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How to make fur or Hair with Green stuff!
A quick and very easy way to make fur/hair.
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Ture scale Spacemarines! How to make the torso
Up scale space Marines! What you will need and a basic how to.I am going to make 7 new Truescale.Working on a few upscale weapons to.
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Easy mold for 40k shoulder pads  Part 1
A look at how you can make a easy mold of a Shoulder pad after you have customized it.
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True scale Space Marines!
My first try at True scale Space Marines.
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Miscreated Squad Wipe Revenge!
Me my best bud AJ and useless Fred In hayward!Getting some revenge from being killed by these tools!....Fred!!! FRED..... WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU FRED!
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Truescale Terminators 40k ! Oh yea!
40K Terminator on crack! or Just alota dang greenstuff!! I am Showing This frist termie plus the mold i have made to make more!
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Greenstuff  Magic sculpt mix! Get more out of your GS!
By mixing greenstuff and Magic sculpt you get a mixture that can be filed sanded and also by adding these together you save more of your greenstuff.Try this out.You may find you like it!
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Miscreated Zero to Hero!! 3 kills 2 Suppressor!!!
Suppressors were added to the game in the last patch.These gents gave me my first look at both the rifle and pistol suppressors!!
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Perturabo - Proturbo HITECH Miniatures Review!.wmv
HITECH miniatures Archfather is a close clone to 40k Perturabo.Iron warriors fans should likethis mini.Very detailed miniature.
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Easy mold for 40k shoulder pads part 2
Part 2 of this how to make a easy molding for your custom shoulder pad!
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Dark Angels Hero True Scale! Scibor custom!Finished!
Finished with This Dark Angel Hero.Painted and finished!This one sold on Ebay for $65.Did not make alot considering the time i put in on it.Very happy tho that he can fund new projects!Investment $30 for base figure $10 in bitz(counting scrap lol)and about 5 hrs total time.
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DayZ Admins on NoobZ get triggered!
A nice encounter here with the admins on the server.You will know its them when you hear vengfuls voice.They have the numbers here we were split up and we get R3kt lol.All in good fun tho.
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Primarch Sanguinius of the Blood Angels Legion!
Primarch Sanguinius of the Blood Angels Legion conversion.From a sibor mini.Changed the shoulders some work on the legs.The Seller on ebay that will have this up is Warmaster-lah Auction title will just be Primarch Sanguinius of the Blood Angels Legion. Sold on ebay $110. Sad to see it go.Ill have to make another lol.
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MISCREATED Take it like a champ!!
I take 3 shot gun blast.....very lucky!!
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Daemon Prince !!Green Stuff!!
New legs for the Daemon!
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Product Review! Blue Stuff Silicone
Product review of Blue stuff silicone rubber and RAW material suppliers Silicone rubber.Over all the Blue Stuff is easy to use and has better results but is a tad more cash.Also the mix was alot more forgiving with the blue stuff.If you did not get the mix right the RAW MS silicone would not harden very well.After a few trys i figured it out tho.
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Miscreated Super Dupers! 1000 AK Rounds!
Me and Shorens killed a few Dupers before the wipe!
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True Scale! Space Marine Weapons! Work in Progress!
Working on building weapons that look to scale on true scale minis.
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True Scale Terminator upgrades!
Want a terminator true scale upgrade kit?Shoot me an email at [email protected] check out ebay Warmaster-lah I do take small commission work also.Just cant do entire armys lol.
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Ultramarines Captain Cato Sicarius True Scale Finished!
My version of Cato Sicarius from the cover of The Fall of Damnos.
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Miscreated Night time Action! Tips to help your Game!
Two encounters playing solo at night.Use it to your advantage!
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Miscreated Stealing Armored Army Truck!
Took their gear and the Truck!With a .22 pistol haaaaaaa!
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Dark Angels Hero True Scale! Scibor custom!.wmv
Conversion of a scibor figure into more of a Space marine.Still a work in progress!
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How to make TrueScale Backpack for Space Marines!
Sry for the long vid.As i said im slow lol.Hope this helps someone!
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True Scale Space Marines! Update! 2nd Company!
A few near completed Truescale.Scaled up weapons,the molds for weapons and body.
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True Scale Marneus Augustus Calgar & Terminators!
Marneus Augustus Calgar Was made from Scibor Roman General And bits from the original.His Head i had to cast several times each time useing the new head pushing more greenstuff into the mold to get a larger version.The terminators are highly converted.The arms take the longest time with making them longer and with the custom Thunder Hammers! Props to Catattafish and his nice vid on How to Paint a Thunder Hammer ! Check it out!
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Miscreated PVP Highlights!
Kills, thrills and yes automobiles!And a m249 at the end!And yes i swooped that by the time shorens got back haaaaa!
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True scale Chaos Terminator Lord
Starting some chaos True scale.With this Chaos lord first.Went to grey stuff...really same as green stuff just looks grey.Still a work in progress in the many item on the table now.
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DayZ NorthWest Airfield tents! Why its called DouchBag!!
So many people call the center bunker in tents DouchBag!this is Why!
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True scale Terminators New bigger shields! Commission work.
Quick look at some commission work.
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Primarch Horus Lupercal Finished!
Painted and mostly finished.Really Enjoyed making this one.The led light behind his head was very tricky to say the least!.Tell me what you guys think!
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Miscreated MP5 kill Bug nvis items in Gear!How to loot it!
If you kill someone and all the gear is empty chances are you just can not see it.Drag it off and go threw it to the side.
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Ultramarines Captain Cato Sicarius Trure Scale.
Captain of the Ultramarines Cato Sicarius.Conversion in progress.
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MISCREATED Shorens teaches The pickaxe MANEUVER!
My sound was off in this but you still can hear Shorens helping with the when to Rush!
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My Dark apostle True scale with LED lights!
My word bearer Dark apostle.Getting better with the led lights.I love finding new ways to use them in my minis!
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The Primarch Horus Project.wmv
This is my latest project.Horus Primarch and warmaster!Work in progress just like to show you guys what i have done so far!
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MISCREATED Bait and shoot!
Another trick from watching shornes best.....works every time!
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Miscreated Glitchers get R3kt on the Playground!
Hope everyone enjoys this.These guys have been a real problem on The playground server.Avoid the toll booth end of PD!
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DayZ SVD! Stay with your team!
A few kills grabed an SVD and split!
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Ultramarines 2nd company Medic.True Scale!
More True scale marines 2nd company medic.More 2nd company to come.Stay tuned.
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Miscreated PineCrest PVP! Crispy Saves The DAY!
Me Crispy And Shorens pvp in Pinecrest!
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Player Unknown Battlegrounds! Sniper kills!
Should have! could have! Would have! Sadly did not!LOL!Some sniper kills and a Fail at the end.
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Power tubes by Greenstuff Industries    Thank you Big Mike!
Green stuff industries review.Two thumbs up! Power Tubes.I f you have not already be Sure to check out Big mike on his channel TheDizmo.
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Ultramarines 2nd Co.Command Squad Diorama!
Diorama of 2nd Co.Command Squad!
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DayZ NorthWest Airfield!
A few kills with Crispy at northwest!
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DayZ .62 Airfield ACTION on DayZ Noobs!
Another shorens and myself adventure.A few more kills for list on Dayz noobs!
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