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PTR-91 Pt8 Charging Handle Replacement- on HK, PTR Style Firearms
NOTE: Thanks to some input from other youtubers, I'ts been pointed out that original HK's and newer PTR's can only have the pin removed from the bottom. So the reverse of this video.
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Esstac Shotgun Card- Velcro Shell Carrier, from SKD
I love these things. http://www.skdtac.com/Esstac-Shotgun-Card-p/ess.106.htm
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PTR-91 GI Part 4, HK Paddle Conversion (Magazine Release) - Revised Repost
(Revised and reposted) Converting the magazine catch assembly to the original HK G3 specs. The parts are from a original 1967 HK G3 receiver section and a US made semi auto bushing and pin, all purchased from RTG. I could not locate any instructions or "how to" vids on the topic. So here is my uninstructed attempt and the good results. I'm surprised PTR did not make this a factory feature on the "G.I." model, considering its such a prominent G.I. feature. The conversion took about 2 hrs. with normal household tools. 1. Measure old receiver section and scribe on rifle. 2. remove catch assembly from rifle. 3. mill or drill off the ledge inside the rifles receiver 4. drill hole for the pivot pin (do not drill all the way through both sides). 5. If necessary(like I had to but would have preferred not too) drill holes in receiver for paddle assembly clearance. You could play it safe and move the hole slightly inward towards the mag well. 6. Install new HK mag catch. 7. Test fit paddle, pin and bushings. 8. cut back receiver for paddle clearance as needed, as shown in video. 9. test with all parts assembled. 10. Weld the pin hole closed and file the bead to fit. 11. Enjoy! Tools needed. 1. Drill 2. Drill press 3. drill bit for semi auto pivot pin ( .120" #31 drill bit.) 4. drill bits to remove ledge and HK pivot bushing 5. Dremel with cut off wheel 6. small file 7. small punch to remove roll pin from catch assemblies 8. small hammer 9. measuring and scribing devices (I used a machinist ruler and razor blade) 10. Welding or brazing equipment http://www.militaryfirearm.com/Forum/showthread.php?21946-Need-help-on-paddle-release-install
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LWRC M6A2 Gas Piston System - Basic Overview
Bolt carrier visible in this video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BicoXW-m1Zk
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Type 63 Chest Rig. Affordable 7.62/.308 Option
I have several high line chest rigs from brands like Eagle and SOE. I've been experimenting with the Chi-Com gear that is 1/10th the cost or less, to see how it stacks up. Chi-Com Type 63 chest rig. Originally intended for the Type 63 rifle (Kinda a AK/SKS hybrid) and its 20rd 7.62x39 magazines. It can also hold 5 .308 mags with a additional 2 utility pouches. This particular one is holding 20rd G3 magazines that are larger than most .308 mags, so M14, FAL and AR10 mags should fit too. Tourniquet Setup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeYIUVjIbj0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUoEbhG3nXjiRKFoJcmP1Vhw
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Piston AR "Carrier Tilt Denialists" LWRC M6A2, Pt.1
IMO Current LWRC's are of very high quality and have solved the carrier tilt issues that the original adapted carrier LWRC's, lesser quality guns and conversion kits experience. I've had this rifle for 2 yrs. If for any reason my experiences with this rifle change, I will make a new video detailing any issues that may arise. Due to my experiences and zero weapon related malfunctions in over 5K rounds, my confidence in the M6A2 is far greater than any of my DI AR15's.
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Chi-Com Type 81- Modifications
Another installment of the affordable gear playlist. For those on a budget, looking for throw down or pass-out gear or maybe something light and minimalist to throw in a get-home-bag. This is a viable option. The whole rig was bought, shipped and modified to its current state for less than $20.
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Bolt Carrier Group Comparison. LWRC vs BCM
FYI, This video is several years old now. LWRC no longer uses this bolt in 5.56. LMT currently use this design...........A quick comparison of LWRC ACB and BCM Mil-Spec bolt carrier groups. Both are high quality and very reliable. This is just to demonstrate some of LWRC's extra features that are included in its premium price.
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AK74 Home Build - Update #2 Rifle Dynamics Style front w/ Bolton Gas Block
original rifle- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnbheY71jK0 first update- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xyd6ds0Wp0
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$11.97 Chest Rig. Israeli IDF Surplus
These are two surplus IDF chest rigs from CTD (I know....CTD.....sorry) for $11.97 each. The one in better condition is dated 1983 the raggedy one is newer, but no visible date was found. The product number is MLT-9125 and they are rated Grade II. The straps are small and will only fit very slim people. I sticked new straps on, as noted in the video. Minor repairs and adjustment were needed, but hey...its surplus. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/MLT-9125?ingb=Y
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LWRC w/ 15" Samson Evo
A viewer requested to see the Evo rail on my rifle. I also added updated overview of the rifle.
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PTR-91 Pt. 12, Setting Battle Zero on a HK91, G3 or PTR Style Rifle
By YouTuber request. Meters vs Yards. The original HK sights are set in meters. The PTR owners manual states to set zero in "yards". A fellow YouTuber pointed out the discrepancy. I called PTR. The info I was given was that the HK sights were indeed in Meters. PTR now manufactures the rear sight drum assembly. According to the PTR rep. I spoke with they haven't changed the specs for the drum. He stated that they have modified the front sight post hight slightly. So if you have a rifle built with HK sight parts, it is in meters. The current PTR manual states the adjustments for their sights are in yards, which is due to a altered front sight post (per PTR). I was unable to get a date when the transition from HK "meter" to PTR "yard" front sight posts was made. MG-42.net G3 Zero Instructions- http://mg-42.net/sight_adj.htm
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Caveman EOTech - Front Sight Mod.
A easy mod, that allows for much faster acquisition of iron sights. I do not recommend this mod for a rifle that will be using a red dot optic and still have a fixed front sight. It just causes a unnecessary distraction. But if you have a folding front sight go for it. This mod will work with any iron sights that have a hood or protective ears. AR15, SKS, AK, M1, M14, HK's, Mosin Nagant, K98, ect., ect..
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Modified ChiCom Type 56 - $10 Chest Rig
Modified Type 56 Chinese chest rig.
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Way Of The Gun- Proctor Sling
A simple, affordable, lightweight, fast and easy to use sling option.
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HK G3 Surplus Magazine Pouch- Original and modified
Another addition to the "affordable gear" playlist. A slim, lightweight, low profile mag pouch that will fit on a normal belt.
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K.I.S.S. Carbine - What Is Your Definition
Video responses and comments are welcome.
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Glow-On Sight Paint
This video is about Glow-on phosphorescent paint. A good affordable choice for a night sight option.
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PTR-91 GI Part 6, Magpul MSA mod.
I did not like the original sling mount positions, so I decided to change them. This is the installation of a Magpul MOE MSA sling mount, in place of the center clip for the HK 3-point sling. Now its time to figure out a rear mount.
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PTR-91 GI Part 3,  Trigger Job
The trigger pull had 3 distinct notches before it broke. Upon inspection of the parts, they were found to have been machined coarsely. Nothing 10 minutes and some stones couldn't fix.
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Balkan War AK Stocks
The real deal. Awesome pieces of history. 3 sets for $35
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Ultimak Handguard - Installation and Customization
The Installation of a Ultimak hand guard and some alterations needed to install on different AK types. I've also modified one of my rails significantly to better suit my preferences and needs.
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"Carrier Tilt Denialist" Pt.2 LWRC Piston AR
A viewer made the reasonable request to see the inside of the upper. Here it is. A comparison to a BCM upper and BCG with roughly 500rds through it is also included. No signs of carrier tilt are observed. Both rifles show mild, normal signs of wear where the bolt rides in the upper. The wear on the BCM is more noticeable on both the carrier and upper.
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Gen. 4 Glock 19 - Personal Modification and Customization
A handgun purchased and mildly modified with the intent of using as a carry pistol.
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AK Home-Build #2    Modernized AK74
Check out CivilianSoldier762's channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/Civiliansoldier762 Built using a receiver completed prior to the Md. 10-1-13 ban.
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Bulgarian Plum Stock - Paint Match
I needed to remove my plumb stock, yet wanted to retain its looks. Found a cheap way. I'm also digging the plum rail system that matches the original bulgarian upper hand guard.
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PTR-91 Pt. 13 Chopped Stock
IMO this rifle designs largest detractor is is quirky ergonomics. This mod. Made a vast improvement in how this rifle feels and handles. Best part is......it's free! There are plenty of options out there, I just couldn't personally justify their hefty price tags.
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VLTOR AK Stock- Ergonomic Mod.
A modification to prevent chaffing and abrasion on the edge of the receiver.
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Midwest Gen2 SS 15"
Because my wife is awesome! This isn't a review. Just some gun porn. I'm really liking the new longer hand guard systems that are available.
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PTR-91 GI, Part 1 (Series Intro)
PTR-91 GI Model Part1. New mods and range reports coming soon. Check out New Defense Systems channel for more in depth review of the rifles features. http://www.youtube.com/user/newdefsys
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Matt's Gnarly Cyst. (language warning)
This is not a instructional video. Do not try this at home. This is what happens when your health insurance doesn't cover a procedure. No need to leave a stupid comment about the tools used. We had a scalpel and all other proper tools. We chose to do it this way, with these tools.... because we are assholes. This is in no way, shape or form a "how to" video. My best friend had the cyst and crappy health insurance that wouldn't pay to remove it. It had become quite painful. He had watched dozens of videos and was convinced that I could and should perform the procedure (AMA). I did this as a friend and was not presenting myself or representing any dept., organization or business as a medical professional. Again, this is not a instructional video and should not be attempted.
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PTR-91 GI Pt.7 Rear Sling Mount Fab.
A quick follow up to what started in Pt.6.
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Update - First Home Build. AKS-74
Some updates. Comments welcome.
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PTR-91 GI  Part 2   Initial shooting impressions
Initial shooting impressions on a very windy day. About 120-140rds.
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QD Sling Mount AK Side-Folder.
I intended to alter the existing mount with a BFG wire sling mount. This was plan B. I ended up needing it.
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New Rifle! Yugo M70 AB2
I purchased this in early december.....before all the madness.
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My First Home Build,  AKS-74 Bulgarian
Due to all the possible liability issues, I will not be doing a "how to" on this project like I usually do. There are more than enough quality vids on the subject from other channels.
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PTR-91 GI Pt. 11, Caveman EOTech mod.
I've done a video about the caveman EOTech in the past, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcITF46OEqc but since i'm documenting all the mods to my PTR, I made this a segment.
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A Awesome Gift From A Stranger.
They only condition was "that I actually use it".......I am. It is complete with all attachments inside the compartment on the right.
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Vargo Stove- Difficult Priming- My Solution.
My friend gave me a Vargo alcohol stove because it was a bitch to prime(it is) and he no longer wanted it. This is my solution after playing with it. About 8 drops of alcohol in a beer cap. I keep the cap with the mess kit.
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Marine 1 landing practice.
At work providing protection for Marine 1, during training for a new pilot.
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Propane, VW, .50 BMG
20lb propane tank inside a VW Golf, pierced by a .50BMG. Flaming can of rubber cement to insure ignition. Because why not......
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National Fireworks July 4th 2010, On the mall in DC.
We were on the suppression crew for the fireworks display. I was sitting in the construction site for the then incomplete MLK Memorial. We were about 200yrds from the launch point.
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