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Online Dating Tips For Over 50's Part 1
Why has there been a significant increase in the number of over 50’s looking for love in the last decade? The Baby Boomer generation coming of age Individuals are living longer - online dating offers an alternative to spending your later years alone Online dating offers individuals the opportunity to meet individuals from the comfort of their home Increase in the number of people who are divorced or separated – society has changed individuals no longer stay together for the sakes of their children Individuals taking the option to live on their own in their younger years and following their own career but now looking for someone to share their life with in later life Individuals are retiring earlier, either voluntarily or forcibly which means that there is not the same opportunity to interact with work colleagues – which is where a large number of relationships were previously formed The over 50’s are becoming more computer savvy as they try to keep in touch with friends, relations and family through social media Why Should Online Dating Be Only For The Younger Generation? There are a number of truths and untruths floating around on the internet about online dating for the over 50's However the amount of information available for online datingh for the over50's has certainly improved in the last decade When I first tried internet dating there was little or no helpful information on the internet/forums about dating for the older person, plenty of information on how to bed a different woman every night No matter how ugly you were. At 55 it certainly was not what I was looking for I wanted a more meaningful relationship. Yes there are problems particularly to do with scammers but they should not be overstated common sense should applied to how much personal and contact information you give out Would you go into a pub or club with a label round your neck giving name, phone number and address? The answer to that is of course no I will cover the problem of scams and scammers and how to spot a scam in the next video in the series online dating tips for over 50's There are now literally thousands of niche sites specifically catering for the older generation and most of the well known sites like match.com cater for all ages Do You Know What Online Dating Site You Want To Join? There are literally thousands of dating sites now catering for over 50's as it is one the fastest growing sector in online dating The choice is limitless but you can waste a lot of time and in some cases money on joining the wrong dating site unless you know Type of relationship you are seeking – marriage, sexual relationship, live together looking for love and romance again Broad profile of who you are looking for – age, cultural background, interests – understanding why previous relationships broke down, personality, interests/hobbies Do you want to pay for dating site services – the major advantage of a paid site is that everyone has to use a credit card so therefore not fully anonymous Do you want to restrict your search to one of the niche dating sites which concentrate on a particular interest Do You Understand The Safety Problems Associated With Online Dating For Over 50's There are scammers on all dating sites and there is not a day goes by when there is not a story in the papers of someone being scammed out of money but there are a few things you can do to minimise the threat to your safety Be wary about what individuals tell you and especially wary about photos, the picture you see may not be the person you are chatting with, or they may have used Photoshop Try and insulate yourself initially from becoming emotionally involved as this can make you more vulnerable – what I did was to initially treat my online dating journey as looking for friends which helped me to initially insulate myself emotionally I have gone over some of the factors to take into consideration when venturing into online dating, so set out on your journey to finding your soul mate and happiness. You are never too old to find love on the internet In the next video we will look at Dating Scams and Safety for the over 50’s
Seniors Online Dating Guide
http:/onlinedatingadvice.biz. The online dating guide for senior's is based on the problems and frustrations that I had with online dating which eventually ended in success. I am getting married in 2014. This included surviving the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship. The training package consists of 8 module video series PDF of the PowerPoint Slides MP3 of the videos E-Book Relationship Goals and Planning Workbook Training Videos Module 1 - Why Internet Dating Module 2 - Goals and Planning Module 3 - Putting Fundamentals Into Place Module 4 - Dynamic Profile Module 5 - Chose Best Dating Site for You Module 6 - What Are Individuals Looking For Module 7 - Making Initial Contact Module 8 - Initial Meet and What Comes Next Bonus Videos Law of Attraction Long distance relationships The package is available today for the discounted price of $27 package value $261
Long Distance Relationships Part 2 Do Long Distance Relationships Work
http://onlinedatingadvice.biz This is the second video in the series on long distance relationships - do long distance relationships work. Long distance relationships Part 2 is the second video in the series of short videos on long distance relationships some of which are based on my experiences of being in 3 long distance relationships since I graduated from Aberdeen University in 1969. Two of the relationships were unsuccessful and the third can count on as successful as I am living in the Philppines with her. "Do Long Distance Relationships Work" The general consensus on forums such as Yahoo Answers is NO they don't and steer clear of them. A number of factors will help to improve your chances of success Individual circumstances at the time Age of the couple and their relative ages Your individual personality Where you are in the life cycle -- degree of maturity My first long distance relationship did not work out not really surprising as I was only 21 and she had a further year to go at University and I was working in Edinburgh 150 miles away. At that age men tend to have other priorities namely sex, football or out with their mates for a drink. The other one was when I was 59, she was a Filipina, it did not work out but it had nothing to do with long distance but her personality and her inability to tell the truth. The third relationship is no longer a long distance relationship as I have been living in the Philippines with her for sixteen months, we had been chatting online for three years prior to me coming to live here.
Welcome to Iain's Dating Guide and Relationships Video Channel
http://www.onlinedatingadvice.biz. The Dating Guide and Relationships welcome video gives a summary of what subjects are covered in the videos including long distance relationships, online dating guide, relationship advice, dating tips and setting relationship and life goals. The majority of the videos are based on my personal experiences and those whom I have met on my internet dating journey and previous work experience. I have written two books " Online Dating Guide for Over 40's" and "How to Guide to Laws of Attraction" I have a particular interest in long distance relationships due to some of the garbage that is spouted on dating forums like Yahoo Answers My music interests include Pink Floyd, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan - you can tell my age from that selection and Runrig a Gaelic Rock Band which combines rock music with traditional Scottish folk songs. My other interests include wood carving and wood working, native crafts particularly from the Philippines and life in the Philippines
Long Distance Relationships - Part 1 What is a Long Distance Relationships
http://onlinedatingadvice.biz Long distance relationships Part 1 is the first in a series of short videos on long distance relationships some of which are based on my experiences of being in 3 long distance relationships since I graduated from Aberdeen University in 1969. Have you ever wondered what constitutes a long distance relationship, this video attempts to answer that question The majority of individuals have preconceived ideas of what constitutes a long distance relationship they generally look on it as having a romantic association but it can also apply to friends and family separated by distance. http://onlinedatingadvice.biz The definition of a long distance relationship can be different for individuals, some may think that living in a different suburb constitutes a long distance relationship whereas another individual may not think it is long distance unless separated by several hundred miles. At different times in their life cycles what an individual perceives as a long distance relationship may change. In fact does it actually have to be distance, could it not just be an inability to meet someone due to lack of transport or some other reason, even if you only live a few miles from your date. WHAT DO YOU THINK? If you have views and opinions on long distance relationships why not complete the survey on the home page of my website -- http://onlinedatingadvice.biz
Long Distance Relationship Part 3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Long Distance Relatonships
http://onlinedatingadvice.biz. This is the third video in the series of short videos about long distance relationships, in this video we look at the advantages and disadvantages of LDR. Yes despite what you may read on some dating forums there are advantages to long distance relationships. There is absolutely no reason why a long distance relationship cannot be as satisfying as a regular offline relationship and it all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. The advantages include Absence Can make the heart grow fonder There is an excellent chance that distance may make the relationship stronger as you have to work at it harder to keep it alive Individuals tend to be more open about their feelings and ambitions for their relationship Can find out more about the other person in a shorter time You learn to appreciate the other person more and don't take them for granted which can happen in a normal relationship - you go that extra distance Disadvantages of long distance relationships which include The emmotional roller coaster of emmotions which may swing from joy to despair Physical distance - all humans have a need and desire to share things and not having someone to share the good and bad times and to discuss everyday problems can be tough Physical distance has another problem in that the brain needs to associate your partner with love and if the gap between visits is long then it can lose that association For a relationship to mature there needs to be intimacy and a physical relationship which is not easy when you are maybe several thousand miles apart Although in relative terms air travel is cheaper than twenty years ago it is still expensive to travel to other countries. Fuel surcharges can add a significant to cash amount to cost of the ticket Another emotion that you may experience more than once in a long distance relationship is loneliness Jealousy is another emmotion you may suffer, it is understandable when not regularly seeing your partner, but jealousy can totally destroy a relationship and eat away at your very soul If you have enjoyed the video, I would ask you to please like it, share it and subscribe to my channel
Long Distance Relationships Part 4 - Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship?
http://onlinedatingadvice.biz This is part 4 of the series of short videos on long distance relationships. In this video I give some tips on how to be successful in a LDR. These include agreeing some guidelines at the start of the relationship including but not exclusively limited to 1. The possibility of one of the partners relocating in the future if the relationship should become serious 2. What type of relationship are you both looking for - in some countries and religions divorce is not recognised, so would limit the type of relationship to living with someone or sex when partners met but no long term commitment between the couple 3. It is important to establish and maintain an emotional connection and keep the brain associating the other person with love 4. Regular and consistent communication is the key to success in a long distance relationship 5. What are your partners attitude to having children 6.Learn to trust your partner and certainly just because your partner maybe several hundred miles away act as if you are still single. 7. Avoid individuals who are negative about long distance relationships (LDR) If you have enjoyed the video please like it and subscribe to my channel

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