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GP DFW   Standard RD 4
William Jensen (UW Control) vs Rob Renault (Blue Devoltion)
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GP Albuquerque Rd 9  (Standard)
Shahar Shenhar (Esper Control) vs Sam Black (Mono Blue Devotion) & Matt Sperling vs Todd Anderson
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Magic the Gathering GP Seattle 2018 Round 5 LEGACY
75: Mollenkopf, Tyler vs. Scott-Vargas, Luis 7: Froehlich, Eric vs. Kinsey, Jeff 88: Huang, Bob vs Nass, Matthew 79: Froehlich, Athena vs. Khare, Anand Legacy
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Deck Tech Conley Woods - KCI Eggs
Lands 4 x Island 1 x Plains 4 x Darksteel Citadel 3 x Ghost Quarter 3 x Adarkar Wastes 1 x Buried Ruin Noncreature Spells 2 x Lotus Bloom 4 x Mox Opal 4 x Terrarion 4 x Chromatic Star 4 x Chromatic Sphere 1 x Codex Shredder 4 x Ichor Wellspring 1 x Mind Stone 4 x Krark-Clan Ironworks 4 x Reshape 4 x Faith's Reward 4 x Thoughtcast 3 x Open the Vaults 1 x Banefire Sideboard 2 x Echoing Truth 2 x Kiora's Dismissal 2 x Aura of Silence 1 x Swan Song 1 x Pyrite Spellbomb 2 x Spellskite 1 x Torpor Orb 1 x Tormod's Crypt 1 x Nihil Spellbomb 1 x Defense Grid 1 x Grafdigger's Cage
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GP Baltimore Top 8 Draft Gerard Fabiano
Khans of Tarkir Sealed Deck/Draft Grand Prix are the biggest open Magic events run around the world. These exciting three-day festivals of all that is Magic feature a two-day main event with thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Plus, you’ll find artist signings and more side events than you could possibly play in your most fevered Magic-induced dreams. Prizes for the main event of an individual Grand Prix scale with the size of the event, with each Grand Prix awarding a prize purse of at least $35,000. A team Grand Prix will hand out at least $45,000. Players are also awarded Pro Points for high finishes. The Top 8 automatically earn invitations and airfare to the Pro Tour. Every player will receive a special promo card just for signing up, while supplies last. In addition, Grand Prix awards a multiplier of 8x for all Planeswalker Points earned, and side events carry a multiplier of 3x. Prizes and promotions may vary based upon the Grand Prix Organizer. Below is the base payout that Tournament Organizers use for Grand Prix tournaments.
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Magic the Gathering GP Toronto 2018 Finals
Modern Dan Ward (Bogles) vs Jon Stern (Burn)
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Magic the Gathering GP Seattle 2018 Semifinals Standard
Standard Thompson vs Roberts Yan vs Frye
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Grand Prix Boston Round 5
Modern Constructed Samuele Estrattl (Mono Blue Tron) vs Greg Ogreenc (Burn)
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Grand Prix Lyon 2018 Round 9 - Magic the Gathering
Modern 173 Rouar, Julien FR 18 Schulte, Andreas DE 18 13 Tobiasch, Marc DE 21 Commercon, Simon DE 21 17 Fassler, Dario CH 21 Van Luttervelt, Dave NL 21 90 Juza, Martin CZ 18 Hofmann, Mike DE 18 Van Luttervelt, Dave (–) – playing W/U Hatebears. Schulte on Soulflayer Surprise and Fässler on Mill is the main attraction this round, of course. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/magic
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Eternal Weekend Vintage QF
Taylor Pratt (Blue Angels) vs Reid Duke (TPS)
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Grand Prix Las Vegas Top 8 Draft Maynard
gp vegas -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/magic2
Views: 40948 ggslive

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