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Training Rifle - The TM4 Training Rifle by T4EGuns.com
The new TM-4 Carbine Rifle is an authentic replica of the M4 rifle with very similar external mechanical functions and weight as the M4 firearm. This training rifle provides an authentic training experience with great ammo options, less maintenance time, and lower costs than similar training platforms. Ammo capabilities of the TM-4 include: .43 caliber rubber ball dust ball paintball All ammo uses the same magazine. Download the T4E TM4 Training Rifle Information Sheet (PDF) at: http://www.t4eguns.com/wp-content/uploads/T4E-TM4-Training-Rifle-Information-sheet.pdf Current T4E Catalog: http://www.t4eguns.com/catalog/ Visit Training For Engagement (T4E) at http://www.t4eguns.com
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