Videos uploaded by user “Mongoloid Male White Female Love”
Chinese Man and His Russian Wife Having Fun With Each Other!
Just your typical Chinese-Russian AMWF couple from China having a good old time, joking around and playing pranks on each other. The Chinese dude's Russian wife is fluent in Chinese and she knows how to cook a variety of Chinese dishes.
Beautiful White Girl in Love With China!
A White-American girl who speaks fluent Chinese, loves Chinese culture, and wants to stay in China with her Chinese boyfriend!
Russian News Reports on the Growing Number of Russian Women Marrying Chinese Men!
More and more Russian and other Slavic women are marrying East Asian men than ever before!
More Russian Women Dating and Marrying Chinese Men!
East Asian Male/Slavic Female Couples are becoming the most common interracial pairing in the world!
Chinese Men/Ukranian Women Marriages on the Rise!
Ukrainian TV show features the growing number of Ukrainian women getting married to Chinese men.
Korean Guy and His Beautiful Russian Wife!
Korean dude and his lovely, beautiful Russian wife spending as much time together, despite their busy lives in Korea.

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