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Unedible Trash @$$ cornstarch chunks😡
This Argo from the container. I put in a paper bag to chunk it up. The results were tragic😢
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Pt.2 ShopRite brand cornstarch
Trying to see if I can get some major crunch
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Fell Off The Wagon Aldi chunks
This my last box I swear lol
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Family Dollar cornstarch taste test
Family Dollar brand cornstarch aka Family Gourmet has a heavy corn cereal taste, silky, does not chunk very well. Dry and I dont like the taste...it taste cheap.
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Sunday evening chunks
Eating chunks before Long Island Medium comes on *excuse my legs lol
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Scorched Target brand cornstarch
Accidentally burnt the cs
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Shop Rite cornstarch chunks
I backslid...but these are ShopRite brand cornstarch chunks
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Found Argo in the Box !!!
So this little bodega around my way started selling Argo in the box. I had to try to see what the fuss was all about *Of course when I stopped taping I had a big crunchy piece of cs lol
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Burnt cornstarch (oops) 😮
Microwaved burnt cs
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Snack break chunks
Constarch Brand:Shoprite Container Type: Bag inside cardboard box Cooking Method: Packed tight inside microwave for 6 minutes...Allowed to cool for 12 hours Crunch Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars Cooking longer and cooling longer seems to make it crunch better
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Afterwork cornstarch jones confessional
Pica, cornstarch, addiction, jonesin, stress
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Finally Got Some Crunch!
Fell off the wagon...but I couldn't give up til I was crunching like my cs sistas
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Beginner Puff Stitch Hat
This is a Puff Stitch Hat I made following tjw1963's crochet tutorial.
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Improved Crunch Chunks
I punched more holes in the Argo box ...that seemed to make a difference.
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Friday nite last minute chunks
Tried to fight off the craving...lost
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After work chunks
Me getting in the crib. Couldnt wait to tear deeze chunks up. After this no more eating cornstarch.
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Michael's arts and craft haul 2013
Yarn haul for two projects I'm working on. I'm still a beginner and people want things before Christmas ACK!!!
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Stress relief chunks
I gotta store that sells boxed Argo YAY!
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After work chunks pt 2
Chillaxin with cornstarch chunks
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Acme supermarket brand cornstarch
Chunks up really good. Doesnt make me tired like the other brands. No taste hardly, dissolves sorta quickly not thick...nice mouth feel. Pur in microwave for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Perfect for pica people who know how to get crunch
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Huge chunks
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Experimental Oven Baked Chunks
*I had a video before this one showing how I wrapped box in foil and wrapped in towel like Queen of Chunks. I didnt like how the first vid came out so I did not upload it. Umm i hated the oven method...it made the cs taste like straight cardboard...bleeh
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Puff Stitch Scarf1
Puff Stitch Crochet Scarf Size H crochet hook 1 1/2 balls of Red Heart Pink Camo worsted weight yarn
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New way of packing late night cs chunks PT1
Learned a new way of packing down cs box
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