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Popular Science 100 Best Innovations of 2009
Jacob Ward, Deputy Editor of Popular Science Magazine, talks about some of the technological innovations featured in the "Best of whats New Issue of Popular Science Magazine. Goodyear's Assurance Fuel Max tires are one of several products showcased.
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Brom Paints w/ His Mouth -- Mouth & Foot Painting Artists
At the age of 21, Brom Wikstrom was refining his craft. The son of a commercial artist, Brom also had a knack for painting. After illustrating his high school yearbook, he enrolled in college art classes. But that summer, Brom was injured in a diving accident that left him a quadriplegic. He would spend more than a year in the hospital. Though his hands could no longer hold a brush, his passion for painting couldn't be stilled. He soon began to paint again, but this time holding the paintbrush in his mouth. Now, Brom's beautiful artwork is known worldwide. And, thanks to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA), he and hundreds of artists like him are able to earn a living.
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Clark Howard at McDonald's with Money-Saving Tips
Consumer advocate Clark Howard shares his money-saving tips as part of a V.I.P. Breakfast series at the Camp Creek Parkway McDonald's in Atlanta. McDonald's has launched Dollar Menu at Breakfast and Free Wi-Fi as new ways to provide value to its guests.
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How To Recycle Sweatpants To Make The Green Hat (PS I Made This...)
Erica has teamed with Dasani to create a line of hats with sales benefitting the non-profit Ocean Conservancy. More info at http://dasani.newslinevine.com/. The hats will support the launch of the new 100-percent-recyclable PlantBottle™ plastic bottle packaging, made from a blend of up to 30 percent plant-based materials. Check out the video for a DIY step-by-step!
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Actress Jane Seymour, Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet Member
Actress Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Wedding Crashers) talks about the Red Cross in 2011. Make your New Year's resolution truly helpful.
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Christopher Knight at CES 2011
Christopher Knight from the Brady Bunch fills us in on the best gadgets from this year's 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Visit http://moretipsforyou.com/ for more info. Chris knows tech having held high positions at many companies in recent years.
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Acids and Bases Champions Science Adventures
Jump into the world of magic and illusion! Experience science like you never have before as Andy Allan The Science Wiz invites you to an amazing magic show using Acids and Bases. A little hocus pocus with a science focus! More info at http://www.discoverchampions.com/.
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Go Wild Champions Science Adventures
Did you know that a crocodile cant stick out his tongue? That when a hippo yawns, you can fit a whole child in his mouth? That zebras cant see orange? Join Andy Allan The Science Wiz as he takes you on an adventure. From Africa to the Arctic, animals are going wild. Join Andy on an adventure and meet some mind boggling animals in the wild. More info at http://www.discoverchampions.com/.
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Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities For Cybercrime
The Norton Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities Report reveals whos most vulnerable to cybercrime. Cybercriminals phish for victims vulnerable from unsecure online activity. More info at http://norton.newslinevine.com/. Accessing wifi hotspots and online shopping also increases risk. Download the Norton Family Online Safety Guide for more tips.
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Tough Love's Steve Ward Marries Couples In Times Square
Occurring just once every one hundred years, a perfect calendar reading of 11/11/11 is considered the luckiest day of the century - making this November 11, 2011 a very lucky wedding day. Don't bother picking up the phone to book a City Hall wedding: government offices are closed on November 11 for Veteran's Day. Crowne Plaza and master matchmaker and Tough Love host Steve Ward are teaming up to help 11 couples have the luckiest and most romantic wedding of the century. A romantic wedding weekend in New York City concludes with a celebration of love and luck for 11 couples who will have Steve preside over their vows in Times Square on 11/11/11.
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2010 Consumer Electronics Show with Christopher Knight
Christopher Knight, best known for playing Peter Brady on the 1970s series "The Brady Bunch", talks about the some of the hotest new electronic gadgets that were presented at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.
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Christopher Knight AKA Peter Brady - CES 2012
You know him from "The Brady Bunch" where he played Peter Brady but Christopher Knight is more than his alter-ego on a 70's sit-com. Christopher is also a highly successful businessman who made the transition from TV star to, computer expert. Watch as he talks about the Lenovo K91 Smart TV...
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Air Power Champions Science Adventures
Can a potato out race the space shuttle? Can it penetrate steel? Andy Allan The Science Wiz will show you how to blast off into some space and rocketry science! More info at http://www.discoverchampions.com/.
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Red Cross CEO Talks Haiti
Its been three months since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastating Haiti and leaving 1.3 million people homeless. Since January 12, The American Red Cross has seen an outpouring of support from the American people with $400 million dollars in donations, at least $32 million of that coming from $10 cell phone text donations. Many people are now wondering where that money is going, how their donation helped and how the Haitian people are doing on a daily basis. Check out the video for some answers from the CEO of the American Red Cross, Gail McGovern.
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Obese Pet Prevention -- Help Save Them!
The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention reports that half of all dogs are overweight or obese and 60% of indoor cats, and most owners don't even realize it. "America's Veterinarian" Dr. Marty Becker (www.drmartybecker.com) has teamed up with PETCO to bring awareness to some heartbreaking health problems that can be a result and ways to prevent pet obesity.
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Super Cool Champions Science Adventures
Believe it or not, anyone can be a super hero. All you need is a little science know-how! Andy Allan The Science Wiz shows you how to "blow the lid off of cool" using the power of liquid nitrogen. Bundle up and get ready for some deep freeze experiments to see if Andy can use "super powers" to blow a trash can 100 ft. in the air! More info at http://www.discoverchampions.com/.
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Red Cross President Talks Holiday Giving
Red Cross President Gail McGovern has some great ways to help people in need this year. Watch to find out how to decide where your money goes to help communities across the country.
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2011 VEX Robotics World Championship Video
Celebrating National Robots week, more than 550 of the top teams from middle schools, high schools and colleges in 14 countries around the world will compete at the 2011 VEX Robotics World Championship at the Walt Disney World in Orlando from April 14-16. More than just an exercise in programming and driving robots, these kids are using robotics to hone critical life skills including leadership, teamwork and project management, while increasing their understanding, interest and passion for STEM education and careers.
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