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Ancient Mariner Regatta 2014
Sea Scouts in action at the 62 Ancient Mariner Regatta onboard the USS Hornet, in Alameda, California. Events include Breeches Buoy, Scuttlebutt, whaleboat races, marlinspike, first aid, and much more.
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Safety at Sea 2014
The 21st Annual Safety at Sea weekend in San Francisco was held on October 25, 2014. Check out Sea Scouts launching flares, boarding life rafts, putting out fires with fire extinguishers, and more.
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Best in the West
"Best in the West" was prepared for the National Sea Scout Support Committee meeting. The video highlights Sea Scout activities across the Western Region in 2014, including the Western Region Bridge of Honor, the Lake Tahoe Rendezvous, regattas, cruising, kayaking, anchoring drills, diving, swimming, and Sea Scouts in action.
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Old Salt's Regatta 2014
Sea Scouts in action at the 66th Old Salt's Regatta, held in Alameda, California. Crews competed in sailing, hoisting the scuttlebutt, piloting, breeches buoy, and many other maritime activities.
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Seafarers Regatta 2014
Sea Scouts in action at the Seafarers Regatta in Martinez, California, hosted by the SSS Albatross. Sea Scouts race compete in dingy races, ring buoy, whaleboats, boatswain's chair, knots and prove that they can rock out to Journey.
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Sea Scouts: A Maritime Adventure
Video overview of Sea Scouts, BSA, highlighting character building through maritime adventure. Sea Scouts learn sailing, boat handling, marlinspike and vessel maintenance.
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Sea Scouts PSA: The Ships That Prepare You For Life
Sea Scout alumni and Naval Academy Midshipman Taylor Lindenhayn. Ms. Lindenhayn describes what Sea Scouts means to her: Friendship, Leadership, and Seamanship. Midshipman Lindenhayn describes the impact each had on her life and goals. [Note, the views expressed are solely Ms. Lindenhayn and not the views of the United States Navy or United States Naval Academy].
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How to Start Sea Scout Ships
"Splash and Go" is a strategy to start new Sea Scout Ships. This presentation was prepared for BSA Volunteers and professionals in WR Area 2 on starting Ships in WR Area 2, focusing on how to identify charter partners, overview of Sea Scout activities, marketing tips, and coordinating efforts with Boy Scout Councils. Presented by Western Region Commodore Josh Gilliland.
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Western Region Sea Scout Quarterdeck Introductions
Meet the Sea Scouts serving as the Western Region Boatswain, Boatswain's Mates, and WR Yeoman for 2015-2016.
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Sea Scout Whaleboat Racing Practice
Sea Scout Ships Makai, Sea Eagle and Sea Fox conducting whaleboat racing practice in Alameda, California.
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The Purpose of Sea Scout Advancement
Western Region Commodore Joshua Gilliland discusses the goals of Sea Scout Advancement. Material covers goal setting, training strategy and incorporating the Scout Oath and Law into your program.
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Lake Tahoe Rendezvous
Sea Scout Ships Albatross, Viking, Chaser, and Morning Star, all met at Lake Tahoe for underway piloting exercises on a motor whaleboat, anchoring drills, small boat handling, swimming, and fun.
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Sea Scouts - Always Awesome
Sea Scout video testimonials on why Sea Scouts, BSA is awesome.
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What to Include in Your BoatUS National Flagship Application
Western Region Sea Scout Commodore Josh Gilliland shares tips on what to include in your 2014 BoatUS National Flagship Application. For more, see http://tinyurl.com/mwnkvcx on SeaScout.org.
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How Navigation Helped Prepare a Sea Scout for Annapolis
Sea Scout alumni and Naval Academy Midshipman Taylor Lindenhayn. Ms. Lindenhayn shares how learning seamanship and navigation helped prepare her for the Naval Academy. [Note, the views expressed are solely Ms. Lindenhayn and not the views of the United States Navy or United States Naval Academy].
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What Being a National Flagship Means
Julia from the Sea Scout Ship Albatross shares what being the 2012 National Flagship meant to her and why your Sea Scout Ship should apply to be the 2014 National Flagship. Julia also says why she is looking forward to the first Western Region Bridge of Honor on the battleship USS Iowa. The Flagship application can be downloaded at http://tinyurl.com/lnl74xx Register for the Western Region Bridge of Honor at http://tinyurl.com/k32qhgo
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WR Boatswain Cat Murphy-Bevan Introduction
Welcome aboard message from Boatswain Cat on Get On the Water and the importance of being a community.
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Man Overboard Recovery Drills
Sea Scouts on a Motor Whaleboat conducting Man Overboard Recovery Drills.
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Line Handling Drill
Fun and educational line handling drill where Sea Scouts attempt to lasso the bit on the foredeck.
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Sea Scouts: A Scout Law Brave
WR Boatswain's Mate Tessa shares her thoughts on the Scout Law and Brave. Song Fouler l'horizon by Komiku available at http://tinyurl.com/jcc8rch
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Sea Scout Recruiting: Be Visible
Peter Schmidt, the 2014-2015 National Sea Scout Boatswain, shares recruiting tips on how to be visible in your community.
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Tips on Applying for the BoatUS National Flagship
Sea Scout Nicholas from the Makai shares tips on applying for the BoatUS National Flagship Award, what earning the 2013 National Flagship meant to him and why he is looking forward to the 2014 Western Region Bridge of Honor.
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Get On the Water Marketing Competition
The first Sea Scout marketing competition in the Western Region. Sea Scouts should use Hero Go Pro (Or Similar) Cameras to "Get on the Water" and show the adventure of being a Sea Scout. Post your videos on YouTube and Tweet them out to @SeaScouts100th with the hash tags #seascouts and #getonthewater. Last day to Tweet out a video to @seascouts100th by July 1, 2014 Winner announced at the Western Region Bridge on July 26, 2014
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Barrel-View Of Scuttlebutt
Sea Scouts practicing Scuttlebutt from the point of view of a Go Pro camera at the bottom of the barrel.
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Boat Acquisition: Feasibility Studies
Best practices on how to conduct a feasibility study and how to determine the best type of boat for your Sea Scout Ship. BSA Safe Boating Standards: http://tinyurl.com/mltb4yc Insurance Requirements for Sea Scout Vessels: http://tinyurl.com/my8fzhj USCA Vessel Safety Inspection Form: http://tinyurl.com/ky8aggt
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It's Time to Get on the Water
Western Region Commodore Joshua Gilliland's 2014 goal is for every Sea Scout Ship to incorporate small boats into their weekly activities.
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WR Boatswain Message on the USS Iowa Bridge of Honor
Western Region Boatswain Cat Murphy-Bevan invitation for the first Western Region Bridge of Honor on the USS Iowa on July 26, 2014. Register now at http://www.pacsky.org/Event.aspx?id=381
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Western Region Boatswain Message 1
Introduction Sea Scout Tips video from Western Region Boatswain Matt Gorman.
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Battleships Are Cool: Bridge of Honor & USS Iowa
Sammy from the Sea Scout Ship Morning Star explains why she is looking forward to the Western Region Bridge of Honor on the USS Iowa on July 26, 2014. To learn more, visit http://tinyurl.com/USSIowaBridge.
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Pacific Skyline Sea Scout Year in Review
The PacSky 2013-2014 Year in Review, featuring the Sea Scout Ships Challenger, Gryphon, Intrepid, Sea Eagle, Tigershark, MSS Tradewind. Events include the Ancient Mariner Regatta, Old Salt's, Seafarers, Safety at Sea and summer cruises.
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Sea Scouts Explain How a Scout is Helpful
Sea Scouts from Hawaii share their thoughts on the point of the Scout Law Help. Music Night Surfing by David Szesztay available at http://freemusicarchive.org/music/David_Szesztay/Cinematic_Indie/Night_Surfing
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How Sea Scouts are Reverent
A Sea Scout explains the Reverent point of the Scout Law. Music Epiphany by Podington Bear available at http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Podington_Bear/Reflective/Epiphany_1562
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Safety @ Sea 20th Anniversary
Safety @ Sea celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 19, 2013. [email protected] is the original hands-on maritime safety training event with flare launching, fire fighting, survival suit training and damage control instruction.
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Sea Scout Recruiting
Western Region Sea Scout Commodore Joshua Gilliland discusses best practices for recruiting Sea Scouts.
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