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Mail man accused of stalking because he delivered mail
Being a man doesn't just make someone a stalker, they actually have to do something that's defined as "Stalking". Delivering mail isn't one of those things, especially if it isn't used for the sake of getting close to someone. Maybe someone should've informed this fool of that. He dropped his keys while she was drilling him about something he wasn't doing, and he was probably already backed up due to the work volume they have in a lot of cities. Some people genuinely make up things in their mind to make them seem like they're so desirable, when in reality a lot of people could care less. She didn't mention anything specific other than him going into the apartment building's office where she was and then she saw him parked outside. WTF? Ever see someone talk about how EVERY guy or girl hits on them, and you never seem to be around when all these people are falling for them? They may have an overactive imagination, blaming all for the actions of some, one, or none. Her overactive imagination in this case made him a stalker, and that's not right. If she called the cops, he could've gotten in trouble for something he didn't do if they simply believe what she said. This is incredibly stupid. Some think this is a result of someone who has gone crazy on a feminist kick, but I have absolutely no idea. All I can comment on is what I have seen and heard here.
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Zero Tolerance Law for Police Brutality
A Zero Tolerance Law against Police Brutality is necessary, fight for one! Police Brutality is a crime. Decent cops shouldn't approve of it, and they shouldn't be mad at anyone who disapproves of it, wrong is wrong. No one wants to be beaten, killed and any other harassment because someone feels as if they can get away with it. Innocent people have been beaten and/or killed like those seen in this video, and even people with a valid reason to be arrested have been beaten up when they should have simply been arrested or worse. Some do it to relieve stress, some do it to act on their hatred, but no matter what its for, its uncalled for, officers are paid to beat people up, and self defense is only called for when there is a risk that they may be killed. Stun guns and spray can be used to immobilize an attacker, but using these things just to use them is wrong. If someone is eligible for arrest, just arrest them, especially if there are multiple cops, beating them up needs to be eligible for severe consequences, but some cops get a paid suspension/vacation instead while someone and/or their family is left in pain. Taxes aren't paid to employ officers to abuse the badge. |Share this video| Strict laws for the police need to happen!
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Microsoft is bad for gaming
Hate it or love it, adding various things like micro-transactions to fully priced games only to decrease the content in the games is wrong. Microsoft has the wrong idea about gaming, paying more for something that should be free, doesn't make someone anymore of a gamer than someone that gets a full game for the full price. If everyone followed Microsoft's tactics, i'd be worried that the industry is heading for a cliff at full speed, but its not everyone. Microsoft isn't the only in that bandwagon either.
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Little Big Deathmatch - Unreal Tournament 3
Ok, so I took this video clip with my camera phone and flipped through players on my custom map for about a minute. To enjoy the rest of this map and its "..........", check it out: http://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament-3/downloads/little-big-deathmatch Comments disabled because of posts being made that don't even relate to the post.
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The Scorpion Jumper | Long Live Gaming!
Outside of JC2 gameplay, i'm also talking about pending next gen consoles, parents against violent video games, lower prices for new release games, drm, JC3, Shenmue3 etc.
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Kingdom Hearts 3D unboxing
Unboxing: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance Buy the game for a great price here: http://tinyurl.com/kh3dddd
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Want to go to College? Wait! Listen to this!
You can download the pdf directly from the government website: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/profit-college-company-pay-955-million-settle-claims-illegal-recruiting-consumer-fraud-and or just check it out online: http://www.gibsondunn.com/Publications/Documents/EDMC-Complaint.pdf **The claims resolved by the settlement are allegations only, and there has been no determination of liability.** - I believe this is listed on the Justice.gov website to keep graduates at bay, either way this video acts as helpful information before you proceed or decide not to proceed with college.
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Nintendo site lego city problem
Using Google Chrome, I was on the www.nintendo.com/3ds page and tried to go to the "Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins" website, but it wasn't working. This is proof, I used "Screencast-o-Matic" to record this time instead of using my cell phone, so that its a lot more clear (I just wasn't expecting to end up on a Little Big Planet product page while trying to check out Harvest Moon via a retailer through the Nintendo website). I clicked on another game to show that it worked via navigation on the site but not that game. This video is unlisted so no one can access it unless they have the link.
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uechiblu3000 - Black Ops II Game Clip
I don't need to be in the top % of COD fanatics to upload gameplay, so here is a clip.
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Nintendo website Lego City Undercover problem
This time I am using internet explorer, which it gave me a different reaction than Chrome, but neither took me to the actual "Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins" website. I wanted to take clearer video to show you guys the navigation since the Harvest moon video was recorded with my cell phone, so I used a screen recorder (screencast-o-matic).
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News Flash: Don't have kids if...
Dare to Share if you Care!
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Not Lovin Racism: McDonalds
If its true, its not right and the management responsible need to fired. If corporate is sitting back allowing racism to affect a persons income, then they don't deserve a dime of my money. It needs to stop.
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My "Mighty Switch Force" fastest times May.16.2013
Here are my fastest "Mighty Switch Force" game times to date. If you were able to get faster times, let me know.
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News Flash: Safe Driving is beneficial
Dare to Share if you Care!
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Stereotypical Assumptions are Stupid!
Open your eyes, lets stop the ignorance....or at least distance yourself from people that don't want to be around your promotion of ignorance. ---- Make complaints against businesses here: http://www.bbb.org/ ---- This video was made and uploaded with Xtranormal's State To make your own movie, visit http://xtranormal.com
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The War Against Naptime
Thought i'd upload this little digital story that I made in a class awhile back.
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From ATV to Parachute to Real Estate purchase
Its not black friday, but this may be the quickest action oriented purchase ever!
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Playstation game through Nintendo website
Harvest Moon 3D: The tale of two towns I went to the Nintendo website, clicked on "Buy Now" for Harvest Moon 3D, when the retailer tabs came up, I clicked on Amazon only to be taken to a Little Big Planet product page which is a Sony Playstation game (so did Target's link, and Wal-Mart's link). I even used different browsers (Google Chrome | Microsoft Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox) and they all had the same results, and I don't search for that particular product, I don't have a PS3 and I don't have a Vita. The "Buy Now" tab is gone now (on the Nintendo website for this obvious reason).
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Father's rights disregarded due to a woman's prejudice parents
Woman gets in a relationship with a guy and lets her prejudice parents get in the way of it to the point that she lies about losing their baby, when in fact she ditched the baby in Italy. I had to make a video commenting on it. I didn't mention this in the video, but his rights as a father were completely disregarded. Here's the link to the full story: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/ChrisCuomo/brandon-henry-custody-fight-italy/story?id=9331080
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The Kim Kardashian confrontation
The Kim K confrontation and my take on some of the haters. H8r Blockrs available here: www.BabyFu.co.nr
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