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Homeless Man Returns Ring
Man returns valuable ring to woman,
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Chariho Stuns Burrillville for D-III Crown; Narragansett Tops Westerly for D-II Title
Chariho Stuns Burrillville for D-III Crown; Narragansett Tops Westerly for D-II Title
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North Providence police chief arrested
North Providence Police Chief John Whiting was arrested this week and charged with one count of larceny over $500 and two counts of obstruction of justice.
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Hometown Hero: Chris Herren Jr.
Hometown Hero: Chris Herren Jr.
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Bride Gives Up Father-Daughter Dance for Bridesmaid and Her Terminally Ill Dad
A day for brides is shared with a bridesmaid - giving her, her father and her sister a moment to remember.
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The Cape Cod Baseball League Story
The Cape Cod Baseball League Story
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Another city slacker
A 5-month Target 12 Investigation uncovers a Providence DPW worker spending hours away from his city job.
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Barstool Sports Founder David Portnoy Discuss Deflategate from NYC
After a very vocal day supporting Tom Brady outside of court in New York city, David Portnoy of Barstool Sports joined Yianni Kurakis
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Several mobsters set to be released from prison in 2014
Several mobsters set to be released from prison in 2014
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2 Missing Girls Found 31 Years Later
Their mother, who did not have custody, was arrested and charged with kidnapping the children back in 1985.
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Alleged Beating Caught on Video Prompts Lawsuit Against Taunton Cop
Taunton Officer Robert Kramer is being sued for the second time in just five months.
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Family returns home after nightmare cruise trip
The family was on the Royal Carribbean Anthem of the Seas, when the ship was caught in a violent storm Sunday.
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Station Nightclub Fire: Five Years Later "The Doctor"
Station Nightclub Fire: Five Years Later "The Doctor"
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#D-Strong Goes Global for Boy Battling Cancer
Eyewitness News sits down with Dorian Murray of Westerly, one of the bravest boys you'll ever meet.
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Lawsuit: Front-load washers breeding ground for mold
A class action lawsuit claims the appliances may be creating a big mold problem for people who own them.
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Teen Gets Six Life Sentences in Triple Murder
Russell Burrell pleaded guilty last November in the June 2012 shooting deaths of Shemeeka Barrows, Michael Martin, and Damien Colon in Providence.
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Making Rounds with Oscar
Making Rounds with Oscar is the story of an unusual cat, the patients he serves, their caregivers, and of one doctor who learns how to listen.
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Finding Closure: Questions Remain For Cranston’s Abandoned Mausoleum
More than a dozen bodies have been removed from the condemned Roger Williams Park Mausoleum, but questions remain about what will happen next.
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Hometown Sports Hero: David Principe
The La Salle sophomore became only the fourth sophomore in Rhode Island history to take the Individual cross country title, helping pace the Rams to their first team crown in 31 years.
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Brown's Dylan Molloy Could be the Best Lacrosse Player in the Country
Brown's Dylan Molloy Could be the Best Lacrosse Player in the Country
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Driving Too Slow in Passing Lane is Against the law
More states are cracking down on slowpokes in the fast lane.
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Redskins Sean Taylor Dies from Gunshot Wounds
Redskins Sean Taylor Dies from Gunshot Wounds
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Swansea Library Cat
Swansea Public Library is fighting to keep their unofficial mascot, Penny the cat.
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North Providence Buys Fleet of Plow Trucks at Auction
Mayor Charles Lombardi said the trucks he bought at a state auction would go for more than $7,000 each online, but he purchased them for an eighth of that price.
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Massachusetts man arrested after recording police officer in street
A Fall River man has been charged with violating the Massachusetts wiretapping statute for recording a police officer talking on his cell phone and cursing while working a street detail.
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Central Falls HS teen accepted by 5 ivy leagues
Central Falls High School valedictorian Jean Paul Valencia ha been accepted by Harvard, Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, and Columbia. He is the first student to do so in the High School's recent history.
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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Bear Rings Doorbell
In the video, the bear can be seen walking up to the front door and knocking over the decorations. It then walks up to the doorbell and uses its nose to ring the doorbell! When the homeowners answer, they say "bear, go away!" a few times before the bear walks off.
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Bulger Audio Tapes
Bulger's voice heard in prison records saying he used shotgun to scare off group of Rhode Islanders
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Aaron Hernandez Laid to Rest in Private Funeral
Dozens of mourners turned out for the invitation-only service in Bristol, Connecticut.
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Know Your Rights: Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Know Your Rights: Landlord/Tenant Disputes
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Condemned mausoleum becomes hot spot for trespassers
The mausoleum in Cranston has been boarded up and fenced off for years.
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President Obama visits Gregg's Restaurant
After his speech on the economy at Rhode Island College, President Obama visited a local RI restaurant.
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Murder suspect pleads guilty, sentenced to life in prison
A man accused of shooting and killing a Providence father in his driveway changed his plea in Superior Court Thursday.
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Fall River cancer patient optimistic despite devastating diagnosis
A typical active teenager, Nelly was a dancer and a cheerleader with big dreams before her diagnosis.
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Abandoned Mausoleum Keeps Families from Finding Closure
Hundreds of bodies laid to rest in the Roger Williams Park Mausoleum, but their families are locked out – unable to be near because the building is on the verge of collapsing.
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Some Of RI’s Most Notorious Criminals Shipped Out Of state
As of June, 44 Rhode Island inmates have been sent to other states to serve their time.
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New Bedford Drowning
New Bedford Drowning
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KY police officer will attend Tyler's party
Susan Campbell speaks with Kentucky State Police Officer Jamey Kidd, who drove 14 hours to attend Tyler Seddon's party.
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Suspect Ordered Held In Murder Of Afghan War Vet
Erico Montalvo, 18, is charged with the murder of 26-year-old Colby Mendonca in Providence.
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Health Dept. shuts down funeral home after owner’s death
State health officials have ordered a local funeral home to immediately stop its operations after finding multiple bodies were stored improperly.
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Town taking action against Lincoln cop
As the trial continues Friday in the case of a suspended Lincoln police officer charged with kicking a handcuffed woman in the head; the town is also taking action against Patrolman Edward Krawetz.
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Using Muscle To Beat Up Cerebral Palsy
Next time you don't feel like heading to the gym, think about Eric Birnie and what drives him to sweat through his grueling workouts.
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Kara Kennedy dead at age 51
Kara Kennedy, the daughter of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy and sister of former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy died Saturday at the age of 51.
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RIDOT Buys 15 New Plow Trucks for Winter
All of the trucks are equipped with new technology to save the state money during the upcoming winter.
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NB murder arraignment outburst
NB murder arraignment outburst
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State Police Unveil New Cruisers
RI State Police are rolling out new cruisers after two decades of using Ford Crown Victorias.
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Pedro Lopez pleads not guilty to Central Fall double murder
Pedro Lopez pleads not guilty to Central Fall double murder
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Protesters Call for Resignation of Taunton Detective
The rally was held weeks after Eyewitness News first reported multiple accusations of brutality against Detective Robert Kramer.
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Suspended Woonsocket cop charged with assaulting high school student
Officer Patrick Cahill has been suspended since he was arrested for child abuse back in 2012.
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Are you more likey "not' to wear a seatbelt in the back seat?
There's a new push to get people to buckle up in the back seat.
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