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Fight @ Club Cirque (When Wocka Flocka bailed out on his performance/concert) (Dallas, Tx) 5/23/10
Two girls dukin' it out...and turn around and get in the EXACT same car afterwards LMAO....SMDH - Recorded and uploaded on my iPhone... Commentary by Thrilla and J-Yard... Shoooooo!
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Thrilla Intro (Commerce, TX)
Thrilla talkin bout his first album in DaMERCE.
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Memorial Day Weekend Foam Party @ Club Cirque 2011 (Dallas)
Clip of Foam Party @ Cirque... Nuff said... Or seen to be exact
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Old Man Dancing @ Jack In The Box Drive Thru in Da Cliff! (Dallas, Tx)
Old guy pops out from behind the drive thru menu and acts a damn fool dancing the Jack-In-The-Box drive-thru near Rudy's. "Cocaine is a hell of a drug!" Lmfao Oakcliff foolin! Dallas, TX at it again!
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Fred & Rylon at DaMERCE #1 (Commerce, TX)
Rylon And Fred bein'... Rylon and Fred with Ed on da camera, me sitting in da chair, Jazz doin' Quiesha hair, and Thrilla and Chris there 2... This wuz part of the beginning...
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Turner Courts: Kids with dat Jigga Juice
Turner Courts kids just be on it sometimes...
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Street ball (Datz all); Hooping @ a young age
Random, hot day jus hoopin'... It gets real...
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Project Cake-To-Da-Face
When keepin' it real goes wrong... sorta... lmao, but it was funny set-up for a bday celebration
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Berry Hall Prank '07-'08 by Section 2A
Da janitor wuznt da happiest person 2 clean da bathroom dat day, but at least he could sit down and cool off, lol
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Raging in Black Ops 2
Had to take a sec to get a clip of this kid on our team who is just beyond pissed ... and we still won on top of that, lmao... He did eventually quit out.
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Dallas Mavericks Championship Parade
Quick view of the Parade for the 2010-11 NBA champs... It was live out there!
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A day at da Rec Hooping (P#3) (Commerce, TX)
hoppin' at da REC (In DaMERCE)
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A day at da Rec Hooping (P#1)
Hoopin and jus doin other stuff at da rec, where somethin' always goin' on...
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A day at da Rec Hooping (P#4)
Hoopin at da REC
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Sneak Peek @ LA Fitness routine
I may have to make a video collage one day since many ask how I keep in tip top shape. Here's a split look at one of the many different exercises I pull off in the gym. Yea, I tend to have followers, lmao, but dats a good thing!
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Thrilla: Performance #1
Thrilla's first performance at DaMerce (Not including Talent Shows or Open Mic Nite)
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GoON_Coon-Latte - Black Ops II Game Clip
Game Clip
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Just tryin to hoop... REGARDLESS!
When you just GOTTA hoop... whether its a small goal, or in da damn dark!
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Old Man Trippin' in Da Cliff (Dallas, TX)
Some old man breakin' it down by a bus stop in OakCliff, Dallas, TX
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Trash Guard n P Rider#1
Fuckin' wit ppl when they asleep...it never gets old
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Yardops: A couple Home & Gym  Exercise / Workout tips (IG: YardOps24)
Here's just a couple of real time workouts that you don't necessarily need a gym for. Just get some light, comfortable weights, and let your body with gravity do the rest! (Music: 2 Hits - 3 Feet)
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Courtney & Ed Gone #1
After a Q Party, these niggas were trippin' in front of Berry... here goes 1 of 3 clips of these niggas...
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A day at da Rec Hooping (P#5)
At da MRC Foolin
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Da Down Time
Walkin around the office one night
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Courtney & Ed Gone #3
Clip #3
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Courtney & Ed Gone #2
Clip #2
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Trash Guard n P Rider#2
it jus keeps goin' between da 2...
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Foam Party @ Club Kindals (Dallas, TX - July 4, 2011)
Independence Day Foam Party @ Club Kindals ... I forgot to post this shit, lmao
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Fred & Rylon at DaMERCE #2 (Commerce, TX)
Rylon And Fred bein'... Rylon and Fred with Ed on da camera, Langston sitting in da chair, Jazz doin' Quiesha hair, and Thrilla and Chris there 2... This wuz da end of da second and last part dat day... bored in DaMERCE...
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#FyaDemUpFridays (#FDUF): #1
I got stories for days... just gonna start sharing a few to get them out of my own head. Stay tuned!
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A day at da Rec Hooping (P#2)
At da REC Center, where it stays buzy...
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