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Fate Reforged 6 Japanese Packs Opening (VALUE Packed)
I opened up six Japanese Fate Reforged packs and pulled some awesome cards. Pulls are as Follows (not in order of video) Soulfire Grand Master (M) White Mythic Polluted Delta (R) Fetch Land Shaman of the Great Hunt (M) Red Mythic Arcbound (R) Red Rare Palace Siege (R) Black Rare, I was wrong about it being the Wrath Frontier Siege (R) Green Rare Sage-Eye Avengers (R) Blue Rare
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MTG - Modern Masters Unboxing
Opening a box of Modern Masters, thought I would video it to put up on tumblr.
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MTG - Conspiracy Booster Box Opening... Foil Mythic
Opened a pretty good box of Conspiracy. Check out the rare's and mythic's I pulled. Great box of Commander playable cards..
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SOI Box Opening
Finally had a chance to crack a box of SOI; putting this here so I can link the video easily to my Tumblr. Not a bad box; good pulls and good cards for the collection. There is a crying baby at the end of the video (sorry for the noise interruption; but can't be helped with a little one in the house).
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