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Card Sword Deluxe Magic Trick
Get This Trick at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/card-sword-deluxe.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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How to Palm (palming, downs palm, french drop, shuttle pass, palming a card) Magic Trick Technique
Magic Secrets Revealed! Palming 101: Palming for Beginners. In this video I teach you some basic magic techniques, using coins or other small objects. I teach you palming, finger palm, downs palm, french drop, shuttle pass, and as a bonus I show you how to Palm a playing card. Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic here on YouTube!
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Magician's Suitcase / Table (Large) Roll On
Get this at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/magicians-suitcasetable-large-ez.html Magician's Table and case all-in-one. Put all your magic props in here for easy storage and use it during your performance as well! Great Price! www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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How to Make Any Pen Vanish Magic Trick Tutorial Revealed!
I teach you how to make any sharpie, pen, pencil, or marker disappear and then reappear! An easy magic trick trick that anybody, including you, can do! Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic YouTube channel!
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Magician's Carrying Briefcase / Table Close-up Magic plus tip
My closeup magic case that turns into a table. I show all my gimmicks and secrets inside my case for my closeup magic act/show. I also include a tip for how to restore your sponge balls to a fluffy, full form that makes them softer and look a little bigger! A must see tip for magicians! Check it out!
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Magic and Puppets! How to use Puppets in your Magic Shows
In this magic video, magician Jason Fun shows his puppets and gives ideas on how to use puppets in your magic shows! He shows off his old and current puppets, including a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dummy, Kermit the Frog, a Blue Monster, a chef puppet by Melissa and Doug that he named Chef Salami (with an Italian accent), an original Rocky Raccoon, and last but not least, a magic mind reading arm dog puppet named Hairy Howldini. This dog arm puppet is a product put out magician David Ginn and comes with a magic routine using cards with pictures of snacks and also a DVD full of great ideas that you can use in your magic shows, for the working professional kids magician! Let me know what you think about the puppets, and let me know if you use puppets in your show! What kind of puppets and what do you do? Don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!!!
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The Gift Magic Trick Review and Unboxing!
The Gift by Angelo Carbone and released by Murphy's Magic! In this video I open and review The Gift. This is the red version. The Gift is an amazing prediction box that the spectator can handle and open themselves!!! The secret is so clever that I had to buy this! I bought mine at magic4less.com
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3 Wand Vanishes Magic Wand Magic Trick
I make 3 small balls disappear using my magic wand. If you have read the Harry Potter books, or seen the movies, you know how important a wand is to a magician (or to someone who practices magic). This video shows 3 vanishes using the famous magician's wand! These techniques I learned from Michael Ammar's DVD Cups and Balls Vol. 2. Check it out. Please share, comment, and Subscribe!
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REVEALED Coin in Bottle Magic Trick Illusion How to do Coin Thru Bottle Magic
In this magic video, you will learn how to make a coin penetrate a water bottle! A very easy and fun magic trick that you can do at home with any coin and any water bottle! An impossible coin thru bottle trick!
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Sponge Ball Magic Trick with Growing Sponge Ball Illusion Jason Fun Magic
In this magic trick, Magician Jason Fun makes one red Sponge Ball (clown nose?) turn into two, then one of the sponge balls grows into a JUMBO sponge ball!
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Levitation Magic Trick making a playing card float
In this magic video, I'm making a playing card float and levitate in the air from one hand to another! A fun and visual magic trick illusion! Can even be performed in person and up close and people will not be able to see the secret!
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Magic Sketch Pad Card Rise (Cardiographic Signature Sketch Pad by Martin Lewis
Here is a trick I performed for a work Christmas Party. This is the New version of Cardiographic, now called Signature Sketch Pad Card Rise by Martin Lewis. Such an Awesome and Classic Magic Trick! Performed by some of the Great Magicians, including David Copperfield!
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Signed Card in Shoe Magic Friday at the Office Impossible Magic Trick!
Today's Magic Friday magic trick involves a signed playing card being shuffled and lost in the deck. The deck is then thrown in the air and I try kicking the deck. I then take my shoe off and magically the signed card is folded and found inside my shoe! The card is unfolded to show that indeed it was the same signed card! Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic YouTube channel!
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Nickels to Dimes Magic Trick
Get this magic trick at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/nickels-to-dimes-boxed.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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Coin manipulation magic trick
I learned this from master magician Jay Scott Berry from one of his magic lectures I attended June 2013. I added my own technique for the vanish, though... Visit www.FrogsAndMagic.com for official Jay Scott Berry products!!!
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Cap thru glass bottle Magic Trick!
I make the cap pass through (penetrate) a glass Mt. Dew bottle! It's a real glass bottle too! It's one of those retro bottles of soda pop that I bought at Walmart. Everything is totally examinable also! Awesome and very visual magic trick....a classic! Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic YouTube channel!
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Incredible Block Penetration (Large) Magic Trick
Get this trick at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/incredible-block-penetration-stage-size.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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Multiplying Balls Magic Trick
Get this trick here: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/multiplying-balls-by-vernet.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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Rising Jumping Magic Wand Magic Trick
In this magic video I make a Magician's magic wand mysteriously float (rise or levitate) up my hand, then it magically jumps out of my hand and into the air, then I catch it! Subscribe to Frogs and Magic here on YouTube for more magic videos! Please Share! And visit www.frogsandmagic.com
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Magic Rubber Band Twist! Illusion Magic Trick
In this new magic video, I put a Rubber Band over my pointer finger and thumb. Then I pull the middle up, then down, then let go and magically, the rubber band has twisted! I learned this trick from Jeff McBride on a trip to Las Vegas a couple of months ago! Such a great and fun Magic Trick! Please like and share and comment!
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Multiplying Bottles Magic Trick
Available at www.frogsandmagic.com
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Coin Bite Magic Trick
Get this trick at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/folding-quarter-bite-out-by-kueppers.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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My Pet Worm by Jason Fun Magic
You can buy My Pet Worm at www.JasonFunMagic.com
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How to Tie The Fastest Knot in the West! Magic Trick Illusion
Tic Toc, The Time Traveling Cowboy teaches you How to tie the Fastest Knot in the West! Tic Toc, The Time Traveling Cowboy is one of Magician Jason Fun's original characters that he uses in his magic classes for kids!
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Vanishing Silk then appears in box! Surprise Ending! Magic Trick Illusion
Funny ending using a Break Away (or Fall Apart) Box!
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The Sanada Magic Trick
Get this magic trick at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/sanada-sponge-ball-gimmick-routine-by-gosh.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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Lollipop Spiderman Carved with Teeth Magic Trick
In this video, I carved Spiderman into a lollipop in a matter of seconds! Some may call it skill, others may call it magic...but maybe it's a little of both? Trick inspired by FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention which I went to last weekend...Who is your favorite superhero? And why?
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Dollar Bill Penetration Magic Trick Illusion
In this magic video, Magician Jason Fun makes a dollar bill go through another dollar bill without harming it! An amazing illusion! Who wants to know the secret? Let me know in the comments!
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Levitation REVEALED! How to Levitate / Fly Magic Trick Illusion Tutorial
Here I levitate / Fly like the famous street magician David Blaine. This is the method he uses called The Balducci Method. This magic trick (illusion) is easy to perform, but requires some practice to stay balanced and to get the right angles. Try it and please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic here on YouTube and check out www.frogsandmagic.com
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Crystal Tube Magic Trick by Gosh
Get this trick at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/crystal-tube-by-gosh.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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No Thumb-tip Silk Vanish Magic Trick!
I make a blue silk handkerchief disappear without using the famous thumb tip that magicians are famous for! I use a simple pen as my magic wand for this awesome vanish! Check it out and please comment and subscribe! Thanks! Check out www.frogsandmagic.com Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic YouTube channel!
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Revealed! How to do the Ring on Finger Magic Trick! Tutorial
I don't believe in exposing magic that you have to buy, but you have to start somewhere, right? Here is an awesome and effective magic trick you can do with a borrowed ring! Make the ring invisibly jump on your finger! Here I REVEAL the SECRET and teach you how to do it! Please Subscribe for more magic videos! Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic YouTube channel and check out www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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Coke Bottle from Drawing Magic Trick
Here I draw a picture of a Coke Bottle and pull it out of the drawing.
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Devil's Handkerchief Plus Magic Trick (The Devil Hank)
Get this here: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/devils-handkerchief-plus-the-devil-hank.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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Mirage Appearance Magic Trick Illusion
In today's magic video, I show you The Mirage Appearance using the FS2 by Jay Scott Berry! Using just a paper cup, I make a rainbow streamer appear from the empty cup! A cool and fun magic trick!
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Coins thu Silk Scarf by Michael Ammar Magic
Magic Trick by Michael Ammar. 3 (Chinese) coins pass (penetrate) through a see through scarf. Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic YouTube channel!
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Secrets of the Great Magicians! Magic Tricks!
Royal Secrets of the Great Magicians Magic Set Get it at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/secrets-of-great-magicians-set1.html
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Magician Jason Fun, Utah's Funnest Magician!
Magician Jason Fun is Utah's Funnest Magician and owner of Utah Valley Magic Academy! You can hire Jason for a Fun magic show for any party or event! From kid birthday parties, family parties, church parties, community events, and even for your corporate event, you and your guests will enjoy Jason's fun magic shows! We have Fun magic shows to fit your budget! Need a small show? We have a show for that! Need a large show? We have a show for that! Need an even Bigger show with illusions? We have a show for that too! Let me know what type of show and magic you need and I'll customize a show for you! I can even do close-up magic for fairs, festivals, small group parties for adults, and trade-shows!
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One Handed Coin Matrix Magic Trick is Hysteria!
This new one handed coin matrix is simply Hysteria! Credit for the trick goes to Chad Long. It is a lot harder than it looks, but it almost looks like a camera trick rather than an illusion! Such a cool and visual coin matrix using Kennedy Half Dollars!
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Magic Show clip at Retirement Home
The battery ran out on the camera, or else more would have been recorded! So bumbed that happened, because this performance turned out really well!
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Cloaking Device Magic Trick Illusion with Sponge Balls
In this magic video, Magician Jason Fun uses The Cloaking Device which was invented by international Grand Master Magician, Jay Scott Berry. Many possible effects using this magic gimmick and here I'm using it with a Sponge Ball. Please Subscribe!
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Hyrum the Haunted Hanky Magic Trick
Get this trick at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/hyrum-haunted-hank-boxed.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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V8 Disappears Magic Trick Illusion with Coke Bottle Astonishing Bottle
In this magic trick, Magician Jason Fun makes a V8 juice vanish into thin air and is left with a Coca-Cola Bottle and an empty bag! A truly Astonishing Bottle magic trick! This trick was invented Joao Miranda! A great routine!
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Pencil Magic Trick Sticks to Hand Illusion Revealed
Yes! You guessed it! In this video I reveal the secret to the Famous and Classic Pencil that sticks to your hand using your finger Magic Trick! I know it's old and perhaps cheesy, and perhaps many people know this old trick, but you'd be surprised how many people don't know or haven't seen this trick! Try it out today and see how many people you can fool! This is a great magic trick for young kids! Just have FUN with it! That is what Magic is all about!
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Linking Ropes Magic Trick
You've heard of the Linking Rings, but have you ever seen the Linking Ropes? Three (3) Ropes are tied together to make a loop. Magically, the ropes link and unlink without untying them, or without tying any additional knots!
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Break Away Wand Comedy Magic Trick
Get this magic wand at: http://www.frogsandmagic.com/breakaway-wand.html www.FrogsAndMagic.com
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Magic Stop Light Magic Trick
You have 2 black plastic cards. One is blank on both sides and the other is blank on one side, but the other has Red, Yellow, and Green Dots on it. It looks like a stop light. When turned over, you magically make one dot (the green one) transport over to the other previously blank card! You can then hand out the cards for inspection! How does he do it? Yup...you guessed it MAGIC!
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Utah Art of Magic Festival on Fox 13 News Good Day Utah live TV
Jason Fun from Utah Valley Magic Academy appears on Fox 13 News Good Day Utah to talk about The Utah Art of Magic Festival and to scare an anchor a couple of times as well! Lots of Fun!!!
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Fox 13 Big Budah with Magician Jason Fun from Utah Valley Magic Academy
Big Budah from Fox 13 News Good Day Utah chose our magic school, Utah Valley Magic Academy as Cool School of the Week! Check out all the video clips here! Almost 30 min of air time! For more information about our magic classes and summer magic camps, please visit our website www.UtahValleyMagicAcademy.com
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Infallible Card Magic Trick by Al Lampkin Magic
I perform Infallible as invented by the famous magician Al Lampkin! Please Subscribe to Frogs and Magic YouTube channel!
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