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My Chinese apartment. What's it like?
I walk you guys through my apartment and the view from outside here in Jinan, China. Get to see what an average apartment around my city looks like. At the end of the day it's not so different from the West minus a few differences. If you have any questions about apartments in China or China in general please feel free to leave a comment below!
The Best Coffee In Jinan, China
There are lot's of coffee shops in Jinan but the one that takes first place for having legit "real" coffee is located in Kuan Hou Li. They have a fine selection of beans and freshly roasted at their own shop. If you love coffee and are in town then definitely check it out!
Indian Taste Final
Anthony and Eric go to an Indian restaurant in China. This restaurant does have Indian chefs and all the food is very authentic and tastes great!
Real Chinese food in Jinan China
We take you too a small restaurant in China so you can see how Chinese food really is.
Night Vlog and Hooters in Osaka!
Join us on another adventure through Osaka, Japan! We are checking out some anime stores and other local places.
Tennoji Park and Gardens. Osaka, Japan.
One of the most beautiful places in the world forsure. Check it out and tell me what you think.
The Legendary Satei Hato: Coffee in Japan
If any of you are coffee addicts like myself you have heard of Blue Bottle. Well the Founder of Blue Bottle James Freeman has spoken about this place in his book The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee. He states that this was a major influence for him so of course I had to go and check it out.
Ryogoku, Tokyo. Land of the Sumo Wrestlers!
We decided to check out Ryogoku, just one of the many city wards in Tokyo. Famous for it's history of sumo wrestling and apparently sumo restaurants where you can eat like a sumo wrestler and watch them fight. So we figured why not check it out and see if we can find one of these restaurants. This video can also be found on steemit at https://steemit.com/japan/@cirememoh/ryogoku-tokyo-land-of-the-sumo-wrestlers Follow Anthony and Eric on there to stay up to date with all of our media posts! Eric's Steemit: @cirememoh Anthony's Steemit: @capone145
Apartments in China  Anthony's new place
What are apartments like in China? Check Anthony's new place to find out.
Furong Jie
In this video we show you a famous street in Jinan called Furong Jie. A very Chinese street full of many shops and people.
1000 Buddha Mountain. Jinan, China.
Join us as we venture through a famous mountain in China. This mountain is centered around Buddhism. This mountain is full of history, culture, and many wonderful sights to see.
An Americans opinion of Hong Kong
Eric's thoughts on Hong Kong after living there for a month. Just keeping it real as usual so relax a bit and enjoy the show.
Tantan: China's dating app
What are dating apps like in China? Many of us use them whether it's out of boredom, looking for friends, hooking up or a simple chat. So if you plan on coming to China and are interested in what dating apps Chinese people use, we show you one of China's number one dating apps.
Christmas in China
We talk to you about what Christmas is like in Jinan China
Transformers themed cafe in China
We take you to one of our favorite places in China. It is a Transformers themed cafe in Jinan, China. This is where Eric and me edit our videos and where we film our discussion videos.
Get Mcdonald's delivered to your house. Meituan: An awesome app!
We show you one of the best phone apps in China. Meituan, an app where you can order and get practically anything delivered to your house.
Video Response to a SerpentZA's video about America vs China
We just comment on a few things SerpentZA mentions in his video about certain differences between America and China
Thai food in China
Join us as we eat at a nice Thai restaurant in Jinan, China.
A trip to Hebei: Ye San Po Day 1
Anthony's school take the teachers on a trip ever year. Last year was Inner Mongolia and this year is to Hebei province.
Shitennoji Temple Osaka, Japan
This is by far the best temple that I have seen thus far. I havn't been too every temple in Japan though. Let us know what you think.
My regular food in China
I take you to a small restaurant in Jinan, China. They mostly serve Chicken with the bones in. It very good and this is a spot I frequent often. Shout out to Josh for showing me this place a while back.
Claw Maching Round 4 and VLOG  Osaka, Japan
One of our last VLOG's in Japan. Someone does win vs the claw machine so watch to find out who. Leave your guesses in the comments.
Wong Tai Sin Temple Hong Kong
This is one of the nicest temples that I have been to. Wong Tai Sin is a Taoist temple that was established in 1921, it is one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong. It is also renowned among overseas Chinese in Southern Asia, Europe, and America.
Realationships with Chinese girls
Eric interviews Anthony about his experience with dating Chinese girls. Now keep in mind that this is our experience and that we do live in a smaller city in China.
Is coffee popular in China?
Not only is there coffee in China but there are some pretty good places to get some specialty coffee. The place we are taking you to is much better than anything you can get at a Starbucks.
A Chinese Restaurant Experience in China (Hong Kong 56)
Anthony and me pay a visit to one of our favorite restaurants here in Jinan, China, called Hong Kong 56. A fan favorite with food that always hits the spot. Check it out if you are ever in town!
Osaka, Japan. Americamura VLOG Life in Japan.
We are taking you to a place here in Osaka known as American village. A great place to go looking for some Western fare. This is also where I go to get my coffee every week. Most shop owners in this area can speak English as well which is very helpful. This has to be my favorite place to go and just hang out. Lots of good food and plenty of interesting shops. The vibe in this are is very different.
Hebei Trip: Ye San Po  Day 2
This is day 2 or part to of my school trip to Hebei. There is some more nature and mountains of course as well as a pretty cool cave so check it out!
An awesome village in China
A rebuilt village in China that takes after ancient China.
Grocery Shopping in Tokyo, Japan
Follow us through a weekly shop in our local grocery store. We are showing you some prices and what exactly is available here.
Life in China Intro
This is our very first video of Life Through Western Eyes. It is an introduction to the many upcoming videos that we will share. We briefly discuss ourselves and life in China. Please like, share, comment and/or subscribe. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it. Hao de!
Eating weird and unusual Chinese foods
Join us as we take a day to eat a bunch of strange foods that you won's see out west. Including bugs and strange meats.
Cats and dogs, do Chinese people really eat them?
We discuss different topics of food in China and what people really eat in China?
Bitcoin ATM's in Tokyo: How do they work?
We go on the search for Bitcoin ATM's in this maze of a city. Follow us on the journey to see what happens.
Grocery shopping in China
Anthony takes you through his local grocery store showing you what its like a talking prices.
China: Day in the life with Anthony
Follow me through a normal day in my life in China.
A Western Oasis in China: Ennafort Park Irish Pub
A great western restaurant in our city of Jinan, China. Yes it is an Irish Pub all the way out here. Some classic foods from the western world that are hard to find elsewhere
Big Burgers: Western food in China
Join us as we eat in a western restaurant in China! Burgers do exist out here!
SUPER PACKED! Halloween In Shibuya, Tokyo
This is in Shibuya, Tokyo where practically everyone came out to play. The streets of Shibuya become super crowded and everyone is out to have a good time. Tons and tons of different costumes and characters of all types. This was a night to remember and unlike anything we've ever experienced. Don't forget to subscribe to catch more awesome videos from Japan and around the world!
Last day in China and back to the US
Anthony is going back to the states for a month to visit friends and family.
Crazy Repairmen in China
Watch these two guys fix my air conditioning unit in good old China. Not what I expected!
Culture Shock: Going to China
My experience with culture shock going to China and reverse culture shock on the way back.
Day in the life US edition: Back from China
Follow Anthony through a day in the life while he is back in the states.
Hanging out in China
A relaxed video just to keep you guys updated on how things have been going. Sorry it has been a few weeks, just been a lot going on. Hope you all enjoy!
China, traffic, accidents, and chaos
Yes I got into my first e-bike crash here in China and in this video I discuss the reactions of the general public around me.
Exploring Osaka, Japan Vlog (Osaka is Dope!)
Our first vlog since arriving in Osaka. We explore some great views from one of the tallest towers in Japan as well as exploring new areas for the first time. This Vlog is epic so check it out!
Changes in China
Some new developments in the land of China.
A Christmas Day in China
Join us on our first Christmas day in China. We show you a Christmas buffet at a nice international hotel in Jinan, China.
A glimpse into Ancient (Modern) China
We show you a recently built area in the heart of Jinan, China. It is a modern take on Ancient China. A peaceful and quite place to take a stroll through if you are ever in town.
Japanese Apartments: What are they like?
Ever wondered what an apartment looks like in Japan? Well in this video you can see what ours looks like. Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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