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Business Talk- Dr. Govinda Koirala, Prof of Economics and Finance
Dr. Govinda Koirala, Professor of Economics and Finance at the Emerson E. Evans, School of Business at the University of Rio Grande. Dr. Koirala has a unique background, growing up in Nepal, running a successful Restaurant in New York City for many years and being a Full Professor for the MBA and Undergraduate classes. In this program Dr. Koirala discusses his home country of Nepal.
Business Talk- Steve Evans / History of Bob Evans Farms Restaurants
Join us as Steve Evans talks about growing up with his mother and father, Bob and Jewel Evans as they as they started their restaurant and sausage business. Steve Evans, has owned a sausage production company from a recipe handed down from his father, Bob Evans. His business, Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage which is not affiliated with Bob Evans Farm, Inc. is made from a sausage recipe that Bob Evans made after World War II.
Buckeye Hills Career Center- Keyan Jenkins, Auto Service Technology program
Buckeye Hills Career Center host JAMIE NASH, Superintendent of Buckeye Hills Career Center. Guest Keyan Jenkins, a student in the Auto Service Technology program at Buckeye Hills Career Center, will speak about his experience serving as the Local Skills USA President, as well as a South Central Regional Officer. Additionally, he will speak about experiences he has had attending various conferences and competitions such as the Skills USA National Competition in Washington D.C. as well as Fall and Summer Leadership Conferences. Keyan hopes to one-day work on the NASCAR circuit, as well as start his own business. Mr. Tim Updike, Dean of Instruction will join in the dialogue with Keyan.
Business Talk- Aaron Buckley, River  City Leather LLC
Business Talk with Aaron Buckley River City Leather LLC. Aaron and wife are proprietors of River City Leather, LLC a custom Leather Goods Manufacturing Company in Gallipolis, Ohio. See his WEBSITE: https://rivercityleather.com. Aaron has spent several years working to develop fine leather goods of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Aaron has an expansive knowledge and appreciation for the history of his craft. He salvages and restores specialized tools for his workshop and has mastered techniques long lost from the common vocabulary of corporate leather manufacturers.
Jee Juh Contest: University of Rio Grande Commercial
Hello my name is Jeffrey Williams and I am glad you enjoyed my music video/commercial. If you would like a unique and catchy jingle for your college, small business or organization please email me at: [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0DjV1olrh8
Voice of Rio Grande- Dr. Johnston w/Jude Meyers, Superintendent
Dr. Michelle Johnston, President, the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College. Dr. Johnston hosts Jude Meyers, Superintendent of the Gallia County Local Schools. In addition to discussions about his work as an educational leader in the area, this episode will highlight Mr. Meyers' strong connections to Rio. President Johnston will also highlight efforts related to Rio's replacement levy as the November 7th election nears.
Voice of the Valley- RVHS Wrestling
VOICE OF THE VALLEY with T.R. Edwards. T.R. features students and faculty at River Valley High School. In this episode, He will feature the State Dual Qualifying Wrestling Team. Guest will be Matthew Huck, Head Wrestling Coach along with students on the wrestling team.
Safety Net- Sports & Safety
On this episode Chief Borden talks to Women's Basketball Coach, Davis Smalley about safety as it relates to sports and traveling.
Rio Grande Cable Access Live Stream
Dr. Donna Mitchell and Dr. Heather Duda feature the new Interim President, Catherine Clark, Ph.D., LPC., an alumna of Rio Grande and member of the Alumni Board. She received the Alumni Citation of Appreciation for her work on the board. Rio Grande Community College Board of Trustees Chair Paul Reed stated Dr. Clark’s experience in higher education and with the Ohio Department of Education will be a great advantage to the campus community.
Exposition- Laura Miller, Sparkle Productions
EXPOSITION with Valerie Thomas and Mike Thompson. Mike and Valerie feature different artisans, crafters and painters highlighting their talents and skills. Guest is Laura Miller discussing her Sparkle Productions, producing classics and other quality shows. In her latest production, she is producing and acting in Love Letters by A.R. Gurney, a true theater classic that has been performed by many well-known actors.
Business Talk- Mark Nelson, Proprietor of Nelson Furniture and Sawing
BUSINESS TALK with Jason Winters and Patrick Dengel features Mark Nelson, Proprietor of Nelson Furniture and Sawing is located in Thurman Ohio. This business specializes in high-end, custom built furniture, and custom sawing with a portable band mill. Mark's extensive background in creating furniture, cabinets, and other wood products has led to a diverse portfolio. By using one of nature’s greatest resources - trees, he has built projects ranging from custom doors and trims to post and beam structures. His business has a long history of client satisfaction and thrives on unique, custom projects. Mark is also a faculty member of the Fine Woodworking Technology program at the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande Community College. Mark will discuss a number of key areas that include: Utilizing urban trees, sawing techniques in maximizing grain for furniture, planning and making wood products and finally, choosing the right finish for the right piece of furniture. If you love unique kinds of furniture and woodworking, you will not want to miss this broadcast.
Chamber Exchange - Heather Blazer, Silver Bridge Bruisers
CHAMBER EXCHANGE hosted by Michelle Miller and Jennifer Walker features Silver Bridge Bruisers, a Roller Derby Team located in Gallia County. Guest is Heather Blazer, team coach and coordinator who will discuss different aspects of what it takes to start a Roller Derby program. The team calls Skatesville USA (proprietor Patricia Philie) home. Skatesville USA is a skating rink that has been reopened just recently providing a fun-filled activity geared to all ages. Roller Derby has a strong history in the United States and Heather Blazer will discuss this new sport to Gallia County.
Voice of Rio Grande- New Book on Rio Grande History w/Jake Bapst & Dr. Tribe
VOICE OF RIO GRANDE- Dr. Richard Sax features Ivan Tribe & Jake Bapst. Dr. Ivan M. Tribe is emeritus professor at the University of Rio Grande and has written three books and many articles on country music history. Jacob L. Bapst is retired from the same school and a self-described country fan. Discussions surround their new book “University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College” which is available at the Rio Book Store.
Voice of RIo Grande- Debbie Saunder, Ohio Chautauqua 2018
Dr. Sax features Debbie Saunders, Director of the Bossard Public Library in Gallipolis and Chair of the Ohio Chautauqua 2018 in Gallipolis. This is a five-day community event, (June 12-16,) that combines living history performances, music, education, and audience participation into a one-of-a-kind cultural event the entire community will enjoy. For Questions about Ohio Chautauqua, call 1.800.293.9774 or see: http://www.ohiohumanities.org/ohio-chautauqua
Strictly Business- Craig Lund, Value Added Business Services
Brad Bapst and Mike Thompson will feature CRAIG LUND with VALUE ADDED BUSINESS out of JACKSON - Website: VABS.US. Craig is very passionate about doing business locally and will provide stimulating conversation about a relationship with customers and customer service.
Exposition- Ohio Tattoo Museum
This week on Exposition we feature Rich Thomas (Rich T) of the Ohio Tattoo Museum. Rich owns Bicknee Tattoo Supply and has recently opened the Ohio Tattoo Museum. We will talk about his collection of machines, flash art and other memorabilia as well as his company, Bicknee Tattoo Supply.
Student Spotlight- Heitor De Melo
STUDENT SPOTLIGHT is a new broadcast format that spotlights different Undergraduate and Graduate students at the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College. Heitor DeMelo is a student enrolled in the Emerson E. Evans School of Business earning a degree in Business. He discusses growing up in Brazil, his native country; being a soccer player with RIO STORM; and receiving his college education with the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College.
Gallia County Tourism Live- The History of the French 500 in Gallipolis
GALLIA COUNTY TOURISM LIVE with host Kaitlynn Halley.: Kaitlynn Halley will be joined by Marianne Campbell as the GCCVB explore the History of the Original French 500 who settled Gallipolis in 1790. Marianne’s ancestors were a part of the French 500 Marianne also played an important role in the establishment of the Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Agri Talk- Sherry Russell, Certified Nurse Practitioner
Sherry Russell– Nurse Practioner and Business owner located in Rural Southern Ohio. Sherry will discuss how the Nurse Practioner businesses are vital in assisting with the medical needs of individuals living in rural areas.
Common Cents- Flood Insurance
This month’s featured guest from Ohio Valley Bank will be Pat Tackett, Vice President, Corporate Banking, with everything you need to know about flood insurance to keep your head above water!
Agri Talk- David Aspley, Timber and Woodland Management
Duane Rigsby and Kingsley Meyer feature David Apsley, Agriculture & Natural Resources Specialist with The Ohio State University Extension program. Dave focus is building partnerships to improve woodland management on family forests. He coordinates A DAY in the WOODS, http://u.osu.edu/seohiowoods, a woodland owner outreach effort focused in the Appalachian Ohio area. He is currently serving as the Outreach Coordinator for the Collaborative Oak Management Initiative. He has been a member of the National 4-H Forestry Invitational committee since 2006, and is currently working with Hocking College to conduct the Ohio 4-H Forestry competition. Other programs that he has helped to develop include: Call Before You Cut (http://callb4ucut.com), Ohio Society of American Foresters directory (http://osafdirectory.com), and the Ohio Woodland Stewards program http://woodlandstewards.osu.edu
On the Same Page- Episode One
Authors Casey Bond and Bryna Butler host a new program called "On the Same Page". Join Casey and Bryna as they talk about the newest books in fantasy and paranormal from traditionally published and indie authors.
School Pride, County Wide- Addaville Elementary
Superintendent Jude Meyers speaks with Addaville Elementary's principal Brandon Mitchem.
Voice of Rio Grande- Rio Grande Sports Programs
This week on Voice of Rio Grande, Dr. Sax tells us about Rio's many sports programs.
Strictly Business- Sam Peters, Patter Fam Sauces
Strictly Business features Sam Peters with his wife Joyce, who own and operate Patter Fam Sauces, which is the creator of award winning gourmet sauces and condiments. They manufacture these sauces for other producers and restaurants. Patter Fam Services have won several major sauce awards including The Scovie Awards, The Fiery Foods Awards, New Orleans Hot Sauce Awards, and Hot Pepper Awards. Patter Fam Foods will soon move into their new food manufacturing facility in Wheelersburg, Ohio. Recently, they opened The Pastor's Pantry Cooking School, an interactive cooking demonstration class guests learn and eat a variety of gourmet cuisines. Sam will be on hand to discuss this fascinating manufacturing business.
Body Talk- Depression
Mike Thompson and Marlene Childers, BSN, RN, Director of Health Services at the University of Rio Grande discuss depression. Topics covered will be: recognizing the symptoms of depression in others and holistic treatment of depression.
Choosing Recovery- Judge Mark Musick, Substance Abuse within the Criminal Justice System
Trisha Gibson, MA, LPC, LICDC, (Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency, Counselor); working at the HOPEWELL HEALTH CENTERS. Trisha’s guests will be Honorable Judge Mark Musick from Jackson County Municipal Court discussing recent issues and trends with substance abuse within the criminal justice system.
Voice of Rio Grande- Dr. Sax's Bowl Picks Show with Jonathan Sax.
Dr. Richard Sax, Provost, the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College. Provost Richard Sax will reprise his highly acclaimed annual “FBS Bowl Picks” show. Also joining will be Jonathan Sax (All-America swimmer at Grosse Pointe South HS, Class of 2006; Triathlete at The University of Michigan, Class of 2010) skyping from his current job @ Liaison Bookings in San Francisco.
Voice of Rio Grande- Dr. Richard Sax featuring Ivan Tribe & Jake Bapst
This week Dr. Sax features Ivan Tribe & Jake Bapst. Ivan M. Tribe is emeritus professor at the University of Rio Grande and has written three books and many articles on country music history. Jacob L. Bapst is semiretired from the same school and a self-described country fan. Illustrations come from the authors' extensive collections accumulated over more than four decades, Goldenseal magazine files, and privately owned collections. They discuss their recently (March, 2015) published book in the “Images of America” series, "West Virginia’s Traditional Country Music."
Strictly Business featuring Dominick McAllister, Ford Sales Manager
STRICTLY BUSINESS with Brad Bapst and Mike Thompson features Dominick McAllister, Ford Sales Manager with NOURSE Chillicothe Auto Mall, Chillicothe, Ohio. Dominick shares what it takes to be in sales with topics including: What is sales(?); How does sales relate to life in general and how sports prepared me for a sales career; Sales is a skill; Your interest in the customer is more important than their interest in you; Automotive market and its future; Goal setting and what it takes to reach them; and Marketing and branding yourself. We are all sales people. Dominick is a Graduate with the University of Rio Grande Business Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration.
Body Talk- Effects of Stress
Marlene discusses the significance of stress and how it affects people. This is especially true during finals weeks during a student’s semester. She also discusses HEPATITIS A.
Exposition- Temple Tattoo and Getting a Tattoo
We talk with Rich Thomas about the renovations at Temple Tattoo in Gallipolis, OH and we see Valerie get a tattoo.
Business Talk- Sam McKibben,  News Director, WNXT Portsmouth
This week we feature Sam McKibben, Manager of the News Department on WNXT RADIO in Portsmouth, Ohio. He discusses the importance for students to receive a media communications education and how it will help students with future jobs.
Voice of Rio Grande- Welsh Christmas Traditions
Filling in for Dr. Clark, Patrick Dengel speaks with Jeanne Jindra, Director of the Madog Welsh Center and Dan Rowbotham, Davis Intern from Llangeitho, Wales about the traditions surrounding Christmas in Wales.
Voice of Rio Grande- Dr. John A. Means, District 14 Science Day
Dr. Richard Sax's guest is Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. John A. Means discussing his leadership of District 14 Science Day and the Chemistry program at The University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College.
Exposition - Jamie Sloane, Professional Artist
Exposition hosts Valerie Thomas and Mike Thompson features Jamie C. Sloane, a professional artist currently residing in Gallipolis Ohio. Jamie studied Music Composition at Marshall University writing symphonies and other large orchestral works. Jamie began to paint as a pastime, and found later that he had a passion as an artist coming through in the visual form. Much of his earlier paintings resemble music in the visual sense. Sloane’s first gallery show was in Gallipolis Ohio at the French Art Colony, titled ‘Translations: Aesthetic Interpretations of Gallipolis’; a visual translation of the historical landscape of Gallipolis Ohio. His second show occurred just one year later, containing 45 new paintings; this was held in Point Pleasant at The Gallery At 409.
School Pride, County Wide- GCLS Episode 1, Sept 2017
School Pride, County Wide (Gallia County Local Schools) Superintendent, Jude Meyers hosts features subjects surrounding the Gallia County Local School District in Southeastern Ohio. This Episode features Principal Mr.TR Edwards and two teachers, Cindy Graham, Language Arts Department Chairperson and Brea McClung, Advanced Placement Government Teacher, at the RIVER VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL
School Pride, County Wide- Jude Meyers with Jamie Nash, Superintendent, Buckeye Hills
Host Jude Meyers, Superintendent, Gallia County Local School. Jude will be featuring Jamie Nash, Superintendent of Buckeye Hills Career Center.
Business Talk - Cara Lawson, Financial Services officer. Farm Credit Mid-America
Cara Lawson, Financial Services officer. Farm Credit Mid-America is an agricultural lending cooperative owned and controlled by customers and are one of the largest associations within the Farm Credit System. Farm Credit Mid-America provides funding to agricultural programs and educational efforts to help young farmers overcome the challenges of farming in order to secure the future of agriculture and rural America. Services include: Farm Real Estate Loans, Operating and Equipment Loans, Home Equity, Leasing, Business Loans, Equity Financing and Funds Held programs.
Business Talk- Dr. Michelle Johnston, President, URG/RGCC
This week we talk to Dr. Michelle Johnston, President of the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College. She will talk about her impressions of Rio Grande and the area and her plans and vision for Rio Grande.
Voice of Rio Grande- New Professors, Patty Schaeffer & Dr. Kay-Anne Darlington
Dr. Donna Mitchell and Dr. Heather Duda interview faculty, administration, students and former students at the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College. This month, they feature two new faculty at the University of Rio Grande. Dr. Kay-Anne Darlington, Assistant Professor at the School of Arts and Letters; and Patty Schaeffer, Business Instructor with the Emerson E. Evans, School of Business.
Exposition- Gabe Richmond, Tattoo Artist & Art Student
This week we feature Gabe Richmond who grew up in South Webster. He is 29 years old and has been a professional Tattoo Artist since 2005. He has a growing hunger to become a better Artist on and off the skin. He is currently employed at Temple Tattoo in Gallipolis, Ohio and a student at the University of Rio Grande chasing a BFA.
COMMON CENTS Terri Camden, OVB Asst. VP, Human Resources
OHIO VALLEY BANK COMMON CENTS with Brad Bapst and Ryan Mapes with OSU South Center. Special guest will be Terri Camden, OVB Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Officer, answering questions about personnel issues in small businesses and organizations. These include hiring to retirement and everything in between.
Choosing Recovery- Trisha Gibson w/Ohio Representative Jay Edwards
Trisha Gibson, Forensics/AoD Program Director at Woodland Centers, Speaks with Ohio Representative for the 94th District, Jay Edwards about what the legislators at the state level are doing about the drug problems in southeastern Ohio.
Choosing Recovery- An Introduction to the Show and Local Services
Trisha Gibson, MA, LPC, LIDC (Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency, Counselor), Sherry Russell, CNP (Certified Nurse Practioner.) and Angela Stowers, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS. This show will be a monthly focus at what it's like to be addicted, dispelling personal stigma about being addicted, and to show recovery is possible.
Exposition- Gavin Davis
This week on Exposition we feature a talented high school student, Gavin Davis. Gavin plays piano, guitar and bass guitar.
Business Talk- Kara Willis, Director of Development/Institutional Advancement
This week we feature Kara Willis, Director of Development/Institutional Advancement at the University of Rio Grande. Kara talks about the importance of philanthropy and why people give back to the university.
Voice of the Valley- RVHS Vocal Program & the Upcoming Musical
Principal T.R. Edwards features students and faculty at River Valley High School. Guest will be Allyson Johnston and members of the state qualifying Show Choir, which received a (I) Superior rating at OMEA Large Group contest this past weekend. Discussion also surrounds the upcoming musical The Newsies.