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5 problems that girls have to live with...
Hey guys it's Lorri, I hope you are doing great and l made this video for all the girls out there . Make sure to comment, like and subscribe!!!
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Satisfied glue peel
Hey this was a quick video bye!!
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Nails...kind of!
Hey, have a good time watching this goodbye!!
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Hey guys how u doing Make sure to like,sub, and comment.. Bye..
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Showing my fam pt.1
Hey guys I'm so sorry and l have a anoncment....l have changed my days they are now Friday, and Sunday so stay tuned Thanks for watching like comment and sudcribe!! Bye!!
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LIP ART CHALLENGE!!!!!(I think I failed!)
Hey guys thanks for watching Love u guys!!!
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Help me..
Hey guys what is up The sky ,hahahhahahahahahahahajaahha I know, I am so funny, remember the give away, remember ,comment like and sub please see u next vid bye
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Hey guys it is crazy that the wether is having these fits... LIKE, sub please please please please please please please and thank you and like.. I know that made no sense..but do all those things please.. Bye..
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