
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Bloodborne SL4 Chalice Dungeons #29 - Bloodletting Beast
Pthumeru Ihyll Layer 2 This fight was sloppy as hell, but whatever, at least he's dead. Didn't come close to being as much of a roadblock as Descendant was though. Only two to go now!
Views: 87 Nicholas de Paola
DS3 SL1 #19 - Soul of Cinder
oh god I hate this fight so much Gehrman was a FAR better final boss :/ Just glad it's over tbh, fighting soul of cinder at sl1 was such a slog
Views: 302 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Chalice Dungeons #31 - Loran Darkbeast
Lower Loran Layer 3 This guy became my arch-nemesis from the moment I got to him after killing Abhorrent Beast; it's unbelievably satisfying to see my SL4 character doing so much damage to him so quickly and finally getting the kill. Praise the flat arcane gems! \[T]/
Views: 350 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Chalice Dungeons #27 - Amygdala
Cursed Pthumerian Defilement Layer 3 Fuck this encounter and everything it stands for
Views: 263 Nicholas de Paola
Ludwig Level 4 Progress
yeah :/
Views: 274 Nicholas de Paola
DS3 SL1 #15 - Oceiros, the Consumed King
Since windows 10 ate the recording for my oceiros kill on my main character, I speedran through the game on a fresh save to kill him at sl1 again My route: * Start as deprived, kill the sword master and get to dancer * Use the sword master cheese to kill dancer and unlock lothric castle * Speedrun through lothric castle and consumed king's garden to pick up 12 titanite chunks * Spawn at the lothric castle bonfire and farm the nearest knight for 12 large titanite shards (which is bloody hard with a +0 club btw) * Kill vordt and speedrun through undead settlement + road of sacrifices + farron keep to get dreamchaser's ashes, then use enough consumable souls to buy 22 titanite shards. Upgrade broadsword to +3 raw and knife to regular +9 * Kill abyss watchers and speedrun through catacombs, getting the grave warden's ashes and carthus milkring to be able to use bandit knife * Kill crystal sage (hilariously easy with +9 knife and carthus rouge, one stamina bar is half of his life bar) and pick up the paladin's ashes. Buy lloyd's shield ring so the insta slam in phase 1 doesn't one shot from a full health bar * Spend all other consumable souls on carthus rouge. After this it was time for oceiros Took about 3.5 hours from start to finish Also a link to the video I uploaded when I first killed Oceiros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpW1KLW3lcg
Views: 365 Nicholas de Paola
DS3 SL1 #13 - Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
what a horrible boss fight :/
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BB 47
BLOODBORNE https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-au/tid=CUSA00207_00
Bloodborne SL4 Chalice Dungeons #26 - Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Isz Gravestone Layer 3 Pretty satisfied with how this fight went. Ebrietas gave me surprisingly little amounts of trouble in the chalice dungeon; IIRC I killed her in 15 attempts or so, and the first 10 were mostly relearning the dodge timings a bit. I actually managed to clear the entire Isz Gravestone dungeon in one sitting. What an awesome boss fight
Views: 172 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 #16 - Gehrman, the First Hunter
Oh man, this boss fight Good job From, you made a final boss worth a damn. And what a boss it is: fun to fight, varied moveset, incredibly stylish, steeped in great lore, atmospheric and emotional with the best piece of music in the game, and a fitting end to such a fantastic game. I said before that Amygdala was my favourite boss, but Gehrman overtook her as soon as I started fighting him on this character. Probably the hardest boss in the game, but once I learned to parry his scythe form it wasn't such a big deal. I also got a very easy finish with the fight, as he was just walking at me and he gave me a perfect opportunity to fill him up with QSB's I'm not going to kill Moon Presence yet, the plan is to wait until all of the DLC has been released and do that content, then kill Moon Presence as the final boss of the run This run overall was quite a bit harder than Dark Souls SL1, and it's almost entirely because there's no non-scaling weaponry or pyromancy worth a damn in this game (that we can actually wield at SL4). It becomes a lot less of "build a glass cannon, slap on the DWGR and wreck face" and a lot more "play perfectly or get one to two shotted by literally everything in the second half of the game", which I actually really enjoyed. It was a welcome change of pace from having 40 vit on higher leveled characters Time to start a "slow playthrough", do the chalice dungeon grind, and get the platinum. Doing a strength playthrough with the Kirkhammer, and can't wait to get started :D
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BLOODBORNE https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-au/tid=CUSA00207_00
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DS3 SL1 #8 - Old Demon King
what an underwhelming and bland boss fight :/
Views: 96 Nicholas de Paola
DS3 SL1 #18 - The Nameless King
Overall not 100% sure about this boss Phase 2 is so kickass but phase 1, while it looks super cool, is just such a drag to fight. He's hard as hell though so that's something (still not as hard ludwig, laurence or orphan though) Onto the soul of cinder :D
Views: 333 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Chalice Dungeons #19 - Abhorrent Beast
Ailing Loran Layer 3 Really happy with how this fight went. Abhorrent Beast is such a great boss
Views: 197 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 #14 - Martyr Logarius
What a great boss fight. I had a lot of trouble with him at first, but once I realised that visceral attacks were useful even though they do less damage than an R2, it became a lot more manageable. Definitely my second favourite fight, right behind Amygdala
Views: 124 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne pvp 9
Views: 131 Nicholas de Paola
DS3 SL1 #17 - Champion Gundyr
what an awesome boss fight :D
Views: 116 Nicholas de Paola
DS3 SL1 #24: Darkeater Midir
this boss is some pretty next level shit tbh
Views: 57 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 Chalice Dungeons #30 - Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen
Pthumeru Ihyll Layer 3 Overall this is a great fight. Unfortunately it's a bit on the easy side and there's a lot of downtime in phase 3 between her attacks, but those negatives don't detract too much. Great aesthetic, atmosphere, boss design, music, etc., like every other boss in the game
Views: 47 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne: SL4 Laurence Co-op with Otomeza_no_Shaka
Had a lot of fun with this! Holy crap he gets a ton of hp when you summon someone though, haha. Also forgot to show my stats at the end but you'll just have to take my word for it :P
Views: 38 Nicholas de Paola
Bloodborne SL4 #8 - Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Had a surprisingly small amount of trouble with this guy, less than 10 attempts total. Shadows and Paarl were way tougher on this playthrough for some reason
Views: 100 Nicholas de Paola

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