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Swarm of baby catfish!
Found a school of baby catfish swarming along the shore line. I tried to film under water. Not a complete success
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Slow mo Bass release
Nice little top water bass, slow mo release.
Views: 29 BancroftOutdoors
Kitchen Aid Mixing Dough Slow-Mo
Slow motion dough hook action
Views: 126 BancroftOutdoors
PUBG Mobile Arcade
Just me dying, trying to get better
Views: 3 BancroftOutdoors
Testing The M1891 In Ghost Recon® Wildlands (Funny)
I love sniping and I love Ghost Recon Wildlands, I recently got the M1891 or modified Mosin Nagant in the game and tested on a passing by plane. I found it humorous, I hope you enjoy. Thanks!
Views: 57 BancroftOutdoors
Miramar map
PUBG Mobile, I know I need practice, any tips?
Views: 8 BancroftOutdoors
Part 2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
The middle file was corrupted, which sucks. But here is a pretty nice ending.
Views: 23 BancroftOutdoors
Double Kill - Rainbow Six® Siege
I got a lucky double kill! I’m still fresh with this game but I’m hoping you’ll like what I have to share. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege
Views: 12 BancroftOutdoors
Desert Eagle .50AE
Slow motion blasting out the eye on a zombie reaction target. Always dead on 😉
Views: 48 BancroftOutdoors

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