Videos uploaded by user “kobebryantkush”
Basketball shooting/dribbling/layups
just shooting dribbling and layups comment on what I have to improve on
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touching rim 10 ft at the gym
the first one i didnt touch but i touched the second time and i video cameraed a label on the basketball plat form and it says 10 ft but you cant barely see it on camera and comment for vertical jump workouts to gain inches on my vertical jump
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dunking about 9 ft 4
5 ft 9 17 year old basketball player and the video kept moving my fault but i will put better dunks and basketball videos tomorrow
Views: 164 kobebryantkush
dunking 9 ft
the first one wasnt that good but the second one was better
Views: 124 kobebryantkush
Shooting and layups
Shooting and layups
Views: 48 kobebryantkush
Almost grabbing rim
Almost grabbing rim
Views: 105 kobebryantkush
touching 10 ft rim
im 5 9 and im 17 i know its not great but im going to try to dunk 10 ft sometime this year
Views: 261 kobebryantkush
shooting shot form
comment if i need improvement or comment if its good shooting form
Views: 224 kobebryantkush
Touching rim 2 foot jump
Second and third jump were the best blurry from android phone camera
Views: 149 kobebryantkush
shooting dribbling and layups
comment if i need any improvement in shooting dribbling and layups
Views: 101 kobebryantkush
two ball dribbling
two ball dribbling not a super good ball handler but im pretty good comment if i need improvement or tips of being a good ball handler
Views: 49 kobebryantkush
one ball dribbling
one ball dribbling im pretty good ball handler comment if i need improvement
Views: 78 kobebryantkush

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