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sparx shoes Sm 322 quick unboxing  best quality first impression quick trial  relaxo unisex
bought from flipkart in ₹1034 free delivery delivery was very very quick model sm-322 sparx available size 6-10 three colours available yellow navy blue 1.grey black 2.grey mint green 3.grey black buying link -https://www.flipkart.com/sparx-sneakers-men/p/itmf3yyrqnrf6463?pid=SHOFF9YGQSFC46UJ&lid=LSTSHOFF9YGQSFC46UJD6EQWF&marketplace=FLIPKART&sattr=color&st=color
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langsdom L5 Bluetooth stereo wireless earbuds earphones/headphones with mic 2018
toy buy link is here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Langsdom-Sport-Bluetooth-Earphone-for-Phone-Metal-Wireless-Earphones-Bluetooth-Wilress-Headset-with-Mic-fone-de/32831935139.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.Sgxg78
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Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet | Unboxing and first impression  no review quick trial
vega crux helmet three colour available red black white available in three sizes - s,m,l s-size is available on flipakart only rest all sizes are available in market and online
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sparx shoes Sm 318 quick unboxing  white grey best quality first impression   relaxo unisex
bought from paytm mall mrp 749 size 10 available size 6,7,8,9,10 3 colours available grey navy blue red
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DELL KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard review(hindi)
DELL KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard review please hit like on video and subscribe my channel buying link http://www.amazon.in/DELL-KB216-Wired-Multimedia-Keyboard/dp/B00ZYLMQH0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495098020&sr=8-1&keywords=dell+kb216 https://www.flipkart.com/dell-kb-216-wired-usb-laptop-keyboard/p/itmehdyaydrcbgav?pid=ACCEHDYAKFAJ7EYQ&srno=s_1_1&otracker=search&lid=LSTACCEHDYAKFAJ7EYQ7WNU6P&qH=76b867446d2e7c92
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asian shoes SKYPY-31 Casual & Sports Shoes Walking Shoes For Men
#asianshoes #menscasualshoes #menssneakers2019 #asiancasualshoes size available 6-12 4 colours available available on all websites
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unistar shoes unboxing model 5006 black canvas from filpkart.com
unistar shoes unboxing model 5006 black canvas its available in two colours-black and brown its very high quality according to cost its just for 499 full review of shoes https://youtu.be/K_cE3p2Oi4A sparx,reebok,
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Shopping from Limeroad.com- Unboxing & Haul 1st experience great discount
Black Cotton Hodded T-Shirt buying link : https://www.limeroad.com/black-cotton-kay-dee-creations-p14225120?utm_source=c0ddcddd6b&utm_medium=desktop ordered on 24th dec 2017 and delivered on 30th dec 2017 evning
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#sparx shoes Sm 402 quick unboxing  white best quality first impression quick trial  relaxo unisex
bought from flipkart mrp 499 size 10 available size 6,7,8,9,10 unboxing of sm 323 black https://youtu.be/BWrN7eLCl6k unboxing of sm 323 white -https://youtu.be/yNs9klkv9vs
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best budget shoes for men ₹214 from paytm #liberty gliders
search on paytm,flipkart,amzon, to buy it currently its out of stock on paytm its availabe in 3 colours black brown, and beige(kind of khaki )
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sparx shoes model- sm 323 quick unboxing black white best quality first impression relaxo
i bought this sparx shoes from shopatrelaxo.com (offical website of company to shop online) i paid 749 +100 shiping 3days delivery via blue dart. sm 323 trial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NJPhrAiCGU&t=2s Model sm323 Mrp of the shoes ₹749 available in 6-10size colours available Black white & white black quality of the product is very nice rough and tough looks paisa wasool item check this out sm 323 in white colour unboxing https://youtu.be/yNs9klkv9vs sparx shoes model- sm 252 unboxing- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYuftYgwGtM&t=2s sparx shoes sm280 unboxing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlI7gdDi9sE&t=3s
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#sparx shoes Sm 162 quick unboxing  navy blue first impression quick trial  relaxo unisex
available in -6-11 size mrp 899 for best offer check amzon flipkart paytm
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what documnets are needed for passport 2019 fresh passport /reissue
#indianpassport #documentsforpassport #aditube
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How to Make paper filter bags of vaccum cleaners reusable- karcher with full details
i request you to use good quality &small size cutter so that you can make good output if you use bad quality cutter or big cutter it might be litttle bit uncomfortable in using and holding it hand like pen ..thank you so much unboxing video of karcher wd3 vaccum cleaner - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi-A8TTY6fM demo power test of karcher vacuum cleaner wd3 in details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0QNeMyYsEw
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sparx shoes model- sm 252 review blue white best quality
mrp of the shoes 1249 available in 6-10size colours available blue white & black white quality of the product is very nice i will give review again abt this aftr 7-8 months
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smiriti van  sikar jaipur hitch hike Vlog rajasthan  india aditube indian
#smiritivan #sikar #RAJASTHAN
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Life hack very useful handle from cello tape packaging tape easy quick  in detail DIY (Hindi)
#makehandlefromcellotape #cellotapehack #lifehack
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Safari 22 inch Cabin Luggage Review | unboxing trolly bag aditube compact luggage checkin luggage
#SafariMosaicCabinLuggage - 22 inch #trollybag #CABINLUGGAGE
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unistar shoe review from flipkart model 5006 black canvas
buy from here http://www.ebay.in/itm/Unistar-Black-Canvas-Shoes-5006-Black-/291964159636?var=&hash=item43fa6b8694:m:mmCNd23J1ALFQ2LyBd-1yLA http://www.ebay.in/itm/Unistar-Brown-Canvas-Shoes-5006-Brown-/291964159617?var=&hash=item43fa6b8681:m:mG1rLuUTKJFIk5QK2XurLTA https://www.flipkart.com/unistar-canvas-shoes/p/itmeebz6ggb52yhh?pid=SHOEEBZ66RUFCMXA unboxing video https://youtu.be/O0L8k7bkO3M
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sparx shoes Sm 323 quick unboxing  white best quality first impression quick trial  relaxo unisex
bought from amzon.in mrp 749 size 10 available size 6,7,8,9,10 unboxing of sm 323 black https://youtu.be/BWrN7eLCl6k
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Nby-18 Speaker - REVIEW,quick unboxing quick test,  aliexpress
Mini Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker Sound System 3D Stereo Music Surround Support TF AUX USB Product Description 1.Battery capacity:Rechargeable lithium battery, the battery capacity of 1200mAh, can continue to play 8-10 hours 2.Can support 4 kinds of mode to playing music, bluetooth, TF, U disk mode, 3.5 mm audio line mode 3.bluetooth version:V3.0+EDR 4.bluetooth transmissio distance:10 meters 5.frequency response range :85hz~20KHz 6.sigani-to-noise ratio:84db or higher 7.sensitivity:80db+2db 8.size:190mm*55mm*60m Package includes 1*NBY-18 Speaker 1*Audio Cable 1*Charging cable 1*User Manual
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Indian Passport cover from TATA international limited passport seva kendra psk my opnion (LR-S )
Available exclusively at PSKs at the following prices: Product Code Design Material Colours Available Selling Price Introductory Offer Price PU-S Standard Polyurethane (PU) Black / Brown / Tan Rs. 400.00 Rs. 350.00 LR-S Standard Genuine Leather Black / Brown / Tan Rs. 500.00 Rs. 450.00 LR-P Premium Genuine Leather Black / Brown / Tan Rs. 600.00 Rs. 550.00 Prices are inclusive of courier charges and applicable GST. Simple steps to opt for Passport Cover: STEP 1: Express your interest at the Token or at 'A' counter in the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). STEP 2: Select the desired Cover and pay at 'A' counter. STEP 3: Get the Passport Cover delivered at your doorsteps.
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sparx sports shoes Sm9023 quick unboxing best quality first impression quick trial  relaxo unisex
bought from flipkart mrp 2999 i bought for 1649 size 10 available size 6,7,8,9,10 buying link - https://www.flipkart.com/sparx-running-shoes-men/p/itmf3xtqc2gaw4ke?pid=SHOESBMZDB5SEV7G unboxing of sparx sm 323 -https://youtu.be/yNs9klkv9vs unboxing of sm 323 black - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWrN7eLCl6k&t=179s unboxing of sm 280 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlI7gdDi9sE&t=13s review sm 252 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlI7gdDi9sE&t=13s
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#GM Modular 3060- E-Book 4+1 Spike Guard spike guard unboxing first impression hindi
buying link -https://www.amazon.in/GM-Modular-3060-Book-Multicolour/dp/B008XT42JU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1543758663&sr=8-3&keywords=spike+guard
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sparx shoes Sm 312 quick unboxing  white best quality first impression quick trial  relaxo unisex
bought in ₹1169 from amzon.in mrp 1799 size 10 available size 6,7,8,9,10
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simple Easy way to sealing Plastic bags (INDIA)unedited (hindi)
You just need a lighter & 1 steel measuring scale 12inches
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sparx shoes sm280  unboxing
hey hello bhai log kaise ho ? please hit lik and subscribe my youtube channel this is sm 280 available in 3 colours red,grey,blue its available on all websites mostly
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how to check #indianpassport fees on offical website  on your own easy simple aditube
my passport experience link - https://youtu.be/seVWW5jRFQ4
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importance of scissors ignore chinese low quality  products use made in india in hindi
i have tried to show the difference between chinese scissor and indian scissors i have shared my own experience this video is unedited made by me please comment and hit subscribe button and lik thank you so much for watching
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Red Chief Men's Formal Shoes
#RedChiefMen'sFormalShoes #RedChief #mens #formalshoes my friend brought it for ₹1357 from amzon you can check the all website and order from where ever you get best deal still i m puting amzon link you can check the product details here there 2 colours brown n black https://www.amazon.in/Red-Chief-Shoes-7-RC3497-003/dp/B075L4CLSY/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1552277281&sr=8-12&keywords=red+chief
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Terabyte TB 015 Laptop/Desktop Speaker
#TerabyteTB015Laptop/Desktop Speaker #terabytespeaker #bestbudgetspeaker kindly check offer and compare price on everywebsite and order thanks f&d speaker unboxing - https://youtu.be/dN6zibOkwDc
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Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer (Purple) unboxing test amazon sale quick
bought it for rs.675 from amzon.in
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2inch tape cutter  tape dispenser  review & how to use it(hindi)
i m sharing my experience of tape cutter i have tryed teaching how to use it on small parcels very usefull thing everyone should have it 1 your suggestions are most welcome
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boAt BassHeads 225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones
#boAtBassHeads225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones #boatheadphones #boat
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How to increase the  speed of your fidget  spinner & fix noise  issue
How to increase the speed of your fidget spinner & fix noise issue. works for almost all models i have used used engine oil of my motor bike you can use any oil which is thick like my video and do subscribe my channel and please comment
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#F&D F203G Quick Unboxing And Sound Test Budget Home Theater hindi  ₹809
do check out my other videos in my channel
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Karcher WD3/MV3 1000-Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner india unboxing
its unboxing of karcher vaccum cleaner wd3/mv3 behing that noise fisss fiss is of pressure cooker please ignore that i will put using review after i use few days please subsricbe my channel and hit like thanks alot power test of karcher wd3 link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0QNeMyYsEw&t=4s
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#sparx shoes Sm 171  white blue best quality long term quick review  relaxo unisex sports
i m wearing 10size shoes follow me on insta -adityabiyani10
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Storage box For Earphone Headphone Earbuds best quality unique langsdom  aliexpress quick review
its universal for earphones ear buds its normally fits all very nice quality cheap price &compact buying link https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Langsdom-Headset-Box-langsdom-UFO-Storage-Box-Multifunctional-Frosted-surface-Carrying-Bag-Earphone-Headphone-Accessories/32798298748.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.fILon8
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Mi Power Bank 2i - Made in India Unboxing & Quick Review
Power bank video starts from 2.54min
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