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"Evil Personified" - CALLIGRAPHY - UK GORE RAP
64 Bars portaying the personification of evil... Referencing all contributing factors of the demise of human civilisation
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"Lesson Learned" - CALLIGRAPHY ft. Brendan Benson
A song I made sampling Brendan Benson's song about learnt lessons as title suggests.....
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UK hip hop parody - Poor Man's Style (Gangsta Rap)  -  Calligraphy
Video for my parody on "gangsta rap" written from the perspective of 3 "gangsta" rappers, over a remix of Barrington Levy's track of a similar title....like my other video, Superstition (Stevie Wonder remix) ,the effects and such are pretty basic but I aint no Guy Ritchie glamourisin' the shiz.... ...50 cent, snoop dog, big L, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Proof, the Game, John Cena, Lil' Wayne, Suge Knight, Whitney Houston and even OG loc get a mention....as does bling, guns and knives, gang bangin', pimps and hoes, crackheads and anything generally associated with gangsterisms with a little help from the Specials at the end to round it all off and to add to the chances of it poppin' up when people search for any of the forementioned....hope you enjoy... ps if squimish, there is a picture of a dead tupac about half way through....dont say i didn't warn ya...
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UK HIP HOP - Plymouth, The Dirty Old Town Pogues Remix - CALLIGRAPHY
Ere i be Reppin' Plymouth innit bay,Demport to Swilly....... bonus points to anyone able to 'name the shitholes' -thats Slum-berWang!
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UK / US  HIP HOP - 'Bootleg Shinding' - CALLIGRAPHY featuring REBELUS MAXIMUS & DZK
A cross-Atlantic 'bootleg' collaboration with the best of the US and urm...the best of the South West..... Again old school Bundy MC's era.....talkin' 2006ish......
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"Write Plaice Wrong Thyme" - CALLIGRAPHY (Dr John right place wrong time remix)
i been at the right place at the wrong time// got the right outlook the wrong frame of mind// the right path on my way to find// some green grass but by the time when i get there it changes sides// coz i always seem to miss the boat// im too slow maybe its the spliffs i smoke i don't know// theres only a few thing things that give me hope// i missed the bus that gets home and so// i wait for the next one// but no matter how great my intentions// things always take a change of direction// i probably spent too much time wasted// guess i wasn't paying attention// yeah im here now but its too late// i walk a mile in my own shoes and still trip on my shoelace// i got enough baggage i could live out of a suitcase// ------- i wuda loved to live here// before it all went to shit yeah// before the disasters that happened this year// if i cud id go back and just ask to disappear// back to a time before the population boom// before the daily news was consumed by the state as inflation loomed// before we faced the truth the generations doomed// take it back to a simple time,when we weren't single minded and blinded by bling and lies// pre-being governed by deceitful guys// way before the conspiracies had a thing to hide// predating any renegades// before life gave lemons and we settled making lemonade// coz this time in place has seen better days// if only i could get away coz// if only i could rewind time my mind might of been as highly defined as einstein and i might of devised designs of time but theres a fine line between ingenuity and hind sight// right right coz i run like clockwork// oranges, free falling tree not heard when it drop where the forest is, a waste of time like porridges apologies to my psychologist// why try following the blind when they lead the blind// redefine what ya need to find// its easier to get peace of mind// if ya take a leap and let the rest follow prints ya leave behind// if ya find someone got there first// remember darkness is there before lights dispersed// right place wrong time was the name of the my song Dr John did it first i just added some verses in the
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A collabortaion of 4 of the best MC's plymouth has to offer...the ever Illusive ILLUSIVE (last spotted living up to his name in Ivy Bridge or something), REBELUS MAXIMUS, OLDMANVEGAS and CALLIGRAPHY....keepin' it Ginsters!
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"Halo (Ain't Nobody At Home)" - Calligraphy (Lyrics)
Be your own God... ==================================================== i've sat on the back of God and watched the solar system shift a solar flare symphony, frozen in photosynthesis i saw the fragments all fractal and form a finger print imprinted into a pin prick and flicked into the big abyss so divine, so beautiful in design too intricate too infinite to fit inside a mind but yet it did inside of mine i vide the vision so defined each pixel it could depict a billion pictures at a time a saw every possible permutation of reality eleven dimensions, sensory perception of the galaxy witnessed with awe the laws physics and all the mythical fallacies i've channeled infallible parables sat at the back of magical gallery now i'm not expecting any of you to believe it i mean i wouldn't either if i hadn't seen it but we have to be in agreement there aint no proving wrong and so it's just as real as he is.. Jesus =========================================================== i said ayo aint you rocking your halo? then what's the matter today, oh aint nobody at home? ========================================================= seeing is believing aint no rhyme and aint no reason for you to believe in me any more than any of the other heathens even if conceivable please just keep the faith before you leap ya free to be dumb but don't be dumbed down by somebodies dream of freedom ya vulnerable if ya gullible don't to be susceptible to all the lies open your mind and don't blinded by the wolf that's trying the wool to hide ya eyelids from all the ultraviolet light inside us, but the auto pilot light is brightest - it's me, myself and i and i and iris before you're resigned to blind compliance climb upon the shoulders of the giants try applying science ya might just find it defines a fine line in your defiance just try to looks inside instead of skywards to the tyrants don't fall for the fools gold of the midis touch it might adjust and brighten up but enlightenment is a light above and the mind erupts on a psilocybin diet's a riot and I think you should try it bruv take the weight world away, and lighten up I said (chorus) yada yada
"You Can Lead A Horse To Water....." - CALLIGRAPHY - UK HIP HOP / DUB / DnB
i could show you all my lyrics that i've written in ink// and i could teach you about rhythm, how to talk in sync// and tell you everything i know and the way i think// but you can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink// "I Dont think i can help you if you cant help yourself"
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Old school mu'fuggaz......back in the day of the Bundy MCs...... so old school infact, the audio file has started to dissolve at the end you may notice....i on the other hand, didnt notice until i'd uploaded it......durrrr
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UK hip hop - Superstition (blind faith) - Calligraphy feat. Stevie Wonder
w'ww.myspace.com/calligraphymc ...geddon,video for my remix of the Stevie Wonder classic, taken from a slightly different angle, analysing the way various religous belief systems exploit the human tendency that is BLIND FAITH...hence the stevie wonderness...vid's pretty basic as it is my first attempt at this shiz, I'm more on the music ting-but i feel I've found pix befitting of the lyrical content.....may have went abit overkill on the FX though....but some bits fit...sorta....if you wanna hear more amaaaaaazing music-find it on me formentioned myspace sight innit....enjoy ??
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"Better Must Come"   Calligraphy (Lyrics)
For as long as i can remember, i've been pessimist more than half of my life i've been half empty inside i suppose that i feel better but i guess it's all relative considering how low i was, i must be high suicidal on an island i was waiting for the tide the change had a brain storm and now i'm riding a tidal wave my vital signs are thriving, thought survival was the final stage till psilocybin silenced primal rage enlightenment it intertwined inside a spiral shape, within a double helix had trouble feeling anything just like a quadriplegic down on my knees and pleading thinking life had lost it's meaning then i was able to rise once again just like a fuckin phoenix should have fuckin seen it, i was having a mare in fact I've got to be grateful for where I've been to where I'm at if ya going through hell then kept going coz I know where your at trust me, i've been there and back (better must come) call me eyesore, i keep free falling off the seesaw, so deep, i can only dream of the sea floor lower than your ya deepest sleep i creep while ya keep snoring i normally go to bed, just my head takes a detour in the morning i'd wake up on the wrong side everyday i may have nothing left, was never quite right anyway i'm trying to look at it on the bright side and celebrate coincidence to overshadow and blind side my mental state of depression, I made a progression may i maybe make a suggestion ya take hallucinogens and then change your perception a change of perspective, from the pain and the stressing ya brain'll take a monumental, multidimensional change of direction and it's exceptional, extra extraterrestrial, a testament contesting any texts they project in the schools you're comfortable numb you know ya under the thumb but it ain't too late for some to get some sun… (Better must come)
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"Dickheads" - Calligraphy
Everybody knows a few...
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"Sixteen Saltines" (Bootleg:Remix) - CALLIGRAPHY - "Universal Version"
Bootleg / Remix / Cover / Blag / Tribute of Jack White's Sixteen Saltines... pretty much all rights reserved to Jack White... don't like it? ..."then i couldn't care less what you do"
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A song about unfortunate reunions with forgotten acquiantances, with an irrelavant video that just happened to be the same length as the song ;-p "long time no see, wont you admit that this chit chat is shit that we dont need" ...roughly inspired by a scene in human traffic.....
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"The Point Of Being Apathetic" - CALLIGRAPHY
a song about apathy...but whats the use in tryin to describe it..
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Only Human (Idiocracy) - Calligraphy
all our flaws are intrinsic of the human race opposable thumbs and fingers to point at who's to blame monkey see monkey do the same monkey's in the zoo so he's used to only looking through a cage inherited tendencies tend to set the trend ya see in order to assimilate we simulated entropy imitate the edifice through artificial chemistry self-preservation, imperative empathy 8 its vital for survival - try to integrate, infiltrate, instigate initiate and think of something to say make the conversation drift the way you want before they comprehend you've influenced the way that their decision's made make deliberate mistakes on a daily basis keep it homeostasis, we're homo sapiens homie so you know we're fearing the changes to the damaged limitations we restricted the brain with 16 for relatively stable equilibrium, diligence is prevalent and evidence is ridiculed if dissonant citizens are designated dissident if they develop opinions that differ from the consensus of the militant …life's a bitch? nah - life's habitual it's just the life cycle of the spiteful and cynical alternatively you could be blinded by the miracles convinced because the odds of the coincidence is minimal 24 if the results are anomalous, modify the hypothesis or sign on the dotted line an anonymous these monuments are just products of modern politics but democracy is no recompense for common sense and since we share the same character traits its easy to get carried away by things ya think you randomly say but there's only so much you can add to the page when less than half the colour spectrum can be displayed 32 you're only a product of what you already have in your brain the sum'll only equal the parts that you can entertain the notion of concepts you cannot explain are the solution to equations you cant manage to fathom today ya so competitive, but it's all relative inherited endeavour to get better than your nemesis survival of the fittest is the witness to the benefit but only see improvement in the things you've taken measurements 40 evidence presented when its confirmation bias so social pariahs are set on fire in the riots while ya all your ambition is driven by your jealousy, and fear and the need to feel elite superiority you think there's such a thing as altruism any symbiotic relationship is co-dependent - know the difference notice the motive, every soul is on a solo mission social convention dictates ya whole religion 48 see it as cynicism, pessimism but it isn't less or different to wisdom if its proven to be true is it push it to its limits break the glass ceiling of tman made structures that only functions as a crunch for all the ones lack meaning, any cunt that lacks feeling all junkies getting fucked for the same exact reason id give you something to sink your back teeth in but wisdom only comes to those who accept that they lack freedom 56 free will is only governed by our instincts and our primitive urges to continue to exist so its highly unlikely that we'll find missing link probably buried in the history books the victor's chose not to print but this can only a product of collective thought in a shared conscience of nonsense and other metaphors acknowledging the infection we have never cured and my ego is just as susceptible as yours 64
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"The Great Escape (Houdini)" - Calligraphy (Lyrics)
see Alladin riding on a magic carpet outside in the dark his carpet's his apartment now his hands out just as vein as the arm he found out the hard way when he was thrown from the starboard bow and his death made his mother a martyr now thinking how did she let him drift so far and how did she get addicted to a script that should calm her down now she cant frown but she constantly passing out all she ever wanted was to make her father proud but he was staying out with the lager louts always playing second fiddle to a bar a town one day he went out and now he can't found except for the stars are out see a trace in every face when you unmask a clown hear the fear in every tear when the alarms will sound they go la lala la la out loud ========================================== See when it comes to the Great Escape You ride shot gun with Steve McQueen again Tip toeing over the razor blades But he's only sleeping, Houdini ========================================== see her silhouette shimmer in the street light fallen through the crack the pipe dreams will reignite should have realised could have had a real life couldn't read n write couldn't between the lines of cocaine from her abusive ex boyfriend so bitter abuse was his only enjoyment power tripper sniffer an ounce and destroy them his whole life has just has just been one disappointment to the pair of his christian parents, who would sit and stare at christmas bitching where is the crystal glare that was once in your eyes coz it isn't there no longer go to church cuz jesus just didn't care except for the stars are out see a trace in every face when you unmask the clowns hear the fear in every tear when the alarms will sound they go la lala la la out loud ========================================== See when it comes to the Great Escape You ride shot gun with James Dean again Tip toeing over the razor blades But he's only sleeping, Houdini ========================================== there's only 6 degrees of separation it's same disease the desperation whether recreation or medication everybody got the same final destination trying to get away from the straight jackets the same bracketed wage packets that's attached to the fake magic as they look for safe passage while they overtake traffic on the way to lake placid…i choose to take acid as a form of escapism I'm picking the locks to the doors of perception in this fake prison got nothing to die for, they aint living if they're buried alive in possessions they can't take with 'em so gather round lets escape this certain doom we can disappear with the elephant in the room the fugitive when the future is too soon on the run since June back in '92 ===========================================
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"Blank Piece Of Paper" - CALLIGRAPHY
A poetic interlude inspired by my Son, Jake, who was 4 at the time. He came in the kitchen one day singing "hold me like a blank piece of paper" and asked me to make it into a song. Obviously, I couldn't say no!!
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UK HIP HOP - Between The Lines (Raconteurs Remix) - CALLIGRAPHY
My remix of the Raconteurs song, pretty self explanitory....though the lyrics may not be so clear?!
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"Bath Salt Zombies"   CALLIGRAPHY Horror Core:Gore Rap
a song from the perspective of a bath salt zombie, obviously...
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Go With The Flow - Calligraphy ( DUBSTEP / GRIME )
A parody on grime/dubstep rappers and their formulaic contribution to their chosen genre.......
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"Silence Is Golden" - CALLIGRAPHY (lyrics)
you never look forward to forward movements// always thought forward thinking was more of a nuisance// line already drawn next to your conclusion// you dissolve into your solution// you been misinformed if you thought it was true// its ironic if fortune is important to you// coz its unfortunate for you if its all you pursue// fore you've forfeited the thought for proof// buried treasure they're trying to hide// but its by the by if ya buy into lies// so you sell ya soul for the time of ya life// you'll be indebted till the time you die// simple minds need simple things// sinister thoughts and the sinful grins// a flicker of hope as the signal dims// is just enough for them sing the hymns// ============================================ don't tell me you still believe// smoke mirrors and silver screens// green grass in a field of dreams// silence is golden// ------------------------------- you only gone and done it again// let em down where the floor descends// tiptoeing over shoulders and then// ya wonder why ya fall again// one of the forbidden ones// its everything you always want// see it glisten in the morning sun// she's the girl with silver tongue// ------------------------------- you can have every thing that you could want// but you want be happy till every things gone// ----------------------------------- oh no you done it again// silver lines in the cloud descend// refraction causes light to bend// the pot of gold is just pretend// pound signs in the eye of the blues// give him a penny and he'll give ya the news// his issues are much bigger than you// he cooks up on a silver spoon// -------------------------------- gonna pick up and put ya down// they let in then left you out// tomorrow but never now// but ya never gonna get it// ------------------------------- you are martyred soul/ on face value got a heart of gold// only so much you can polish coal// but ya gotta play the role// its ok coz you got money to burn// enough to give a couple hundred stomachs a turn// but ya cant afford to not bother to learn// it cost ya more than what ya earn//
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Summer of Death - Calligraphy ft. Noel Edmunds (cake rave remix)
Video for my attempt at psytrance using samples from brasseye put over random imagery...............blah
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"Toxic Sunset" (4 Minute Warning) - CALLIGRAPHY
a song about the apocalypse/urban decay/parasites/pollution and some other stuff...... can you name the genre of the bit in the mid-song remix?? ...i'm not sure myself, Dnb/Dubstep/rock..."steppin' stone"?......"in between a rock and a hard" place?
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"Aversion Therapy" - CALLIGRAPHY (lyrics)
i got a pin in a heart shaped case// i stab it in my skin when i see your face// now everything i feel has changed/ i associate you with a world of pain// i got elastic its on my wrist// i bit of plastic that i can twist// on the sleeve where my heart still sits// i pull it back then ya don't exist// ------------ take my mind away x3 till it starts to fade ------------ i got a door that i like to punch// bang my head against the wall then run// its ok when the morning comes// ya nothing more than any other cunt// sometimes the days so long// everything that i say is wrong// guess i'll have another jaeger bomb// now my memories of you are all but gone// ------------- take my mind away x3 till it starts to fade ------------ the positivity of deposited dividends// i wont suffer from this wrongful imprisonment// long been forgotten any problems or incidents// i witnessed the differences in cognitive dissonance// i make a fraction of accidents i used to make mistakes// actually better than you're able to imagine// iv taken evasive action, and faced the fact// i was vacant and basically taken by fatal attraction// now ya see i payed the price for free will// and my inability to ever really keep still// now i realise i don't need any cheap thrills// i feel chilled i don't need these pills// reprogram my brain remove ya face my memory// i've learn a away to keep my head n heart separately// i developed method for forgetting it indefinitely// aversion therapy as happy as ive ever been//
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"Dubterranean Homesick Blues 2010 Rewrite" - CALLIGRAPHY
My rewrite of the first ever hip hop song which was made of course by Bob Dylan, using modern social commentary bringing it up to date with the times although a lot of the original lyrics are still applicable even though it's now nearly 50years old... rate, comment & subscribe etc etc
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"Masquerade" - CALLIGRAPHY - (UK HIP HOP)
A song about the deceitful nature of two-faced people...... First verse: is written from the perspective of a seemingly nice person expressing his selflessness and caring nature.... Second verse: is written in the perspective of the same person as the first verse but this time expressing what he actually means.... Third verse: a more generalised analysis of the general lies that generic people generally gesticulate..........
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"Break The Bank" - CALLIGRAPHY ft Charlie Chaplin
"you bet your bottom dollar on rocking horse"..... etc
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UK HIP HOP / ROCK / FUNK - "Cons-U-Me" - CALLIGRAPHY (Rage Against The Cash Machine
my song about anti-consumerism and the people who keep up with the Jones inspired by Rage Against the Machine/Trainspotting etc .....even playing the guitar/bass etc up in this piece.....
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"The Occupational Hazard Of The J.S.A Blues" - CALLIGRAPHY (2008)
A song i made a couple years ago about the mundane, prospectless, groundhod day nature of claiming Job Seekers Allowance and the effects and repercussions it has on the unemployed population and society as a whole in britain....
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"Melancholy Baby" -  CALLIGRAPHY (2006ish)
A song about modern day forbidden love, intoxicated emotions etc... its about 4/5 years old, had forgotten i'd even made it but just found it and thought i'd wack it up as it made me laugh... i cant remember what song i sampled as it was a while ago and as the song explains, i was on medication at the time, obviously its a slight exaggeration but based on the truth, drawing inspiration from my situation at the time....but anyway, if anyone knows who sang it, please let me know and i'll give a bit of exposure to the original artist....i know i got it off some 1920's swing album or some shiz but thats about all i can remember about the song...and that brief but hectic period of my life..... oh yeh...RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE etc and ting....
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"How Many MC's Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?" - CALLIGRAPHY
urm...just one of them generic hip hop songs innit.... rate? comment??
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"Bad Man Ting" - CALLIGRAPHY ft. Jessica Burke
...positive vibes on a bad man ting... "6 million ways to die....choose one" ya dunknow!
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"Counting Sheep" - (shock value part II) - CALLIGRAPHY
FUCK CENSORSHIP! ...if you're offended you're an ignorant sheep, pretty simple.
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"Chasing Shadows" - CALLIGRAPHY
...low-fidelity garage rock?!... i had fun either way!
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"Take It All Away" - CALLIGRAPHY
its one of them songy things i done did a bit of stuff on some things for a while to innit...
"Why You've Got The Blues" - CALLIGRAPHY
....regretting using autotune a bit now, went a bit N-Dubz on the chorus unfortunately but don't hold it against me as i can assure you i didn't set out thinking "i want to sound like Dappy" ...myeh!
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"Don't Believe The Next Hype" - CALLIGRAPHY ft. Public Enemy
hype=deception carried out for the sake of publicity
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"Someone Else" - CALLIGRAPHY
a case of mistaken identity crisis of confidence ....basically about dickheads again :-p
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"Le Pen" - Calligraphy
who's to be the more pitied, a writer that's gagged by policeman or the one living life of freedom whom has nothing more to say, only cliches, citations needed imitation is the sincerest sort of excretions but i am only what i've ever read cogito ergo sum the sum of the parts of the words in my head like the whispers of the Chinese, between the lines meant you may misinterpret the purpose of the words that were said the writing is on the wall, i guess that writing about writer's block is better than not writing at all writing is like virus only cured by writing more i gotta syphon off the overflow before i flood my thoughts I brain storm with clouded judgement look for a feeling so profound only found in an ounce of a powdered substance like the pound of a thousand drummers that sound puzzled like a hell hound muzzled it's bound and his mouth muffled now I knuckle down wait around for my muse to call or a chorus procession to the set the musical imagine (Andrew) Llyod Webber in an empty music hall (but homonyms are obvious and really don't amuse) it's cool i'm biting the end of pen when it's truant i'm a student of a very rudimentary constitution and i try to open up but it's becoming less fluent i let the paper cut through it until spews a red fluid what if someone could write every thought in their mind? think of all the imperfections and the flaws you could find you'd see the killing fields where enemies are tortured alive and those few fleeting moments when our cortex thrives you'd see the depths of despair in their fortune and lies see the hope in the humble and the thorn in their sides you see a pen is better than the metal sword in the sky but too many fools are falling on their swords to die =============================================== my ideas are a shapeless mass of chaos till i put my pen to paper or articulate in crayons and try to channel parable as flammable as napalm metaphysical only visible in a seance writing's a fickle bitch and views get distorted when people start confusing their muse for a mortgage refused to be forced, form of human endurance for a fortunate few it doesn't lose that importance i write to explore my mind, same reason i snort a line same reason i'm sure you'll find i'm more than sort of borderline after line, writing till the borders till the morning time after time, writing till i fortify my thoughts i dine for the duration on a diet of isolation undoubted deliberation determines my dedication just to break the fuck cycle before it spirals sideways i see the psilocybin hieroglyphic symbols sign say: i gota try to jot it down before it gets forgotten now i wonder round and ponder how ever I found a proper noun but i waddled out the house in to a foreign town borrow something to accentuate the hallowed ground but i digress, dialect to digest dialogues and diatribes, i elect to dissect (Doctor Doctor) diagnosis, diarrhoea of the mindset My diary's a diabolical document of time spent wasted on statements and the placement of cadence the sunny days wasted in a daze in the basement i stare insanity straight in the face when i shapeshift I'm traveling through space without changing location through plethoras of platitudes over the old chestnuts you'll find a lot of water flowing off a dead duck but for metaphors of magnitude you never rest up, if want to get fed from the smorgasbord of the best stuff (uh) ================================================== while I'm writing in not sure of the concept i thought i had a point but I'm unsure of what it was yet maybe that's what it was? yes! coz no one scared of the ransom note until they come equipped with a bomb threat maybe it wasn't that? maybe it was in fact an observation made about a problem that creatives have? the ones that's evading tax, lacking scintillation facts casual lackadaisical approaching from the back maybe it was that or all of the above? or the ravings of a mad man that's lost what he loved? instead of trying to fit your mind into a glove try to open and up your mind and find the diamond in your blood maybe it's there? maybe it isn't? i see every permutation in the language it is written, in a tangled disposition, "imprisonment of the ignorant" is written in between the fine lines of your innocence
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