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Annin Flagmakers - Corporate Video
Delia Associates produced this corporate overview video showcasing Annin Flagmakers, an American institution dating back to 1847. From manufacturing beloved flags from nations across the globe to custom flag design, Annin's story is fascinating, and we were proud to help tell it.
The Influence of Emotion on B2B Purchases
Rich Palatini, Director of Brand+Creative at Delia Associates, discusses the role played by a customer's emotional connection with a brand when making a B2B purchasing decision. A number of influences on emotionally driven B2B purchases are considered, including: 1) The Internet 2) The Mobile Workplace 3) Proliferation of Choice 4) Higher Stakes
60 Seconds With Rich Palatini: Keeping It Simple And Building Your Brand
Rich Palatini, Director of Brand + Creative at Delia Associates is back for another episode of “60 seconds with...” and he is talking about “Why Dunkin’ deleted donuts and what it means for b2b brands.”
5 Social Media Tips for CEO's
5 Social Media Tips for CEO's and company leadership. How to get the most out of your personal social networks, while supporting your company or organization. https://www.delianet.com
Brand Inspiration From The Olympic Games
https://www.delianet.com Extended Version Transcript: I'm Ed Delia, president of Delia Associates. Today I'm talking about Brand Inspiration from the Olympic Games. The Winter Olympics are almost here, and I'm excited because I have always loved the Olympics. I remember watching the 1980 US Hockey team beat Russia as a child. And who can forget the drama around Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding in the 94 games; Or seeing Dan Jansen finally win gold that same year, in touching tribute to his sister who died of cancer. The storylines and faces are ever changing. We'll watch with anticipation to see if Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn can reclaim gold status. Or if newcomers Chloe Kim and Nathan Chen will make exciting Olympic debuts. There will be many other storylines. The upsets, the heartbreaks, the occasional scandal, all of which make the Olympics such a rich experience. One thing does remain constant: The simple, powerful Olympic symbol - five interlocking rings against a stark white background, representing the five continents. The rings interlock, reminding representative athletes from all nations that we are all connected. We are united as one in the spirit of the great Olympic Games. What I also love about the Olympics is that there are so many great brand lessons that we can learn and benefit from. Three top my list . . .   One. When you narrow your focus, you broaden your appeal. You probably won't see Shaun White in figure skates or grabbing a rifle for the biathlon. Why? Because he's a snowboarder. That's his area of excellence. That's what he's focused on and this year he's on a mission. His absolute focus drives him to push harder, to think creatively, and funnel all of his energy into one sport, with one purpose. Companies can take a lesson from this, especially ones that get easily distracted with side ventures or pet projects. Stay focused. Live in your respective halfpipe and be master of that domain. Pour your desire to innovate and create in that channel to go farther and faster than you've ever dreamed. Two. The Back Story is the Bigger Story While it's always exciting to watch athletes compete, it's equally if not more compelling to learn about their respective journeys; the steps they took, the sacrifices they've made, and who they are as people. This comes to light through rich storytelling that is interwoven throughout the games. We'll hear about Chloe Kim, regarded by many as the Future of Women's Snowboarding, who started riding at the age of four. Or Lindsay Vonn, and all of the physical and emotional bumps and bruises she has endured as she readies to take the hill one more time. It's the rich and vibrant storytelling that brings the Olympics to like. The same is true for brands. It's not what you do, but why, where you came from, and where you are going. Standing on the podium and receiving a medal takes minutes. It's the journey that makes those moments truly special, and the storytelling that reaches our hearts. Three. Technology Creates Relevance and Competitive Advantage. I'm sure if I grabbed a set of beat up rental skis and threw them to Gus Kenworthy, he could do some amazing things on them. But that's not what he competes with. He skis on Atomic Punx, a high performance ski designed for professional freestylers. The technology is always evolving, and best-in-class athletes are highly tuned in to the latest equipment, trends and training regimens. They realize that trying and adopting the newest tools of their sport may give them an even slightest competitive edge. The same is true for brands. Technology does not make the brand. It makes the brand experience better. So take a few of these lessons from the Olympics. Keep it focused, make it personal, and Tech it up, as you go for gold in your arena of business. Thanks for watching.
Funny Office Outtakes With Our Branding Expert, Rich Palatini.
Brands aren’t perfect, and neither are we.
Brand, SEO, & Web Design - What's more important?
The Great Digital Debate -- Members of the team from Delia Associates discuss the importance of branding, SEO, and web design in building relationships and engaging customers. Hear 6 reasons from Rich Palatini (Director of Creative), Adam Wormann (Online Marketing Specialist) and Vishal Patel (Web Developer) why any effective marketing strategy incorporates the 3 elements of creative brand communications, search engine optimization and cutting edge web design.
Duramade Windows & Doors
Studio 10 News interviews Duramade Windows & Doors. Duramade provides energy efficient windows that will save you approximately 40% on your energy bill.
Delia Associates - Digital Branding Experts - 2011 Highlight Reel
Take a look at some of the exciting ideas that led to brand leadership in 2011 from Delia Associates. Delia Associates is a digital branding agency offering unique solutions to fuse brand strategy with website development, online marketing, and digital brand communications (advertising, public relations, direct marketing and sales tools) to elevate your brand.
A (Brand) New Look for Fenton Construction
How did a construction company build their business? Through our proprietary Brand Leadership Solution®, which is a brand development platform for organizations that want absolute distinction and sustainable growth for their business. Fenton Construction partnered with Delia Associates to develop a new look, message, and sales support strategy that ultimately made them stand out among their competition. Links below! ⬇️ See how it happened - https://www.delianet.com/work/fenton/ Learn more about Fenton Construction - www.fentonconstruction.com Check out our award-winning work - https://www.delianet.com/work/ Who we are - https://www.delianet.com/who-we-are/# For inquiries about our services - https://www.delianet.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Delia Associates Read our blog: https://www.delianet.com/blog/ For more from Delia Associates, follow us: ⬇️ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/delia-associates/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deliaassociates/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeliaAssociates Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/delia_associates/ Google My Business: https://business.google.com/posts/l/14882348406369808810 Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/103317576644592480317/+DelianetSEO https://plus.google.com/b/103317576644592480317/+Delianet
Effective Visual Communication for Manufacturing Brands
https://www.delianet.com Quick tips on creating effective visual communication for manufacturing brands.
Brand Matters - Volume 2 Issue 4
Delia Associates' Brand Matters. Innovation or Incrementalization? Tell it like it is.
Brand Matters - Volume 2 Issue 3
Delia Associates' Brand Matters. Why a satisfied customer is bad news for you.
Brand Matters - Volume 2 Issue 5
Delia Associates' Brand Matters. Where Branding goes wrong.
https://www.delianet.com When it comes to recruiting top talent for your organization, the power is no longer in the hands of the company, but rather in the hands of the candidates. In a new Brand Matters video, we show you how to determine the strength of your brand, and how to position it to be more attractive to the very best candidates in your industry. For more brand enhancement tips and advice visit https://www.delianet.com/.
60 Seconds With Rich Palatini: How To Avoid The Top Three Epic B2B Video Fails
HOW TO AVOID THE TOP THREE EPIC B2B VIDEO FAILS EPIC FAIL #1: We don’t have any videos. There’s simply no excuse not to have videos. There are lots of topics you can talk about. A new product or service. An interesting case study. What you’ll be promoting at an upcoming industry trade show. And don’t use the excuse you need to invest lots of dollars in expensive video equipment. Not true. Want proof? We shoot on and iPhone and edit on an iPad. EPIC FAIL #2: OK, we have videos… but no one is watching. The first step, be sure to regularly promote and share your videos via social media, e-communications, your website and your YouTube channel (yes, you should have one). Don’t be shy about it and let people know what’s in it for them. Next, keep your video length short. Preferably, less than 90 seconds, because viewer retention rates drop off significantly after that time. EPIC FAIL #3: People watch, but they don’t stay. Here a very important statistic to remember when resolving this problem: Viewers who watch the first three seconds of a video are most likely to watch it completely. So, hook them early with a fact or benefit that’s both dynamic and useful to them. Let’s recap how to avoid the top three epic b2b video fails: 1. Create video content – regularly 2. Promote and share your videos – regularly 3. Grab your viewer’s attention in the first three seconds To see how we walk the walk and talk the talk (so to speak, pun intended) visit our YouTube channel!
Delia Associates: Brand Happens Every day. Every hour. Every time zone.
To compete, win and prosper, it takes a modern brand that’s nimble, clear and forward-thinking with the ability to react and adapt to marketplace challenges, while still remaining true to who it is, what it does and what it stands for.
CEO As The Brand Ambassador
Today's CEO is a companies ideal brand ambassador. Here, Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates, shares his thoughts on what it means for a CEO to be the brand ambassador for a company.
Inbound Marketing Summit 2009 - Boston with Steve Garfield
This is a video record then upload exercise with Steve Garfield, Video blogger.
10 Years Of Brand With Rich Palatini
It’s been a decade of brand success with clients like Carmagen, StandardKnapp, Block Vision, LumaNEXT, ZipPak, Deck Towel, and FORTA Corporation. During that time we've transformed over 100 brands from ordinary to extraordinary, with the implementation of our proprietary Brand Leadership Solution®. Check out more of our work in the links below! ___________________________________________ See more brand transformations below: https://www.delianet.com/work/ 60 Seconds with Rich Palatini: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjC8vy3AJQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAZRAy1nARM A (Brand) New Look for Fenton Construction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjCEkpgiDhg If you want a good laugh, watch this blooper video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCQVWlFiMy0 Santa Clause Comes To The Office On Halloween: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqMSpue1XdI ___________________________________________ WOW! Ten years… it’s like dog years. Ten years ago… 2008. Instagram didn’t exist. Twitter (12 yrs old) was in its infancy… so was YouTube. Today they’re the “go to” social media for consumer and b2b. We regularly utilize them in our efforts to reach customers and build brands. Especially for b2b. Today, you can’t do without them. And the speed of customer evolution is off the charts. Brands have to do all they can to keep up. And that’s the great thing about the Brand Leadership Solution®. Nice segue, huh? Agile, fast, user-friendly for clients… it can be tailored to create a powerful, distinctive brand in any business sector. B2b or b2c - it doesn’t matter. The first client to go through the transformation was Carmagen - they’re global oil & gas industry consultants. Positioned them as “All the right people in all the right places.” One of the most recent is Standard-Knapp, a 124-year-old secondary packaging machinery company. Today, their look, their style, their brand is modern and communicates everything that makes them a leader. In between, we’ve developed and positioned more than 100 brands. From Vision Care Benefit providers like Block Vision, the innovative retail lighting technology, LumaNEXT, and global packaging companies like* Zip-Pak. Even a luxury linen towel brand, Deck Towel. One of the reasons the Brand Leadership Solution continues to work so well is the Applied Social Psychology model we utilize. It puts brands in the most prosperous competitive position in the customer’s mind and creates an emotional connection that builds strong relationships. One of the most challenging assignments was for Forta Corporation, who built their company and their brand for more than 40 years on sales of concrete reinforcement fibers. They had acquired several companies and the assets of these brands when combined with their legacy brands made them appear disjointed and confusing in communicating true value to their customers. Solving this maze of brands required an end-to-end reworking of all brand assets across a total of all six divisions and a realignment under one common positioning. From establishing a new logo and positioning to an entirely new visual identity system to creating unique messaging and multiple websites for their family of brands. And creating a 40th-anniversary celebration video that debuted at the largest trade show event of the year. It was quite complex, required a lot of intensive coordination between our brand, creative and digital assets teams… but when you have a proven process and trust that process and them, the results are outstanding and most of all, our friends at Forta couldn’t have been happier. We’ve built a stack of brands. Each one with its own unique set of goals… And each time the results have been on-point with terrific results… Our next project is powering up a packaging brand on the African continent with markets in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and a few others. By the way, that first client Carmagen, we’re currently working with them on a digital marketing program.
Delia Associates: Celebrating 50 Years in 2 Minutes
Our B2B digital marketing firm is celebrating our 50th year. Enjoy a fast and furious trip through our first five decades, and see how our creativity and capabilities have evolved.
Myles Parker - Winter Intern
Myles Parker joined Delia Associates for a one-day brand & marketing boot camp in January 2018.
60 Seconds With Rich Palatini: How Old Is Your Brand?
Find out if your brand needs a facelift. Just watch! Script: HOW OLD IS YOUR BRAND? Not how long has your company been in business. What’s your “Brand Age” Is it 30, 40, 50 or more??? What’s its personality? How does it “walk and talk”? Does your brand messaging, visual identity and content design project a personality that’s modern, with an eye on tomorrow, with customer success as priority one? Today’s b2b customers want to engage with brands that are energetic, lively and full of possibilities. Does your brand use “corporate speak” when communicating with them? Or…do you have one-on-one conversations? Be real. Be human when you talk to them. Is your website responsive with a mobile-first architecture? It should be because Google is using a mobile-first website ranking. Be social. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels. Reach out and welcome feedback. But…do not use social media as free advertising. That’s what “old” brands do. Remember, the b2b customer has evolved from experience to relationship. So, brand relationships are becoming personal, very personal. Keep it real and reach out on a regular basis. Be nimble with your brand and customer relationships. Then ask yourself that all important question… How old is my brand?
How to Deliver Maximum Impact At Tradeshows
This video takes you through the steps to successfully generate leads at your next tradeshow. https://www.delianet.com
Company Or Brand? Focus On The Difference
Ultimately, customers want a relationship that helps them grow their business. Old thinking says... customers are always buying so we constantly have to be “selling” to them. New thinking says... when customers have strong relationships with brands, sales happen organically whenever the need arises. So which one are you? A company or a brand? If you really want the answer, just ask your customers. You may be surprised!
20 Fun Facts About Ed Delia.
“There’s stuff that comes up, and stuff that doesn’t. Sometimes the stuff that doesn’t is the ‘really good stuff.’ Hope you enjoy.” Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6449999733292441600
Brand Reality . . . The Humanization of Your Brand
We're now in a period where being imperfect comes across as genuine, where more scripted delivery is seen as fake and impersonal. As CEOs and executives, we are the human representation of our businesses and brands. Using online video can be a powerful brand communicator, bringing an element of entertainment, fun, and genuine human emotion to the brand experience for the viewer. You can show instead of tell.
Santa Claus Comes To The Office On Halloween
When Santa comes to town, what does he say? MERRY HALLOWEEN!
Get Inspired: 10 Game-Changing Brand Makeovers from Delia Associates
Delia Associates is in the business of inspiration. Our creative, comprehensive brand initiatives generate game-changing results that move your business forward and lead directly to the most important inspiration of all: customers choosing you above the competition.
4 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Increase Sales
In this video, 3 of the Delia Associates team members discuss ideas to increase sales through creative mobile marketing. When you know your audience, optimize your messaging, use mobile-optimized technologies to deploy the message, and engage your audience through social channels, you should see great results. Delia Associates is a digital branding firm based in central New Jersey. Check us out at: www.delianet.com
From Online Viewers to Offline Relationships
As we showcase our knowledge, philosophies, passion and personality, we extend ourselves, seeking to make a connection. If you like the sound of my voice, my appearance and on-screen presence; if you appreciate my authenticity, the good and the bad, chances are you would be willing to take the next step.
60 Seconds With Rich Palatini: How Small Things Make A Big Difference In Marketing
Check out this first episode of “60 Seconds with…” featuring Rich Palatini, Director of Brand + Creative at Delia Associates talking about how small things can make a big difference in your marketing. About Our "60 Seconds with..." Series: In future episodes, Rich and other members of our team will tackle topics ranging from branding to visual identity and from SEM to UX in under a minute. Don't forget to Subscribe!
Learn more about how we made brands happen this year: delianet.com/2015-year-review/
Thank You For 50 Years With Delia Associates
Ed Delia, CEO of Delia Associates, says thank you for helping Delia Associates reach 50 years of excellent service and satisfied clients.
The Color Of Love - Delia Associates
What is your color of love? https://www.delianet.com

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