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Super Knot a Quilt by Alex Toys
Perfect craft for kids 6+. Knot together super-soft fleece squares to create an oversized patchwork blanket, no sewing involved. Add lace, layered shapes and tassles for a decorative personalized flair! Learn more at http://www.Alextoys.com
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Simply Marble-ous
http://www.alextoys.com/product/148W All the tools you need to magically marbleize paper and stickers! Just color, swirl and dip! Includes marbleizing foam 7 oz/ 200g, 3 liquid watercolors, tray, squeegee, marbleizing tool, 58 stickers, 12 papers, 6 buttons, 2 ribbons and easy instructions.
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Best Friend Bands Friendhip Bracelets by Alex Toys
Make friendship bracelets the easy way with color-coded looms. Watch how. Includes all the materials to make 10 wide bracelets in 4 different patterns. Item# 725W Visit us at http://www.alextoys.com/ • Includes 2 looms, 10 colors of floss, seed beads, beading needle and easy instructions. • www.alextoys.com
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Sticker Factory from Alex Toys
From Alex Toys, use your imagination and make personalized stickers you can use on cards, paper, gifts, anything! Once you load the paper into your Sticker Factory, cut out the designs and load them into the factory to make beautiful stickers! Get one at our online store: http://www.alextoys.com/product/sticker-factory/
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Alex toys Silk Screen Factory
silk screen printing was never easier! on paper, on fabric, on shirts.
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Alex Toys Amazing Knitter
if you always wanted to learn how to knit, this is the perfect kit!
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Casting on 1 of 3
The first in a three part series of knitting instructional videos.
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Giant Paper Flowers by Alex Toys
Kids can make giant, beautiful paper flowers with this craft kit - contains dozens of sheets of brightly colored tissue paper, pipe cleaner, straws, stickers and step-by-step instructions. Ages 5+. Watch how easy it is and visit us online at http://www.alextoys.com
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ALEX Toys Braidy Beads
http://www.alextoys.com/product/761 • Make 10 cool bracelets with the amazing BraidyBead machine. No one will know how easy it is! • Includes Braidy Bead machine, 10 bow clasps, 30 precut bead strands in 5 colors and easy instructions. • 2.25 W x 5.25 L. • www.alextoys.com
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Friendship Wheel by Alex Toys
Make 10 different friendship bracelets the easy way using the two soft wheels that make weaving a snap. Watch the video to see how. Enough colorful string to makes 10 different bracelets. Learn more: http://www.alexbrands.com/product/arts-crafts/friendship-wheel/
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78D My Chocolate Shop
Make and wrap your own chocolates! Make 60 different delectable shapes and show them off on a candy shop display. Includes chocolate stand, 3 candy molds with 60 shapes, 10 lollipop sticks, 10 lollipop bags, 2 gift boxes, 60 stickers, 3 pastry bags, 5 paper cups, 4 candy wrappers, 10 foil sheets, 5 wooden stir sticks, ribbon and easy instructions. Stand measures 10"H x 5"W (25cm x 13cm). Chocolate and candy not included.
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ALEX Toys Art Box  56WN
www.alextoys.com Art Box from Alex Toys. All the art supplies your little OR big artist needs to be creative.http://www.alextoys.com/product/art-box/
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383WN Knot-A-Quilt
Who needs needles, stitching or stuffing? Get Knotty! Make a giant 42" x 54" quilt in just a few hours! Knot the fringed squares together into a colorful pattern. It's so easy. Then cuddle up! Kit comes with 48 9" squares of fleece in 6 bold colors! Knot-A-Quilt: http://www.alexbrands.com/product/arts-crafts/knot-a-quilt-2/
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Shrinky Dinks
http://www.alexbrands.com/pa_brand/shrinky-dinks/ Classic Shrinky Dinks® with a cool new twist and awesome ALEX® Designs! Shapes are preprinted and precut — no tracing or cutting required.
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Alex Toys Paper Beads
make custom jewelry from scratch with the Alex Paper Beads kit.
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ALEX Toys Magic Picture Maker 53W
Create spiral art, turn the Dial-a-Pattern knob to design with different patterns, or use the tracing overlay to reveal mystery pictures. http://www.alextoys.com/product/magic-picture-maker/
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ALEX Toys Multimedia Art Center 57R
Sketch, draw, color and get creative with the Multimedia Art Center from Alex Toys. Classic spin art made fun http://www.alexbrands.com/product/arts-crafts/multimedia-art-center-2/
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32W Magic Tracer ALEX
Trace like a pro, without using any tracing paper! You can use the art included, or use artwork of your won. Just place the paper in the Magic Tracer, and tilt the screen to project the image. http://www.alextoys.com/product/magic-tracer/
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ALEX Toys Color a Tote Bag #505
Design and color your own bag! Use the bright markers to fill-in the preprinted peace sign design with oodles of color! Find the Color A Tote Bag at ALEX Toys: http://www.alextoys.com/product/color-a-tote-bag/
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ALEX Toys Pixel Jewelry Kit 1731
From Alex Toys Create 17 accessories from 40 pixel designs, including earrings, necklaces, rings, keychain, brooches and barrettes! Contains 1500 melty beads in 12 bright colors, design board. Find it at: http://www.alextoys.com/product/pixel-jewelry/
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ALEX Toys Knitting Instructional Video
Think knitting looks cool and want to give it a try? Chunky wooden needles and think yarn make it easy! Fun projects for keeping fingers busy and developing concentration. Once you get the hang of it, knitting is skill you'll never forget. Includes yarn, needles, and easy to follow instructions.
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ALEX Toys - Giant Art Jar #170N
Dive into this great big jar filled to the brim with pom poms, pipe cleaners, feathers, sequins and much, much more! This is the jar you'll turn to again and again for hundreds of paper craft projects. Find it online: http://www.alextoys.com/product/giant-art-jar/
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ALEX Toys Bling Headphones
These jeweled headphones are easy to create. Simply just choose a bling pattern -then add gems to the ear pad design, plus the headband. Find it at ALEX Toys: http://www.alextoys.com/?p=6296
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ALEX TOYS USA Map In TheTub 890M
urn bath time into a cross-country, educational adventure! Learn about the United States while soaking in the tub with this 74 piece kit USA Map in the Tub from ALEX Toys! For Ages 3+ http://www.alextoys.com/product/usa-map-tub/
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Zillionz Savings Goal ATM Bank 0T3011306
This Pink Savings Goal ATM from Zillionz features a single-screen backlit digital display. Just insert the ATM card to activate the screen and view your savings.http://poof-slinky.com/product/savings-goal-atm-bank-pink/
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Link 'n Loop
Make a loopy scarf. It's easy!
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ALEX Toys Shrinky Dinks Bake & Shape 3D Jewelry 499w
Take your Shrinky Dinks jewelry to a new dimension by making bracelets, earrings and rings. Find the Shrinky Dinks Bake & Shape 3D jewelry kit at http://www.alexbrands.com/product/arts-crafts/shrinky-dinks-bake-shape-3d-jewelry-2/
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Knot a quilt, hat n' scarf, and poncho
learn how to make a quilt, a hat, a scarf and a poncho without knitting, sewing or stuffing. fear not, all you need to do is knot!
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ALEX Toys Ultimate Sketch It Nail Pens Party 796P
For the ultimate custom nail designer! Ultimate Sketch It Nail Pens Party includes all the tools you need to show off your skills. Paint and sketch with 5 colors of 2-tip nail pens. Create fab nail designs with color in appliques ? just peel stick and fill in with precision tipped pen.http://www.alextoys.com/product/ultimate-sketch-it-nail-pens-party/
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Shrinky Dinks Ultimate 3D Jewelry
http://www.alexbrands.com/product/arts-crafts/ultimate-bake-shape-3d-jewelry/ ► Shrinky Dinks Ultimate Bake and Shape 3D Jewelry takes jewelry making to a new dimension! All you have to do is design and color, slide into the mold, then bake in the oven. Check out more fun from Shrinky Dinks: http://www.alexbrands.com/pa_brand/shrinky-dinks/ Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYKJ40JP90C7-JU0o6zPOvQ?sub_confirmation=1 Connect with us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALEXToys/
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ALEX Toys So Many Headbands
Girls will love to design their own headbands in endless combinations with So Many Headbands from ALEX Toys. 10 heads bands and lots of accessories included: bows, bejeweled flowers and pom-poms. Slide-on gem stems and more. Find it online at: http://www.alextoys.com/product/so-many-headbands/ ‎
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ALEX Toys Essential Drawing Set 58W
www.alextoys.com Essential Drawing set fom Alex Toys. All the art supplies your little OR big sketch artist needs to be creative. http://www.alextoys.com/product/drawing-set/
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ALEX Toys  Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook 106BF
reserve your favorite BFF moments with this 48-page spiral bound 10" hardcover scrapbook. It's filled with colorful patterned pages to help create an awesome memory book. Everything is included to help you capture those special moments - stickers, glue, scissors, gems, patterned papers and more. Find it At ALEX Toys
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Sweetlings Frosting Techniques Tutorial
Learn how to Frost Your World with these frosting techniques, and help bring to life your Sweetlings! Check out Sweetlings and more: https://www.alexbrands.com/pa_brand/sweetlings Connect with us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALEXToys
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ZOOB 500 Piece Building Set
The ultimate set for the avid ZOOB builder! Perfect for school, parties or home! Comes with 6 instruction guides to make 50 creations, including “Megabite” (the Shark) and “The Purse”. Also includes four foam building pads that easily fit and support ZOOB pieces. Sturdy storage container has snap-down lid carry handle. Includes 500 pieces. Find it at http://poof-slinky.com/product/zoob-500/?pcat_id=343
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ALEX Toys Sew Fun Kit #443
Teach kids a lifetime skill with Sew Fun kit. Kids use a real working sewing machine to introduce young sewers to the world of making clothes and accessories. Follow along the instructions for making a cool wrap around skirt and tote bag. Find it online at: http://www.alextoys.com/product/sew-fun/
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ALEX Toys Colossal Art Studio 0A60X
http://www.alexbrands.com/product/arts-crafts/colossal-art-set-2/ For artists who love to be creative this 315 pieces Colossal Art Set has all the art supplies you need. Color, draw, doodle, paint or sketch all day long. Make a mountain of masterpieces! For artists of every age!
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ALEX Toys - My First Sewing Kit 195WN
Introduce children to the creative world of sewing with My First Sewing Kit by ALEX Toys. Everything included to make adorable stuffed animals, a notebook cover and more.It's a skill that lasts a lifetime! Find http://www.alextoys.com/product/my-first-sewing-kit/
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ALEX Toys Candy Wrapper Jewelry
http://www.alextoys.com/product/759W Save the planet and make a fashion statement, too! Make sweet bracelets, headbands and belts from candy wrappers. Just fold and link! Includes over 200 precut candy wrappers, glue stick with burnishing cap, hole puncher, 9 cords, 9 beads, 4 elastic loops, 30 sticky gems and easy instructions.
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Candy WrapperJewelry 759D
http://www.alextoys.com/product/759D Make sweet bracelets, necklaces, headbands and belts from candy wrappers. Just fold and link! Includes 220 precut candy wrappers, hole puncher, 11 cords, 11 beads, 4 elastic loops and easy instructions.
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DeluxeHairChalkSalon 738X
Show off your true colors with the Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon. Add temporary streaks of color using the colorful chalk pens on your hair. Find it at ALEX Toy: http://www.alextoys.com/?p=7296
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ALEX Toys Ultimate Hair Accessories Salon #722X
Color, bead and accessorize your hair! Make 8 awesome accessories like headbands and hair clips! Use the Hair Chalk Pens to add streaks of color! Find it at ALEX Toys: http://www.alextoys.com/product/ultimate-hair-accessories-salon/
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370W Knitwear Designer
http://www.alextoys.com/product/370w • Learn to knit and design a wardrobe for 12" (30cm) tall Molly Dolly. • Everything is included to knit a coat, skirt, dress, scarf, leg warmers and more! Enough yarn to make 12 fashions! • Kit includes colored yarns, ribbons, buttons, floss, wooden knitting needles, sewing needles and full color instruction book. • www.aletoys.com
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ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, Cut! Activity Kit 1428
Learn to use scissors! Follow and cut along the dotted line with the easy squeeze scissors and make fun crafts. Part of the Little Hands, Ready Set series especially designed for preschoolers. Learn more and shop at: http://www.alextoys.com/product/ready-set-cut/
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ALEX Toys Bop and Roll Wooden Activity -1994
This classic wooden activity will keep baby busy! The Bop and Roll wooden toy features four levels of patterns and designs. Part of the ALEX Jr. collection. Learn more and shop at: http://www.alextoys.com/product/bop-roll/ ‎
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Idea Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase
Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase lets children wow their audiences and amaze even themselves! Learn the great secrets of illusion from one of the most complete magic sets ever made. Check out the Spectacular Magic Suitcase at: https://www.alexbrands.com/product/pretend-play/spectacular-100-trick-magic-suitcase-2/ Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexToysVideos Connect with us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALEXToys/
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Paper Factory from Alex Toys
Alex Toy's' Paper Factory, item # 147, contains everything needed for kids to make their own unique paper. Make different textures, colors and add special touches like leaves, flowers, ribbon and more to add some flair. For ages 7+. Visit https://www.alextoys.com for more information
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Duct Tape Fashion by Alex Toys
Tear, stick and wear your own duct tape creations. Craft kit includes 54 feet (16.5m) of duct tape- 6 colors and animal print patterns too! visit us at https://www.alextoys.com
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ALEX Toys Toys Keep Safe Diary 1701206
Create your own secret code and lock up your secrets and valuables! You determine the programmable code so no one can peek inside. Find it at Alex Toys: http://www.alextoys.com/product/keepsafe-diary/
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ALEX Toys Jewelry Design Studio 730N
For the serious bead jewelry enthusiast, this case is like no other! The beading tray helps keep all of your beads organized and gives you space to plan your designs. Tons and tons of beads are included. http://www.alextoys.com/product/jewelry-design-studio/
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