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Playtime on the Ninja 300 | Shorty GP Exhaust Sound | Tunnel Exhaust
This video was taken about a month ago. I don't normally ride like this, I was just in the mood. (That's what she said)
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For Those Who Think That the Ninja 300 Is Not "Powerful" Enough on the HIghway
I made this video for those people who do not have the bike and are thinking about buying it and seeing how it rides on the highway.
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2013 GSX-R 600 Decat and 2013 ZX-10R Accelerations and Flybys
GSXR is running decat headers with a shorty gp exhaust. ZX10R has a vance and hines slip-on exhaust.
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Motovlog #5 - Riding Down to Philadelphia, Revzilla Meetup, Riding with 15 Ducati's
This meetup was on Saturday, April 19th 2014. Was great meeting everyone and riding today. I had a blast!
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Cycle Gear Bike Night April 2014  |  Edison, New Jersey
Cycle Gear bike night april 10th 2014. Edison, New Jersey.
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CHEAH Pet Commercial BakerXDerek
Decided to do a remake of the original BakerXDerek one with his new CHEAH sounds. Check him out! https://www.youtube.com/user/bakerXderek/
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2014 Progressive New York Motorcycle Show and Jason Britton Stunt Show
Had an awesome time at the show. Looking forward to next year!
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Slammed Miata Revs His Engine at Me.
Seen this guy driving around a few times and he revved his engine at a red light next to me.
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2003 Ducati 999 Track Day NJMP Lightning 10/24/2015
First time at the track. This video is session 5 where I started to pick up the pace and got more comfortable with passing people. My memory card was full at the end of this session and that's why the video cuts out. I did much better in session 6 and wish I was able to get footage of it.
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2015 Honda CBR1000RR Stoppie Crash in Centralia 4K
Big group ride to the Ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. A couple riders crashed on the graffiti strip.
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0-77mph 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS SE GoPro Hero 3 Black 4K VIDEO
Found a nice long stretch of empty road and decided to do a 0-60 but got a little farther than that :p
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Did I Back it in Enough?
Was doing my second run through hawk's nest and still learning the road and went a little too fast and almost lost it when braking. I felt the whole rear go sideways.
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Ducati 899 Panigale 60-149 MPH
This is a short preview of an upcoming exciting video of me riding a Ducati 899. Enjoy!
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Group Ride | GoPro Hero 4 Black 4K | Short Video Test
Testing out the new GoPro Hero 4 Black edition. I had just bought it at Best Buy so it only had one bar of battery and recorded about 15 minutes of video and I just shortened it down. So far the video quality is amazing and it is awesome to watch in 4K!!!
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Cape Voice killswitching Clutch1st
Operation New York Cheesecake Meetup 2014
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[CLOSE CALL] Pickup Truck Pulls Out in Front of Motorcycle
It was a lot closer in person. Thankfully I saw it coming before it even happened so I reacted quickly and braked in time. This has been happening almost every day now, people really need to start paying attention.
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Missed Open Net PSL CS:S Soccer
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Ninja 300 Crash Aftermath - Struck a Fallen Tree
Full details at: http://www.kawasakininja300.com/forum/63-crash-boom-bang/77674-second-crash-first-crash-road.html I was riding to work a few nights ago and I crashed into a tree that fell in the middle of the road. Two other cars crashed into the tree as well. Insurance adjuster said the bike may be a total loss. I will update later with more info.
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Found two newly paved turns near me | Trying out a new camera angle
Tried a different camera view from the rear seat. Found these two newly paved turns near me and just kept going back and forth on them. The last time I was leaning pretty far and I guess the rear wheel lost traction and I immediately let off the throttle and let the bike stand back up and it wobbled for a second or two.
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Winter Riding in Snow | Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS SE | Part 3
Riding after it snowed Music is by my friend WakeThePhantom. Check out his music here. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wake-The-Phantom/117227005032065 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wakethephantom Bandcamp: http://wakethephantom.bandcamp.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/wakethephantom Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/wakethephantom
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I Was In a Motorcycle Commercial *Snapchat Story Video*
On 10/18/2017 a few friends and I were on set for an Italian commercial and we were in a few scenes. These pics and videos are from my Snapchat stories that I posted throughout the day. Follow my Snapchat : mikvbean
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