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Chinese Dating The Way It Should Be: Date Chinese Women on CLM
http://www.ChinaLoveMatch.net (CLM) is the home of trusted online Chinese dating. Join to date real Chinese women. International men come to us for a variety of reasons. Often they arrive after spending a lot of time and a great deal of money on websites that are complete rip-offs. We call these sites the Scam Site Money Funnels because they create fake profiles, then charge big money to read fake messages and to chat with paid employees, and charge big money for translating all this fakery. These men think they’ve gone to heaven when they find CLM. We are 100% transparent and we protect members from scamming, rather than scam them. On CLM they pay a low monthly fee to message and chat with every Chinese woman on our site. That’s thousands of them. And they can exchange private email addresses or other contact details. You’re going to see and read a lot more about this in our upcoming series of videos that will form the ChinaLoveMatch Scam Site Challenge. Other men come to us out of broken relationships with Western women. Sometimes they’re coming out of a bad divorce, maybe even a second or third one. They’ve concluded that life partnerships or lifelong marriages don’t exist in their own countries anymore. Sometimes they’re starting to think that radical feminism, monetary greed or just plain obesity has made it impossible to meet an attractive, loving woman back home. They’re looking for something better. Or maybe these men have just gotten tired of the same old routine. They feel like they’re in a rut and need to make a major change in their lives. They’re seeking a relationship adventure. Often enough these men have always been attracted to Chinese and Asian women, but just didn’t know how to meet and date them. Well those men, and you, have come to the right place. At ChinaLoveMatch.net we understand that there’s a big learning curve for people embarking on cross cultural relationships. Starting a relationship between Western men and Chinese women comes loaded with questions, and developing those relationships into life partnerships or lifelong marriages comes with a whole lot more questions. On CLM our blogs and forum, unique in all of online dating, provide the answers. CLM realizes that you need to understand so much more than when you date someone back home. You need some knowledge of China Travel, of Chinese culture, history and current events. You need to understand life in China, eating habits, thought processes. Our blogs will give you a taste of all that and so much more. And when you have questions about how China women think, what they want, what they are looking for from you, real Chinese female members are on the forum to answer. You can post your thread and you’ll get answers, both from Chinese ladies and from western men like yourself. Our blogs and forum have become so helpful to members that people who met each other on other sites or in other ways are joining CLM now just to join the discussion. CLM is a dating and relationship community, created by and for people just like you. That’s important, because when you’ve started to date Chinese women you’ll discover there’s just nothing like it. You’re going to quickly love these ladies, love the CLM Chinese dating process and realize that there’s no going back. You’ll be very determined to succeed and find that perfect China love match. And that’s when you’ll be very glad you came to a site where people actually care about you, and where you find that you care about them. You’ll know you want a Chinese love, and you’ll know you’re in the best place to find one. Why will you know you want a Chinese love? Why is Chinese dating so infectious? Because Chinese women are just so damned attractive and delightful, that’s why. And on CLM you’ll meet lots of them. Women of China are quietly independent. They insist on equality, but without the anger, without the hatred. Chinese women still love men. But they also want to be loved, and more and more they want to be loved in a Western way. The women on CLM are here because they’re attracted to western men, attracted to you. Imagine feeling attractive again, feeling energized, feeling alive. Imagine how it will be to feel like a man again. The relationship puzzle you’ve been struggling with will be solved. If you just a little effort into it, you will find that special Chinese woman. Then, if you treat her right, like the lady she is, you’ll be rewarded with a lifelong relationship that cannot be broken. Because real Chinese women love for life; if their man loves them they will never let him go. They will take care of him forever. Isn’t that what you’re came here looking for? Isn’t that what Chinese dating should be like? Come and join ChinaLoveMatch.net today and start your brand new life!
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White Men Dating Chinese Women: Yellow Fever My Ass!
It’s Time to End the Insulting and Racist Stereotyping that surrounds the label of “Yellow Fever”. After all, if a Western man is attracted to a Chinese woman should he automatically be labelled as sick, or perverted, suffering from a sexual fetish? The Telegraph.co.uk and ChinaDailyAsia.com seem to think so, and say so in rudest and most unfair way in an article posted by both of them. The reality is that Western men are drawn to Chinese women at least in part because they are tired of the man-hating, male-bashing they suffer at the hands of radically feminist Western women. In fact, cultural circumstances make Western men and Chinese women a good fit. Perhaps Western women are baffled that their men might be attracted to women who have retained their feminine grace, their family values and their physical beauty, but they shouldn’t be. Western women have simply chosen to be blind to their own recently developed shortcomings and to the higher quality of womanhood offered by Chinese women. Their thinking is at best archaic, at worst racist. The radical feminism of Western women, the aggressiveness, the vicious hate, their need to emasculate and their careless and blaze attitude men has Western men looking for better life partners elsewhere, and easily finding them. The condescending, insulting and shamelessly racist application of the “yellow fever” label to both Western men and their loved and cherished Chinese wives for simply loving each other is a black mark only against those who use it. Chinese women are modern, sophisticated, educated, intelligent, strong, capable, confident, independent, but still possess traditional relationship values. They have found a way to move forward, gain their freedom, equality, and independence all while maintaining their femininity and traditional family values and without viciously attacking their men and anyone else who they perceived to be in their way. They respect men for being men and take pride in being women and recognize they can still be equals. They demand loyalty and devotion from their man and give it happily in return. So what’s not to love about Chinese women. Far from having “Yellow Fever” for wanting them as partners, Western men would be crazy not to want them. The Telegraph and ChinaDaily owe couples in such cross cultural relationships specifically, and Western men and Chinese women generally, an apology for their ignorance. Read the full article here at ChinaLoveMatch on BlogSpot.
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